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Yes, Halong Bay is definitely worth a try. As one of the world-famous natural heritage sites, Halong Bay features the best destination for cruising in Vietnam. Why is it worth it?

  • Deeper exploration: Cruising is the best way to go further into the beautiful archipelago of the Gulf of Tonkin
  • Perfect seascape: Stay 2 - 3 days relaxing on the ship, soaking up the fresh air and tranquility of the bay
  • Exciting activities: Retreat by entertaining onboard (mini golf, poker, pool, spa, karaoke) and offboard (kayaking, boat rowing, cave visiting, catamaran, etc.)

For the best travel experience, the best time to go to Halong Bay is March - April and October - November, when the weather is cool (20 - 28°C) and dry (less rainfall).

Also, you can choose other months to visit:

  • May - September: Perfect time to get summer deals and flash sales up to 40% OFF
  • January - April: Enjoyable time to take part in Halong festivals and welcome Tet Holiday onboard

To better plan, please check out Best Time to Visit Halong Bay for Perfect Weather & Great Deals

On average, the prices of cruise trip in 2023 ranges between US $125 - $300/person for 1 night, US $250 - $550/person for 2 nights and US $65 - $120/person for a day trip.

Most cruises do not include the transfer in their package. You have to pay extra for the transfer if you want to be picked up from Hanoi.

Please see the prices table in 2023 below for your reference:

Trip Type

Low season

High season

Day trip

US$ 65 - 95 US$ 75 - 120

2 days 1 night

US$ 120 - 200 US$ 130 - 300

3 days 2 nights

US$ 220 - 400 US$ 240 - 500

Shuttle bus round trip

US$ 30 - 40 US$ 30 - 40

* The price is per person in USD

* Low season: May - Sep, High season: Jan - Apr & Oct - Dec

How long you stay in Halong Bay really depends on your budget and available time.

  • 1 night: On a budget from US $125/pax, you can visit 1 - 2 attractions and join tai chi, cooking class, kayaking, or boat rowing onboard.
  • 2 nights: With US $225/pax or more, you can add on 1 - 2 hidden places to visit and enjoy more time sightseeing and relaxing. 

Still wondering about your plan? Please keep in touch with us via or +84 904 699 428 (WhatsApp).

It takes around 2.5 - 3 hours (including break time) to transfer from Hanoi Old Quarter to Halong Bay by limousine bus or car. For those who transfer from Hanoi airport, it takes about 3 hours of driving to Halong Bay.

The slowest way is by train (7 hours), while the fastest way is by seaplane (45 minutes).

For further information, let’s check 6 Best Ways to Travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay

Here are the top places to visit on most of the cruises, varying from islets, caves, and beaches, to fishing villages.

  • Titop Island: A famous viewpoint with a panoramic bay view and stunning beach
  • Sung Sot Cave: An amazing cave to admire gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites
  • Ba Trai Dao Beach: A beautifully pristine beach to enjoy swimming and sunbathing
  • Dark & Bright Cave: Top favorite destination to do kayaking in Lan Ha Bay
  • Thien Canh Son Cave: One of the largest limestone caves in Bai Tu Long
  • Vung Vieng Floating Village: A tranquil village known for its serene beauty and pearl farming

There are 2 main ports where most cruises start from Tuan Chau Port and Halong International Port at around 12:00 - 12:30 pm. Additionally, some cruises may depart from Vinashin Port (Hon Gai), Cai Lan, and other ports around Halong City and Hai Phong (50 km).

Tuan Chau Port

Halong International Port


Ngoc Chau, Tuan Chau Island

No. 9 Halong Road, Bai Chay Ward

How to get to

From Van Don Airport: 1.2 hours by car

From Cat Bi Airport: 45 minutes by car

From Hanoi: 2.5 hours by limousine/ car

From Van Don Airport: 1 hour by car

From Cat Bi Aiport: 50 minutes by car

From Hanoi: 2.5 hours by limousine/ car

The overnight cruise usually returns to the port at 11:00 - 11:30 on the last day of the itinerary. You will get to your hotel in Hanoi by 15:30 - 16:00 in the afternoon. 

For the day cruise trip, the disembarkation time is around 16:00 - 17:00 and the drop-off time in Hanoi is approximately 20:00.

Note: If you want to book a flight on the same day, choose a domestic flight after 17:00 and an international flight after 18:00.

Yes, you are allowed to swim in some areas of the bay, specifically:

  • Halong Bay: You can only swim in Titop Island, where most Halong overnight cruises pass by on the first day of the itinerary.
  • Lan Ha Bay: You are freely swum by the overnight anchor point around Ao Ech and Tra Bau Area.
  • Bai Tu Long Bay: Unlucky, swimming is restricted in this area for safety reasons.

Note: Please wear a life jacket if needed and don’t go swimming alone!

All cruises in Halong Bay must have permission from the Management Board to stay overnight in the Bay. Based on the weather predictions (high winds, monsoon, thunderstorm, cyclone, storm...), the Management Board has the authority to cancel all cruises on a certain day to guarantee the safety of tourists.

In those cases, the following policies will be applied for the cruise: 

  • If the cancellation is informed before you leave Hanoi (you have not used any service yet): 100% refund
  • If the cancellation is informed during the trip (you have already used some services: transfer, lunch, day trip, hotel,...): Only the fee of these services will be charged and we will refund the whole remaining amount
  • If the trip is cut down from 3 days/2 nights to 2 days/1 night, we will charge as 2 days/1 night trip, plus other services you have already used, and refund the remaining amount

Important notes:  

  • The cancellation is announced ONLY by the Management Board and often on short notice of time. Therefore your understanding of these situations is highly appreciated.
  • The period from May to July is considered stormy weather in Halong Bay with many unpredictable weather conditions. Hence more cruises will be canceled on short notice during this season.
  • In all cases, please contact our consultants directly for any urgent help. We are here to support you with all of our best!
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Excellent - Chansung L
Phoenix Cruise Full day | 02/12/2023

Just for a day, I was able to visit many famous places in Halong Bay. I'll return for a longer trip in the future. Thanks all the staff for your help.

Excellent - Emmy C
Catherine Cruise 2 Days 1 Nights | 02/12/2023
First time on a brand new cruise

We happened to book this cruise when it had just launched. Everything is luxurious, new, and clean. The service on board was super good. The food also suited my taste.
All in all, it was a good experience in Halong Bay. Highly recommend.

Excellent - Mr.Nick Lim Chen Kai
Elite of the Seas Cruise 2 Days 1 Night | 02/12/2023
Anna is the greatest

Anna provides excellent service that is both flawless and friendly. I can't say enough good things about her. Took care of all of my needs and went above and beyond. Strongly recommended.

Beautiful Bay
Elite Of The Seas Cruise
Excellent - Elodie
Peony Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights | 02/12/2023
Honeymoon goal

Amazing adventure! Everything about our 3D/2N honeymoon was fantastic. Every member of the staff was courteous and professional. The food was delicious. The activities were well-organized and free of tension.
Elvis, the manager, is both helpful and amusing. Maya was our main waiter, and she was fantastic.… More

Excellent - Myung-O
Paradise Grand Cruise 2 Days 1 Night | 02/12/2023
A truly unforgettable experience

The entire group thoroughly enjoyed our time on this excellent trip. When we were about to disembark, I noticed that everyone was getting melancholy.
The food was delicious, and there was plenty to pick from. We were treated with such kindness and affection, and the experience is one I will never forget.… More

Grand Pool
Delicious Soup
Tasty Food
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Ask a Question

Hello. We, a family of 2 adults and 3 kids of 3, 6, and 8 years old, are traveling to Vietnam end of July 2024. We would love to schedule a cruise but we have difficulties finding the right one. Because of our small kids, we would strongly prefer a room for 5 pax. If this is not available we we can consider connecting rooms (internal door, not public hall). We arrive in Hanoi on 27th July and would like to spend 3 days in Hanoi before traveling to Ha Long Bay. We would prefer a 2 nights - 3 days cruise. Hope you can help us choose and follow the reservation.


Hi! We have many options for cruise with family cabins, you may consider some of our top recommended:

Or you can see more option with our selection of family cruise.

1 Reply

Hi, we plan to book a cruise with a transfer from Hanoi. I'm wondering which hotels in Hanoi in the old quarter you pick up from. Is Oriental Suites and Spa on your list? We have not booked a hotel yet. Thanks!


Yes, Oriental Suite is the pickup point. Every hotel in Old Quarter we can pick you up.

1 Reply

Hello! I am planning a trip to Vietnam on 31st January and would like to book your cruise. Both 2d and 3d are okay. Depends on the itinerary. I am traveling with another person and would like to book a twin room with a balcony view. Can you pls share your prices along with the full itinerary? Thanks!

@Martia Fernandez:

We can arrange the twin room for you, however may I know your budget it is better to recommend a right one?

1 Reply

Hi, We will be in Hanoi on 15th Dec. We are 2 people looking for a cruise that can show us all the 3 Bays (Halong Bay, Bai tu long bay and Lan ha bay). Do you have the combination for all the 3?

@James Aaron:

No we dont have any cruise do that. You only can choose 1 of them.

1 Reply

Hi, we're interested in the stunning view from Ti Top. Do you have any cruises that come along with any viewpoint like this? If we want to have a relaxing vacation in Halong Bay, should we avoid going there on the weekend? Thanks!

@Betty Clark:

Hi Betty, we have some cruises that include Ti Top in the program. For instance, Paradise Elegance Cruise (5*), Hermes Cruise (5*), Paradise Sails (4*), and Amethyst Day Cruise (5*).

Please share your budget and preferences, we will consult the best option for you. Normally, weekdays are less crowded than weekends.

1 Reply

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