Summer Palace of Bao Dai Da Lat

Having been well-known as a charming landscape, comfortable weather city, Dalat also offers travelers a number of French antique villas. One of the most popular French architectures which is associated with historical era is Bao Dai Summer Palace.

Bao Dai was the last king of Vietnam feudal court, whose Summer Palace was built from 1933 to 1937. The palace is located in the middle of a pine forest near Pasteur Institute, which was used as a retreating place for King Bao Dai and his royal family before 1950. Afterwards, during the French colonial, the palace turned to be the office and home of the king and his family.

Summer Palace Of Bao Dai

Summer Palace Of Bao Dai

There are 25 rooms divided into 2 stories structure for tourists to discover. As the king’s office, the ground floor has office room, guest room, and reception room. Visiting each room, travelers can imagine the scene of Vietnam former King working here since the rooms are all reserved in its same status quo as back in the history.

Upstairs is occupied with living space with bedrooms of the king (which has a gorgeous balcony called “the watching moon balcony”), Bao Dai’s eldest son’s (which is painted yellow as a luxurious room), and the Queen’s (which can be identified with her feminine style).

Many sculptures and life-size bust of royal family, Angkor Wat picture which was given by King Sihanouk of Cambodia, and engraved glass map of Vietnam are displayed in Bao Dai’s Summer Palace in good condition for tourists to see. Therefore, this place is definitely worth visiting, especially for cultural admirers.

Summer Palace Of Bao Dai

Summer Palace Of Bao Dai


You can conveniently get to Bao Dai’s Summer Palace from Dalat central market by taxi or xe om in a few minutes. The palace welcomes tourists from 7AM – 11AM and 1:30PM – 4PM with only a $1 fee. However, bringing camera may require an extra fee according to the palace manager when you arrive.

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