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Surrounded by rainforest and a transport back in time, the region is a treasure await discovery.

Muang La is a small charming town in the heart of northern Laos in Oudomxay Province. It is situated on Road 2E, near the confluence of the Nam La and Nam Pak rivers; about 28km from Oudomxay towards Phongsali but the terrible road surface means the journey will take one hour.

Muang La Town

Muang La Town


The scenic town is surrounded by rich tapestry of verdant mountains, lush forests, rivers, tranquil farmland and traditional Khmu villages. Muang La’s main attraction is the natural hot springs which are free to all visitors. Picture yourself soaking sore muscles in hot water while taking in the river scenery. The experience is tonic for both the body and soul – and it’s free.

Despite these manifold attractions, the region still receives little attention and relatively few visitors, making it a highly appealing destination for those in search of somewhere a little less travelled. Surrounded by rainforest and a transport back in time, the region is a treasure await discovery.

Muang La provides the perfect base for exploration into this region, and with little else to do besides relax in the local hot springs and admire the surrounding scenery, it is sure to provide a relaxing break from sightseeing and temple visiting.

Local in Muang La

Local in Muang La


Meanwhile, for those who just can't sit still, the countryside surrounding Muang La has plenty to offer in terms of trekking, river cruising, mountain biking, and visits to the villages of the Khmu, Akha, Ikhos and Hmong peoples who inhabit the region.

The town is comprised of mostly people from Thai - Lu ethnic group. The mountains and forests that surround the small town are home to numerous rural tribes of H'Mong and Ikhos (Akha) ethnic groups. Many of these small outposts of isolated tribes welcome foreign visitors. Trekking through mountains to visit these tiny way stations of ancient culture has become one of the most popular excursions in the area. Hot springs and several fine spas in the area are great to unwind after a day of hiking.

Muang La’s best weather falls between October and May during the temperate dry season in Northern Laos. June sees the beginning of warmer weather, but it's relatively cool in this mountainous region throughout the year. 

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