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Tham Nam (Water Cave) Vang Vieng

Tham Nam is a good choice for those who want to rest your mind by spending time on cold water and under the sunshine.

Tham Nam is known as Water Cave, located about 15 km to the north of Vang Vieng, Laos. It is the highlight of the cave system in Vang Vieng. Tham Nam is a beautiful water cave, you need to use ropes to go through the cave. In the dry season, you can wade in the cave but when the water is higher, you can hire a tube to sit on and torch which costs US$ 1 near the entrance. Following the ropes through the cave, you will have time to enjoy some interesting stalactites in the cave and clean water.

Tham Nam Cave

Tham Nam Cave

If you are a challenge lover, you will be interested in this water cave. Discovering Tham Nam is totally an interesting adventure. It is 500 m long and takes you about 1 hour to float on the water inside the cave. The water cave is covered by the dark and there is only the light from your torch so if you afraid of the dark, you should not try this. There is a tour guide inside the cave who will direct how to move in this place during the trip because you not only need to follow the ropes but also get off your tube to wade in some shallow places and stop you from coming to the deep area. Notice that your hands may get hurt after holding the ropes for hours.

Explore By Tube

Explore By Tube

Many tourists often visit this area in the morning so it will be very crowded at this time. The advice for you is to go to Tham Nam in the afternoon, you will have a chance to enjoy how beautiful the scenery is due to fewer people.

To reach Tham Nam, tourists can hire a motorbike then go along Route 13 to the north, which is about 14 km on the way to Luang Prabang or take a tuk-tuk round-trip which costs about US$ 21.

Tham Nam (Water Cave) Map

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