Mekong Elephant Park Laos

Halfway between Luang Prabang and Huay Xai, the main border crossing into northern Laos, Mekong Elephant Park offers elephants an indigenous wildlife to live in harmony with nature and humans.

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Laos is widely known as The Land of Million Elephants for years, but today there are only few elephant preservation sanctuaries in this country. If you are dreaming to explore natural inhabitants, don’t forget to visit Mekong Elephant Park on the edge of Mekong River.

Established in 2008 with a combination between environmental and socioeconomic purposes, Mekong Elephant Park has contributed substantially to protect in danger elephants from the confronting threats of trafficking and extinction. Elephants are given a well-treated and non-riding condition which means they are not pushed to perform in shows or be physically abused.

Little elephant enjoys his wildlife in Mekong Elephant Park

By visiting the Mekong Elephant Park, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the miniature world dedicated to the conservancy of Laotian elephants. You will be astonished by the spectacular natural surroundings of amazing elephants’ wildlife.

Watching elephants bathing in the Mekong River

There are also plentiful on site activities and workshops like educational trekking trails, mahout tool exhibition, visiting traditional Hmong farm and garden. Remarkably, you shouldn’t miss the fixed leisure schedules which give brief introduction, traditional handicraft workshops (bamboo weaving, silk weaving and blacksmithing) and observation of the elephant bathing, feeding, check-up to raise awareness and to support the protection of the Asian elephants.

Tourists join the extra activity to get deeper insight of Mekong Elephant Park

Travellers frequently spend 3 hours exploring the privileged moment with elephants in Mekong Elephant Park. The park is opened every day from 11am to 4:30pm.

You can take free boat transfer departures to cruise from the Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge to the Mekong Elephant Park every hour. Most people travel to Pakbeng by river including slow boats, speedboats, rocket boats and the cruise. Prices depend on the quality and the time of journey. Also it is a smooth and easy ride to take frequent bus from Udomxai station.

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