Phang Nga Province Guide - All you need to know

Phang Nga Province is one of the stars of the show in terms of Southern Thai tourism. In Phang Nga, you can easily get overwhelmed by endless beauty spots blessed by Mother Nature. Here is the brief guide to give visitors the first look at the charm of Phang Nga, must-do activities and ways to get there to make you vacation to Phang Nga, Thailand the best vacation ever!


Phang Nga is a coastal province located in the South of Thailand, adjacent to the magnificent Andaman Sea. It so far has been a real tourist mecca that welcomes a large number of both domestic and international visitors around the world. The reason why Phang Nga is undoubtedly put on the first place of every tour to Southern Thailand can be explained by countless miracles Phang Nga owns. Here owns an abundance of natural resources, many stunning national parks combined with a myriad of tourist attractions that always keep all travellers hooked. You may don’t need to think twice to get ready for an unforgettable journey to Phang Nga to explore the glamour of Phang Nga yourself!

Phang Nga SceneryPhang Nga’s viewpoint from above can get you dazzled of the rich biodiversity at first sight


  • Visit Phang Nga Bay

When it comes to the first and foremost beauty spots that effortlessly catch people’s attention heading to Phang Nga, Phang Nga Bay is definitely the answer. It is a big mistake if you will skip the Bay on your itinerary as you tend to lose a great chance to enjoy white-sand beaches with an airy atmosphere, discover hidden charms of tropical islands, get dazzled with exotic limestone formations and learn about the intriguing culture and unique lifestyle of fishermen around the Bay. In other words, your travel experience to Phang Nga will be incomplete without paying Phang Nga Bay a cruise!

Explore Caves At Phang Nga BayKayak throughout the Bay to unveil hidden secrets of spectacular rock formations

  • Visit James Bond Island

Surely Phang Nga Bay consists of a wide range of islands different in size and shape, but James Bon Island stands out the others. It literally is a rocky monolith with nearly 20 meters tall, which featured in the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Sun’’ in 1974. That is the origin of its iconic name, which is named after a notorious character in both novel and cinema! A day’s boat tour is enough for every traveller to discover most of the area around James Bond Island, where you can be offered numerous stunning landscapes to bring home nicest pictures.

James Bond IslandDon’t forget to go with your cameras to take great pictures of the iconic James Bond Island!

  • Pass by Koh Panyee

After visiting James Bond Island, you are highly recommended to choose Koh Panyee as your next stopover. Koh Panyee or Sea Gipsy Island includes a floating village built by Indonesian fishermen. This is a striking village built over the sea on concrete piles, which is considered a unique characteristic of construction in the past. Villagers’ livelihood once depended on fishing, but now half the local residents turn into the tourism industry while the rest are still fishermen. Here you can find a mouth-watering seafood lunch served on sea-facing restaurants to boost your energy for other amazing discoveries on Phang Nga Bay!

Floating House In Koh PanyeeCome to Koh Panyee to enjoy the serene beauty and learn the unique lifestyle of the locals

  • Get new vibes at Sa Nang Manora

Sa Nang Manora is a forest park covering an area of 0.29 square kilometers of the Khao Thoi-Nang Hong Forest in Phang Nga Province. The Park is about 4 kilometers far from the North of Phang Nga Town. This off-the-beaten-path park offers a distinctive feature of full of thick rainforest along with many hidden pools and majestic waterfalls that can easily blow your mind if you are a big fan of adventurous excursions! Here you can have a valuable opportunity to get close to nature through sightseeing since nearly one hundred species have been found at Sa Nang Manora Park, including endangered species like Malaysian plover.

Sa Nang Marona Park ViewGive Sa Nang Manora a visit to immerse yourself into an authentic natural atmosphere!

Way to get there

  • By Taxi

If your starting point is Phuket, you can choose one among a wide range of taxi services. You should notice that any services by taxi may cost you much more with less competitive ticket prices. However, if you don’t mind much about the price, a taxi will be a great option as it brings you more comfort and quick transfer. Before hopping a taxi, you are suggested to check the price meter and ask it to be turned on and negotiate no unnecessary stops alongside the ways. You should only get reliable taxi brands, Khao Lak Taxi, for example, to make your ideal trip.

  • By Rental Car

Travelling to Phang Nga by a rental car would be perfect for adventurer seekers longing for discovering new things emerging alongside the road to Phang Nga. From Bangkok, you need to drive on Highway No.4 to pass through some provinces, Chumphong, Prachaup Khiri Khan and Ranong. After passing these provinces, you should drive forwards. The trip would last 12 hours and you must drive through 788 kms to get to Phang Nga. If you are in Phuket, you may take Highway No.402 on the trip to Phang Nga. When you pass over Sarasin Bridge to Ban Khok Kloi, make a right turn to get to Anphoe Takua Thung, a district of Phang Nga. The journey departing from Phuket to Phang Nga may take you an hour and a half for 87 kms long.

  • By Bus

Bus is always a commonly-used means of transport for travellers to get to their tourist destination. This is the same case with travelling from Bangkok to Phang Nga. You can easily get a bus at Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal as the bus station offers many routes to Phang Nga with flexible times. You can opt for one out of three types of bus corresponding to its service quality and ticket price on each bus; they are VIP Bus, Standard 1 Bus and Standard 2 Bus. Bear in mind that one considerable disadvantage for travelling by bus is it wastes your time much and even makes you exhausted since it will end up with the longest journey time for around 12 hours.

  • By Plane

Getting a flight is surely time-saving and comfortable. Besides, getting a flight ticket will bring joy and excitement for all travellers especially for ones with the first time travelling by plane. To get to Phang Nga on board, you must land in Krabi Airport from Bangkok on a 1.5-hour flight first. You can make a decision on between a low-cost carrier Air Asia and a full-service carrier Thai Airways that is all up to your preference and financial condition. After arriving at Krabi, you can be transferred over to Phang Nga via a minivan with an air conditioner or a bus without an air conditioner to save up your budget.

To sum up, Phang Nga is certainly one of the most perfect places to go for all tourists planning to take a trip to discover the beauty of Southern Thailand. Phang Nga promises to bring you most mesmerizing natural landscapes around numerous tourist spots that will leave you wanting to stay more at these places! Don’t hesitate any more to pack your suitcase up and come here to make your memories of the upcoming vacation become unforgettable for the rest of your life!

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