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Con Se Tre Village Nha Trang

With tranquil atmosphere and amazing natural beauty, Con Se Tre Village has been attracting many tourists from all around the world.

Visiting Con Se Tre is more like a journey to explore the beauty of Vietnam’s countryside. If you are visiting Nha Trang, Con Se Tre Village is definitely the spot that you don’t want to miss out.

Con Se Tre Village

Welcome to Con Se Tre Village

Located at the South of Tre island in Nha Trang Bay, Con Se Tre is only 3km opposite to Nha Trang beach. The name “Tre” actually means bamboo – the main material creating most of the village’s furniture, from houses, restaurants, gardens, bridges, tables, beds, chairs, to electricity poles. These latched are actually the origin of the name of Con Se Tre. The place will bring the modern citizens a very different feeling towards such primitive place.

The village was built into a such rustic but romantic village, from a stone island. Right after your arrival, there are many funny faces painted on rocks to welcome tourists from all around the world. First impression of the village would be clean, simple and eye-catching. Amazingly clear blue water gives tourists a sight of the sea bottom with jelly fishes. Besides the ocean, Con Se Tre leans against a hill with green forest beautified with colorful flora, which results in such a great harmony of greenery and blue fresh ocean. Unlike Nha Trang city, the village is actually tranquil with the sounds of the boisterous birds and drums.

Local people

A hospitable resident in Co Se Tre

Coming to Con Se Tre Village is a bit far from the city center, but still definitely worth your time. Travelers are advised to book a tour wandering around the whole Nha Trang Bay and stop at Con Se Tre Village for lunch or stay a night to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. There are many tourism agents or boats who can take you to the Tre island in Nha Trang City center.

Con Se Tre Village Map

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