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Thatbyinnyu Temple Bagan

Thatbyinnyu Temple or "the Omniscient" is a famous temple located in Bagan, built in the mid-12th century during the reign of King Alaungsithu.  This is the tallest temples of all monuments in Bagan; 61m high overlooking the Bagan scene. Thatbyinnyu is a transitional temple, standing between the Early Style of the Ananda and the Late Style of the Gawdawpalin. Thatbyinnyu is a brick masonry building covered in white stucco and with stone in pavements, thresholds and as reinforcing elements. The temple has four storeys with four corridors and seven terraces attached. The top terrace is the best place to see the best view of Bagan as well as the sunset and sunrise. The architecture of the temple signifies the finest of Myanmar culture. The corners are amazingly straight and the two tiers of windows perfectly admit light and air. On the ceiling and walls of the vaulted corridors on the western entrance are found original mural paintings. A pair of Buddha's footprints and the picture of Sakka and Brahma paying homage to the Buddha are found on the ceiling.

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