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Tra On Floating Market Mekong Delta

The floating market has existed for a long time and had many typical cultural features of people in the river area. Visiting Tra On floating market, tourists will not only have the chance to enjoy a bustling atmosphere, buying and selling activities but also experience local life and community.

Tra on floating market

Tra On floating market 

Tra On floating market is located at the junction of Mang Thit and Hau rivers. In this trade position, Tra On floating market is not only a market that provides products for local people but also providing agricultural products to many nearby areas. Hundreds of boats floating on the river to exchange all kinds of agricultural products such as jackfruit, coconut, banana, guava, pineapple, orange, toad, grapefruit, etc. When people are still asleep, Tra On floating market has started a new day from 2-3 am and the most bustling time is from 5-6 hours.
A unique feature of this floating market is "beo", a marketing creation only available in countryside water areas. They will hang all items for sale on “beo” which is a long stick and there is no need to introduce in this noisy floating market. Every day, there are thousands of tons of goods are exchanged thanks to that “beo”.

Goods Is Hang On Beo TRA ON

At night, Tra On floating market is not a busy market like daytime anymore but some canoes and boats are still anchored. For local people, Tra On floating market is not only a place to trade and do business but also like a house. They live on boats and exchange goods on Tra Co floating market day by day.
For people born and raised in Tra On, they are very proud of their home market. Their childhood was associated with the image of floating markets. The river and the floating market have become a good memory and a precious gift that nature has given people of Tra On.

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Tra On Floating Market Map

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