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Top 3 Halong Bay Cruises 2021

Find out the top 3 Halong Bay cruises selectively based on guests' reviews, cruise facilities, service guarantee and perfect itinerary!

Mon Cheri Cruise
Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay - Cat Ba Island
18 cabins - Metal Boat - Launched in 2017
Heritage Cruise Best Value
Lan Ha Bay - Ba Trai Dao - Dark & Bright Cave
20 cabins - metal - Launched in 2019
Peony Cruise
36 reviews 
Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay - Cat Ba Island
20 cabins - Metal Boat - Launched in 2018

Latest reviews for Cruises Halong

Read out the lastest reviews and feedbacks from our guests who have recently backed from their Halong Bay trip.

Frequency Ask Questions

Yes, it is worth to do Halong Bay cruise. Halong is definitely a place you should not miss when travelling to Vietnam because of its unique beauty. I believe you will get a memorable experience that combines relaxing and exciting activities: kayaking, rowing boat, explore the cave, climbing to the island... when cruising in Halong bay.

You can find more reason at: Is Halong Bay Worth It?

Halong bay cruise price is based on departure, availability, duration, cruise style, and services. Normally the price is between $60 - $90/ person for a day trip and $110 - $200/person for an overnight cruise. To get the exact price, please enter our website for a day cruise or overnight cruise, choose your favorite one, then click to choose your date, and the number of people continues to click to check the rate you will see the final price.

Yes, you should book your Halong Bay cruise before arriving in Vietnam. There are 3 main reasons below:

  • You can get early bird deals which can save a lot.
  • More time research to find the best Halong cruise
  • Find the best agent who offers the best price and best support.

All cruises in Halong Bay must have permission from the Management Board of Halong Bay to stay overnight in the Bay. Based on the weather conditions (high winds, monsoon, thunderstorm, cyclone, storm...), the Management Board has the authority to cancel all cruises on a certain day to guarantee the safety of tourists.

In those cases, the following policies will be applied for Cruise:  

  • If the cancellation is informed before you leave Hanoi to Halong Bay (you have not used any service yet): 100% refund.  
  • If the cancellation is informed during the trip (you have already used some services: transfer, lunch, day trip, hotel in Halong,...): Only the fee of these services will be charged and we will refund the whole remain amount  
  • If the trip is cut down from 3 days/2 nights to 2 days/1 night, we will charge as 2 days/1 night trip, plus other services you have already used and refund the remaining amount.

Important Notes:  

  • The cancellation is announced ONLY by the Management Board of Halong Bay and often on short notice of time. Therefore your understandings of these situations are highly appreciated  
  • The period from May to July is considered as storm weather in Halong Bay with many unpredictable weather conditions. Hence more cruises will be cancelled with short notice during this season.
  • In all cases, please contact our consultants directly for any urgent help. We are here to support you with all of our best!

=> Read more What should you do if Halong Bay Cruise is cancelled

5-star luxury Halong cruises or 4 star plus cruises would be suitable for the elders and also should choose the cruises with itineraries to Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay which are less touristy areas than Halong Bay for relaxing and enjoying the bay.

Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay both located in the Halong Bay complex area. You can have a look at both below:

  • Location: Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay is right next to each other. Halong Bay belongs to Halong City, Quang Ninh province and Lan Ha Bay belongs to Hai Phong City.
  • Landscapes: The scenery of both are beautiful but there are some differences that Halong bay has more famous tourist attractions like Titop Island, Surprising Cave but you will find it pretty crowded here. For Lan Ha bay, this is a less touristy area than Halong bay, the scenery and the places are tranquil. It is more suitable for a relaxing trip and enjoys time at the bay.

Base on your preference you can decide to book a Halong cruise or Lan Ha Bay cruise and enjoy your wonderful holiday.

It is not easy to find the best cruise Halong Bay among over 100 cruises. Below are 4 small tips for you:

  • Decide Itinerary & travel route: Halong Bay (main area), Lan Ha Bay (new trend), Cat Ba Island, or Bai Tu Long Bay (off the beaten track).
  • Estimate your budget: There are different types of cruise from budget, mid-range to luxury, so let's check how much you want to spend.
  • Check which cruise fits with your needs: for family with kids, vegetarian, Halal food (Mon Cheri Cruise)...
  • Choose the best agent to book

You can read detail at 3 steps for choosing the best Halong bay cruise

The best time to visit Halong Bay is between Mar to Apr and Oct to Dec when the Halong Bay weather is cool with temperature between 20 to 30 degree and dry. This also a high season tourist so you should plan to book your Halong Cruise very soon.

You might want to read more: best time to visit Halong Bay for great weather and best deals.

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Various Halong cruise itineraries

Not all cruises in Ha Long Bay do the same itinerary. Base on your preference, you can easily find and choose the Halong Bay itinerary with deferent in cruise duration, port, and area.

With duration, you can choose a day trip, 2 days 1-night, 3 days 2 nights, or a custom itinerary. Base on the cruising area, you can choose a cruise in Halong Bay central, Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay or Cat Ba Island. And base on Halong Bay cruise port, you can choose cruises from Halong International cruise port, Tuan Chau harbor, Hon Gai pier or Got port.

Halong Bay cruise itinerary

Halong Bay cruise itinerary map

Day trip itinerary

As the travel time is limited: from 4 – 8 hours, the Halong Bay day cruises only can show the general view of the bay; however, these shorten itineraries are suitable for those who do not have much time to explore the bay. The typical itineraries for a day trip allow travelers to visit some most popular caves and islands such as Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Titop Island, and Cock Fighting Islet. 

Overnight itinerary

The Halong Bay cruise overnight are the most chosen one. You can decide between 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights itinerary.

2 days 1-night are most popular because the itinerary isn’t short and also not too long that fit with almost tourists. Comparing with the day trip, the 2d1n owns diverse options for itinerary which allows you to travel deeply inside Halong.

3 days 2 nights are the perfect option for those who dive deep into the glory of the Bay. With the itinerary, you will have the chance to not only visit Halong Bay but also can visit 3 stunning Bays: Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, or Cat Ba island.

Besides that, join an overnight cruise, you have more time to enjoy kayaking in Halong Bay, and more interesting activities such as swimming, night bar on the sundeck, squid fishing... 

Kayaking of Halong Bay cruise overnight

Kayaking of Halong Bay cruise overnight

Custom itinerary

Book a charter you will have a private Halong Bay cruise with a custom itinerary and it is the most expensive way to discover the stunning Natural World Heritage. However, if you are looking for a totally private voyage without sudden annoyance from strangers and traveling on your own route with your preferred activities and attractions, a private boat sounds a good choice.


Wide range of Halong Bay cruise price

You not only can choose the best itinerary base on your demands but also can choose the cruise that fits your budget. There are hundreds of cruises that provide varied service standards for both day trips and overnight cruises at different prices range from budget to luxury.

Price of the 10 best cruises in Halong Bay 2021

Cruise brand Star rating No of cabin Price from

Mon Cheri Cruise

5* 18 US $168

Heritage Cruise

5* 20 US $190

President Cruise

5* 46 US $198

Scarlet Pearl Cruise

5* 23 US $192

Peony Cruise

4* 20 US $148

Signature Cruise

4* 12 US $168

Sena Cruise

4* 18 US $139

Glory Legend Cruise

3* 22 US $125

Aclass Legend Cruise

3* 14 US $131

Swan Cruise

3* 9 US $130


Luxury (5-star) Cruises

The luxury Halong Bay cruises offer both day trip & overnight options with prices ranging from US $99 to US$ 168/person that can satisfy even the most difficult guest with the perfect services and promise an unforgettable experience


Mid-range (4-star) Cruises

The mid-range Halong Bay cruises are also available for day trips with prices from US$ 69/person and overnight cruises from US$ 133/person. 70% of the 4-star cruises in Halong Bay are made of steel; and the newer the boat, the more impressive its design. 


Budget (3-star) Cruises

The price of a budget Halong Bay cruise is only about US$ 59/person for a day trip and US$ 120/person for an overnight cruise. Most of the cheap cruises in Halong are made of wood in a rustic style, quite small, and not many cabins on them (only about 9 – 15 cabins on average).


Book your best Halong Bay cruise

As avoiding scams is quite hard, it is important that tourists need to find a reputable travel agent to book a cruise confidently. BestPrice Travel is the most popular name among thousands of travel agencies providing Halong cruise booking service.

With more than 10 years of experience and 5 years awarded “Traveller Choice” of TripAdvisor, tourists definitely should mark BestPrice as the top priority travel agent with no hesitation.

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Asked by Mark, November 08, 2021
Is there any cruise in Halong bay run this weekend?
BestPrice, November 08, 2021
@Mark: Yes, Mark, There are some cruise operate, they require some conditions below: - Has enough 2 vaccine COVID shoot. - Come from green region (policy of Vietnam for COVID status) Please give me more information about you then we will give you the rate.
Asked by Jacklyn Lee, August 07, 2021
Hi there, I'm planning on my wedding in Oct, next year! Do you provide wedding party services on cruises in Halong Bay?
BestPrice, August 09, 2021
@Jacklyn Lee: Yes we do, Please give me more information about your wedding plan so we could make a proposal for you.
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Asked by Christine, July 23, 2021
Hi, do you offer to pick up at the accommodation outside of Hanoi Old Quarter? My family lives in the west lake area. Thanks
BestPrice, July 23, 2021
@Christine: Hello Christine, thank you for being interested in our services. We do provide pick up outside of Hanoi center and around 5km from the Old Quater. Hope that helps!
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Asked by Neeraj Sharma, July 16, 2021
Hello, I heard about a party cruise in Halong Bay and wondering if you offer the service. I'm planning to have my bachelor party in Vietnam?
BestPrice, July 16, 2021
@Neeraj Sharma: Hello Neeraj, thank you for being interested in our services. We are able to arrange a private cruise and services for partying. Kindly let us know more information about the date and the number of people so we can give you more details. Thanks
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Asked by Matyna, July 07, 2021
Hi, we are a group of friends (7 people) who prefer a cruise which is fun and has many activities included. Do you have any cruise like that and is there any discount for a big group like mine?
BestPrice, July 07, 2021
@Matyna: Hello Matyna, thank you for interested in our services. We have sent you an email for detailed information about group promotions and discounts. Also, kindly check out our top cruises in Halong Bay for itineraries that suited you the best: https://www.bestpricetravel.com/halong-bay-cruises/best-cruises
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