Coffee Plantation Da Lat

Vietnam is one of the biggest coffee exporters in the world, all thanks to year round spring in the central highlands of Dalat as it is the best condition to bring this type of drink to the world.

Dalat is a beautiful and peaceful city in the middle of Vietnam. People say that spring covers every time, everywhere here. Thanks to this gift from the Mother of Nature, Dalat is suitable for planting coffee and tea. Vietnamese are great coffee drinkers and consume coffee on daily basis.

Coffee Plantation in Dalat

Coffee Plantation in Dalat

People consume about 250 million kilos of coffee all over the world in 2016. Vietnam has such an honor to be the second biggest in the countries which contribute to create the number, after Brazil. Although Vietnamese coffee is not as famous as the international friends Colombia and Kenya, Vietnam is able to keep the 2nd place for many years.

The plantation is divided into the farm part (K'Ho farm) and the production part. Tourists coming here all walk through the farm first while collecting vibrant and colorful berries. Then you can witness how coffee is made and directly drink the coffee right after the progress.

Coffee Plantation Map

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