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Taste Vietnam, Change Children’s Lives with Blue Dragon Foundation


BestPrice Travel and Blue Dragon Foundation

Our Partnership with Blue Dragon

BestPrice Travel is proud to partner with the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, a leading organization dedicated to rescuing and protecting children in Vietnam. For every booking made on our "Taste Vietnam" tours, we donate $1 per person to Blue Dragon.

Why Blue Dragon?

Blue Dragon has a remarkable track record of making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children:

  • Rescuing Victims: They have saved over 1,000 children from human trafficking and forced labor.
  • Providing Education: They have supported the education and vocational training of more than 5,200 children and teenagers.
  • Shelter and Housing: They have provided safe temporary accommodation for over 1,100 children and repaired 1,100 homes.
  • Family Reunification: They have helped more than 2,200 children and young people reunite with their families.
  • Mental Health Support: They offer crucial psychological therapy to help victims heal from trauma.

San and a Blue Dragon social worker walking home.

How Your Booking Makes a Difference

Your "Taste Vietnam" tour is not just a journey through Vietnam's beauty and culture. It's also a way to empower children and give them a brighter future. Here's how your $1/pax donation can help:

  • Rescue Missions: Funding rescue operations to free children from exploitation.
  • Education and Training: Providing access to schools, vocational training, and life skills programs.
  • Shelter and Care: Supporting safe housing, food, and medical care for children in need.
  • Family Tracing and Reunification: Helping children reconnect with their families and loved ones.
  • Mental Health Services: Offering therapy and counseling to children who have experienced trauma.

BestPrice Travel’s Additional Support

In addition to the $1 donation per booking, BestPrice Travel has taken further steps to support Blue Dragon. In the first quarter of 2024, BestPrice Travel donated $1,000 to the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation. This contribution goes directly towards supporting their critical missions and expanding their reach to help more children in need.

Join Us in Making a Difference

By booking a "Taste Vietnam" tour, you become a part of the solution. Your contribution helps Blue Dragon continue their vital work and create a better future for Vietnamese children.

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