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A Guideline on Vietnam Shopping

Vietnam is home to a variety of products from world-famous brands to unique Vietnamese handicraft items. Shopping in Vietnam may be challenging and interesting for first-time travelers due to the great diversity of quality and price range. However, many tourists can't help falling into shopping in Vietnam since it is a heavenly place for low-budget but high-quality products. Moreover, you can bargain over something as much as a third of the offered cost at some boutiques and markets in Vietnam.

handicraft shop in Vietnam

Handicrafts shop is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Vietnam

Coming to Vietnam, you can go shopping either at street-side markets or at high-end showrooms. Just pick up an interesting product at a very reasonable price for you. Find some handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, or art while shopping in Vietnam. Especially, Hanoi is a shopping paradise filled with silk, textiles, handicrafts, souvenirs, ao dais, exquisite pottery, Vietnamese coffee, garments, and other specialties to bring home.

When it comes to shopping places in Vietnam, a range of local markets, shopping malls, traditional villages, shops, and boutiques awaits for you. If you want to experience like a local while shopping in Vietnam, go to local markets which can be found everywhere throughout the country. There are different types of local markets in Vietnam, including the street night market, flower market, Chinatown market, floating market, and hill-tribe market.

floating market for shopping in Vietnam

Floating market is a place for local shopping experience in Vietnam

Here, you will be guided to handy tips and experiences for shopping in Vietnam. We offer an overall guideline on shopping places, things to buy, how to bargain, and other tips for you to save time and money. Let's go shopping in Vietnam and get plenty of souvenirs from Vietnam.