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Thay Cave Halong Bay

In recent years, scientists have discovered many beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay, which are promised to be tourist attractions - a cave with a strange name: Thay Cave.


Thay Cave is located next to the “Stone Park” in Bai Tu Long bay, about 25 km away from Quan cave. “Thay Cave” is meaning Master cave, the reason why it has this name is stalactites inside the cave have unique shapes such as books, quill, and a small stone like a table used to read books, etc. The gate is located near the water's edge, so it is easy for tourists to go inside the cave whose floor covered by a smooth layer of smooth sand.

Thay Cave

Thay Cave

According to a survey of the Center for Conservation of Marine Heritage and Recreation in Ha Long Bay, Thay Cave is about 3m wide, 150m deep. The deeper you go, the lower temperature. Stalactite columns shoot sprouting among the paths make visitors seem to be lost in a stalactites forest. In the middle of the cave, there is a small lake filled with water from the source on the top of the mountain that flowing every day. The cave is very large with many stalactites hanging down with diverse shapes. The sun shining in the cave reflected in the blinking natural stalactites, along with the sound of the stream make Thay Cave has their own charming.

Thay Cave

Thay Cave

According to the head of Ha Long Bay Management Board - Mr. Ngo Hung, the management is planning to make Thay cave become a unique swimming place inside the cave in the future. Besides that, they will also have more cruise tours to increase the number of tourists visit the cave. The tour will give the most unforgettable experience to tourists when visiting Thay cave and other attractive sceneries near there. Tourists will also have a chance to discover the bay by kayak.

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