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Coming to Da Lat and looking forward to visiting and staying at a very unique villa that can only be found in Da Lat, travelers from all over the world pay much attention to Crazy House – the most free-wheeling architecture as a combined tourist attraction and accommodation

Crazy HouseCrazy House

The Crazy house is also called “Hang Nga Villa” (named after the owner), “The house of Strange”, and “Spider’s nest Castle”. It is a continuous construction of Hang Nga – an architect graduating from the Architecture of Moscow University as a Doctor. The Crazy House is a continuous construction since 1990, so you may find some of the rooms are being repaired during your visit. In fact, lots of domestic, and foreign reports have been established about the reputation of Hang Nga villa – The Crazy house that outstands as one of the most exotic buildings in the world.

Crazy House from the bottom

Crazy House from the bottom

Overall, the Crazy House has no rule of architect, just placing piece by piece according to Hang Nga’s imagination of her truly wild, unorganized forest. It carries 100 roofs in a 1,600 square meter area. The villa is joyfully designed with sculptured rooms, cascading look-alike stalagmites with colors of wilderness, and spider web windows. Rooms are connected by bridges which rise among greenery scene of the mountainous area. There are only 10 rooms which are used for hotel and coffee shop business. Since the idea of Hang Nga is to bringing people closer to nature, the villa itself and each tiny detailed decoration is supposed to make visitors feel like they are lost in a mystery forest with stones, plants, and sculptured animals.

A room in Crazy House

A room in Crazy House

With a small entrance fee about $2, tourists can spend a few hours exploring the house and take some nice photos like you’re visiting Universal. However, the house is opened from 8:30 to only 19:00, so don’t come late in the evening or just call the house manager firstly to ensure your schedule.

Crazy House Map

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