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Cat Tien National Park Buon Ma Thuot

Cat Tien National Park is a nature reserve located about 160 km far from Ho Chi Minh City. It is one of 8 World Biosphere Reserves of Vietnam that has been recognized by UNESCO. Formerly, this was Zone D, the revolutionary center during the war with French and

Cat Tien National Park is divided into 2 parts: West of Cat Tien and South of Cat Tien. Walking on the trails through the forest, visitors will see a lot of strange mushrooms, flowers, hundreds of medicinal plants, precious orchid, etc. More specifically, there are many exotic plants such as 500-year-old giant tree, sapling tree with big roots divided into many branches growing in a clear stream, lush trees with a body of 6 volleys straight up into the sky, rare and precious “Go Do” trees with a trunk diameter of more than 2 meters. Admiring a wild forest will give you many wonderful feelings. You can hire a jeep through the forest or cycle to explore the original forest here.

Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park

Coming to Cat Tien National Park, you can see hundreds of wild and semi-wild animals, which many species in Vietnam Red Book such as: one - horned rhino, long-legged toad, black python, etc. Cat Tien is also the habitat of more than 350 species of birds and a bear rescue station for tourists to visit. Tourists will have many photos of wildlife when visit Cat Tien National Park. After raining, the beauty of Cat Tien forest is ever more brilliant than ever with 450 colorful and rare butterfly species including both Bien Hoa sliver butterflies and phoenix butterflies.

Biking on the Jungle

Biking on the Jungle

A very unique experience that visitors can hardly ignore when coming to Cat Tien National Park is visiting the forest at night. This is the only place in Vietnam that offers night tour for tourists. You can see a deer flock eating at night, birds sleeping on the tree, gaurs, etc.

Cat Tien National Park is a treasure of biodiversity in Vietnam. Enjoy the nature here is a good way to relax after working hard for a long time.

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