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Youqson Kyaung Bagan

The Youqson Kyaung wooden monastery dates from around 1882, and it now houses the U Pon Nya Museum, named for a writer of the same name. The museum houses and protects Bagan-era wood carvings and other historic items from Salay monasteries.

Yoke Son Kyaung is Salay’s oldest surviving wooden monastery. Designed as a copy of the Crown Prince House in Mandalay, and built from 1882–92, the huge wooden monastery is one of Salay's not-to-be-missed sights. Along two of its exterior sides are detailed original carvings displaying 19th-century court life and scenes from the Jataka (stories of the Buddha’s past lives) and Ramayana (one of India’s best-known legends). Inside, the 17th- to 19th-century pieces are behind glass cases, while the Bagan-era woodcarvings (including a massive throne backdrop) stand in open view.

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