All you need to know about Thailand culture

Thailand is not only rich in gorgeous cultural heritages but also in invaluable traditions. For anyone who wants to plan a trip to this beautiful country, having some knowledge about its culture is highly recommended. The article below will show you some main points in Thai culture that you should keep in mind.

Thailand Has Many Interesting Things To Explore

Thailand Has Many Interesting Things To Explore


1. Family

It’s so common in Thailand culture that family is always put in the first position - this is considered the most important thing for Thai people. Like other countries in Southeast Asia, such as China, several generations usually live together under the same roof. Moreover, elderly people are more respected than others due to being considered in a higher status.


2. Communication style

Thai people usually speak in an indirect manner, which can be called the ‘middle way’ style. They don’t want to disappoint others, so they rarely say a firm no and try a roundabout way to say that. In addition, Thai people believe that expressing their negative emotions will make people lose face, and they avoid speaking too loud or beginning a conflict in public as they always think of others before themselves.


3. Thai food

It’s undeniable that Thai food is one of the must-try things when traveling to Thailand, especially for anyone who is a foodie. Thai food appeared in the "World's 50 Best Foods" in 2017 by the worldwide CNN Travel, with up to 7 dishes including:

   + Rank 4th: Tom Yam Goong (Tom Yum or Tom Yam)

   + Rank 5th: Pad Thai (Phat Thai or Phad Thai)

   + Rank 6th: Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad)

   + Rank 10th: Massaman Curry (Kaeng Matsaman)

   + Rank 19th: Green Curry (Kaeng Khiao Wan)

   + Rank 24th: Thai Fried Rice (Khao Phat)

   + Rank 36th: Som Tum Pu Pla Ra (Nam Tok Mu)

Remember To Try Its Yummy Cuisine!

Remember To Try Its Yummy Cuisine!


4. Holidays and events

Since having a strong and deep culture, it’s obvious that Thailand has many important holidays during the year. Some of them are listed below:

   + Makha Bucha (Magha Puja) Day: This is a Buddhist festival celebrated on the full moon day of the third month in the lunar calendar. On this day, Buddhists usually visit temples to pray.

   + Chakri Day: 6th of April in Thailand is Chakri Day - a public holiday in that all citizens in this country celebrate the founding day of the royal Chakri Dynasty.

   + Songkran Day (13th - 15th April): This holiday is the biggest festival in Thailand when interesting water fights happen to wash away the misfortune of the previous year.

   + Visakha Bucha Day: Commemorated on the full moon of the sixth lunar month, this is the day the Buddha was born, and Buddhists go to temples to make merit, such as donating time, service, possessions, or money to temples and monks.

Getting Soaked On The Songkran Day

Getting Soaked On The Songkran Day

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