Duong Dong Market Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc tourism not only has white sandy beaches, interesting destinations but also a rich and diverse cuisine. Of course, if you want to discover their culture, there is no place but a local market. There are 6 main markets in Phu Quoc including Cau Sau market, An Thoi market, Ganh Dau market, Ham Ninh market, Bai Thom market and Duong Dong market. In particular, Duong Dong market is the largest and most well-known one.

Duong Dong Market is situated on the bank of Duong Dong river, in the center of Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province. It is the largest market on this Pearl island. Tourists can have a look at this island through a variety of specialties from everywhere on Phu Quoc Island. Because the market house sells a lot of goods, souvenirs and many kinds of seafood.

Duong Dong Market in Phu Quoc

Duong Dong Market

Early in the morning, local people gather and have a meeting in the market to buy and sell a multitude of products, most of which is fresh and dry seafood. The fresh seadfood for selling is taken just from the dock of fishing vessels, caught from the sea by the local fishermen and sometimes was still in the fishing nets. That is why seafood in the market is always fresh. If you want to buy in large quantities, stall owners are ready to help. They will pack and transport to the airport or dock for delivery, for you. In addition, the market also has souvenir shops along the road leading to the dock for shoopping. After that, visitors can enjoy some popular dishes such as: seadfood porridge, vermicelli soup (bánh canh chả cá, bánh canh ốc, …) with the typical flavors of Phu Quoc that attract lots of visitors.

Seafood in Duong Dong Market

Seafood in Duong Dong Market

Duong Dong market opens at 4 am and closes in the evening, at about 5-6 pm. Visitors before boarding a boat to leave can drop by to buy some souvernirs, seafood and enjoy specialty dishes in here.

Duong Dong Market Map

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