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Top 10 Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay 2023

As an arc-shape bay in Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay is a perfect less-touristy alternative to Halong Bay. Let's opt for our collection of the best cruise promising you the most memorable voyage.
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Lan Ha Bay current is a new trend of 2023 in Halong Bay because of its beauty and quiet. Cruises in this area focus on luxurious services, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

You can have some refer best cruises for 2023 as below:

Let's book a great one and enjoy your wonderful trip.

There are 3 main reasons you should do a cruise in Lan Ha Bay:

  1. Less touristy: Lan Ha Bay now is a trendy cruising destination in Halong Bay. There are not many cruises in the bay so you will feel peaceful when doing a cruise here.
  2. Focus on safety & luxury services: Most cruise in the area is 4* to 5* and all of them focus on providing luxury services so you don't need to worry about services and facilities quality.
  3. Can include a visit to Cat Ba Island.

Based on the 3 main reasons above I believe you can feel confident to book a Lan Ha Bay cruise now.

Most of the cruises are 4 and 5-star options. However they also provide many different price ranges based on services, facilities, and prices included. Normally the prices are 140 USD - 250 USD per person for a 2 days 1 night cruise and 280 USD - 500 USD for 3 days 2 nights cruise.

Here's the price of 6 best seller cruises in Lan Ha Bay 2023 (price is per person, in USD):

Cruise 2 days 1 night 3 days 2 nights
Mon Cheri US $175 US $337
Scarlet Pearl US $183 US $357
Peony US $158 US $274
Orchid Classic US $183 US $375
Capella US $187 US $355
Sena US $148 US $246

You can go directly to our website, choose your preferred one then put your travel date, and the number of persons, and click "check rate". You will see the final price for your trip.

Lan Ha Bay has become a new trendy place for doing a cruise when traveling to Halong Bay recently. Because of its beauty, nature, and adventure, many new cruises opened.

Compare with Bai Tu Long we please take note few point below:

  1. Lan Ha Bay offers more options for the boat from 3 to 5 stars.
  2. Cruises in Lan Ha Bay are newer and more focused on luxurious services, and facilities than Bai Tu Long Cruise.
  3. Have a chance to include a visit to Cat Ba Island when cruising in Lan Ha.

So based on your preference, you can decide on either Bai Tu Long or Lan Ba Bay.

Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay both located in the Halong Bay complex area. You can have a look at both below:

  • Location: Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay is right next to each other. Halong Bay belongs to Halong city, Quang Ninh province and Lan Ha Bay belongs to Hai Phong City.
  • Landscapes: The scenery of both are beautiful but there are some differences that Halong bay has more famous tourist attractions like Titop Island, Surprising Cave but you will find it pretty crowded here. For Lan Ha bay, this is a less touristy area than Halong bay, the scenery and the places are tranquil. It is more suitable for a relaxing trip and enjoys time at the bay.

Base on your preference you can decide to book a Halong cruise or Lan Ha cruise and enjoy your wonderful holiday.

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Hello! I'm looking for 3 day/2 night cruise for 2 people on march 22. Lan ha bay. Newer cruise. Less than $550, including roundtrip shuttle from hanoi


We current have available Amanda Cruise match with your budget. Please check email for our specail offer.

1 Reply

Hi, I want to try rock climbing during my visit to Lan Ha Bay. Is it available? Also can you suggest some adventurous activities to do apart from kayaking?


On Lan Ha Bay right now we don't have option for rock climbing, you can do that in Hanoi. The trip in Lan Ha Bay is very chill and not so adventure, you might want to visit moutainous area if you want adventure

1 Reply

Hello, I heard that Lan Ha Bay is a good destination for sunbathing. I want to relax on a pristine beach and have a sunbath. I also love taking part in water activities such as snorkelling, kayaking or scuba-diving. When is the best time to do this?


Aug & Sep are best time to enjoy the sun and pristine beach since it not too hot, no rain, no storm.

1 Reply

Hi, planning a Lan Ha Bay tour this year, looking for a private charter, two or three cabin cruise with less than 10 passengers. We want to relax on a private and quiet cruise but also want to have some other guests to socialize with.


How many people total do you have? current we have option with Orchid Premium (5 cabins) this is only 1 offer less cabin.

1 Reply

Hi, I’m interested in booking Scarlet Pearl for our trip in Halong Bay. We go in a group of 5, fly to Hanoi on July 15th. Is Scarlet Pearl available then? Also which cabin is most suitable for us? We want to separate into 2 groups of 3

@Austin Nguyen:

It's depend on your budget for you to spend so that we can. Till now it's still available but please make a quick decision because that's our peak season of domestic

1 Reply