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Top 10 Best Selling Indochina Tour Packages 2024

Having a long holiday but one country cannot satisfy your travel soul? Let's take a look at BestPrice Travel's best suggestions for Indochina tours and plan for a trip to at least two countries in Southeast Asia.

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Excellent - Luvia
Australia Australia
From South Vietnam to North Cambodia 8 days | 24/05/2024
The trip was amazing, we had nothing to worry about throughout the trip.

Hey there! So, let me spill the beans about this epic 8-day trip from South Vietnam to North Cambodia, all thanks to the awesome crew at Best Price Travel. After some solid recommendations from some travel groups, I found BestPrice and Rosie.

Rosie? She's a wizard at planning things. We chatted, she… More

Excellent - Ginny
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Vietnam and Cambodia at a Glance 9 days | 19/05/2024
5-star service

My journey with Best Price Travel was an unforgettable adventure. Thanks to Rosie Nguyen and the entire team, I was able to explore the wonders of Vietnam and Cambodia with ease, knowing that I was in capable hands every step of the way. I wholeheartedly recommend Best Price Travel to anyone seeking… More

Excellent - Eric
France France
Thailand and Vietnam Family Holiday with Kids 2 weeks | 16/05/2024
We and our kids very happy after the tour

Bestprice is hands down the best agency in Vietnam. The entire staff is incredibly responsive, professional, and fluent in both English and French. They offer top-quality service at the best prices, allowing us to enjoy our holidays without worry. We trust Bestprice completely. This is our second time using their services, and we highly recommend Bestprice to everyone!

Excellent - Ms.Pauline C
New Zealand New Zealand
Vietnam Cambodia Thailand at Glance 2 Weeks | 16/05/2024

We just wanted to say that we enjoyed our private tour through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Going privately took all the stress out of our vacation and the tour guides were great. The drivers were also lovely and looked after us so well. Thank you to Best Price Travel and all who put our trip together.

Excellent - Ms.Pauline C
New Zealand New Zealand
Vietnam Cambodia Thailand at Glance 2 Weeks | 15/05/2024

We just wanted to say that we enjoyed our private tour through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Going privately took all the stress out of our vacation and the tour guides were great. The drivers were also lovely and looked after us so well. Thank you to Best Price Travel and all who put our trip together.

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There are climate variations in each country across Indochina due to their location; however, all countries are in the tropical zone, so they feature the same tropical conditions.

If weather is your concern, November to April is the best time for you to travel. It’s still fine if you travel at another time of year since Indochina is a wonderful travel destination with a nice climate all year round:

  • Nov - Apr: These months are ideal for visiting Southeast Asia since the weather is pleasant, cool, and dry, suitable for sightseeing and joining various activities.
  • May - Oct: Though this duration is not the peak season, it’s quite perfect for travelers who are seeking a travel time that is less crowded.

There are 5 countries in Indochina, including Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. 

  • Vietnam: Having an S-shaped strip of land, Vietnam is a perfect destination for foreign travelers with its various rich culture, amazing cuisine, and magnificent landscapes from North to South
  • Thailand: Featuring numerous majestic ancient temples and the most beautiful beaches in the world, Thailand will be a paradise for beach lovers and culture seekers.
  • Laos: Being called the ‘Land of a Million Elephants’, Laos will amaze you with its unspoiled beauty of nature and ethnic villages, especially the most breathtaking waterfalls in Southeast Asia.
  • Cambodia: If you are a nature goer, Cambodia will make you fall in love right at first glance with its lush natural attractions as well as pristine beaches and secluded islands.
  • Myanmar: Myanmar is an amazing place for travelers who are finding exclusive experiences in untouched nature and aim for peace of mind in gorgeous golden Buddhist temples.

If you are a first-timer, Vietnam and Thailand are highly recommended since these countries attract countless tourists to visit yearly with numerous famous spots to explore, and even enable travelers to combine sightseeing tours with beach relaxation.

It’s based on your amount of leisure time to arrange the trip. The ideal duration for you to travel to Indochina should be above 10 days. Have a look at our recommendations below:

  • 10 - 15 days: This period is suitable for discovering two countries. You can choose one of these combinations - Vietnam & Cambodia, Vietnam & Thailand, or Cambodia & Thailand.
  • 15 - 20 days: With less than 20 days, you are free to travel up to 3 countries, including the combos Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos and Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand.
  • Over 20 days: To be able to cover 4 countries on the mainland in one trip, you will need over 20 days to pass by the highlights of each country

You can contact us to customize your trip suited to your budget, demand, and time with professional support from our elite sales team.

For first-time visitors, a 14-day tour to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand can be a suitable option to discover the most outstanding spots in three countries.

You will have a chance to get a glimpse of the culture, history, and natural landscapes in these beautiful countries at only from US $1858 /pax:

Travel Day Highlights
Day 1 - 6

Explore Vietnam - The land of the “Ascending Dragon”:

  • Admire magnificent natural beauty of numerous limestones island & emerald water in the world-heritage Halong Bay on an overnight cruise.
  • Experience ‘the city that never sleeps’ - Sai Gon, and learn about the brutal Vietnam War in Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Find peace of mind by getting on a sampan rowed by locals through beautiful narrow canals of the Mekong Delta
Day 6 - 9

Know more about Cambodia - The “Kingdom of Wonder”:

  • See the attractive lush sceneries during the Siem Reap tour to the most well-known temples, such as Ta Prohm and Angkor Wat
Day 10 - 14

Discover Thailand - The “Land of Smiles”:

  • Immerse in the exquisite architectural beauty of the Grand Palace and ancient Buddhist temples in Bangkok
  • Continue to witness many old temples in Ayutthaya and gain more knowledge about Thailand’s long history

Your demand, interest, and budget will decide how much your Indochina trip will cost. Generally, the daily budget you will have to prepare per travel day is approximately US $80 - 280 /person /day.

Let’s check out our rough estimation of an Indochina trip for a traveler per day (the airfares are excluded), following on which type of class you opt for:

  • Standard Class (2-Star to 3-Star Hotels from US $60 - 110): For an economical trip with low budget
  • First Class (4-Star Hotels from US $120 - 160): For comfortable travel with mid-range cost
  • Deluxe Class (5-Star Hotel from US $180 ++): For a luxurious journey with high expenditure

Take a book at our Top Indochina Tours in 2024:

Indochina Tour Packages Price Per Pax From
Best of Vietnam and Cambodia 15 days US $1296
Highlights of Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand 3 Weeks US $2248
Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos Odyssey 20 days US $2513
Highlights of Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia 15 days US $2178
Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia & Thailand Discovery 21 days US $3318
Sale Support
"Traveling is our passion"
Let us help you plan an unforgettable trip!
Tailor-made your own trip

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Hello this is Scott I live in Chicago and I am interested in your tours to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. We are thinking February, 2025. You offered a 28 day tour to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I am interested in this tour. Our son may be joining us but he could only do two weeks. According to the itinerary the tour would start in Bangkok and at the two week mark would be in Hanoi. He could fly out of Hanoi and my wife and I would continue to the end. Please price at level 4 accommodations and for small group and private. Thank you


Great to welcome you to Indochina, we will send you detail itinerary and price via email.

1 Reply

We are looking for a trip to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia for couple. I'm 35 and my wife is 28 yo. We are thinking about spending our Christmas in Vietnam: Hanoi, Halong, Danang, n Phu Quoc. 5* accommodation. pls send me the price tks


You should spend Christmas night in Hanoi to join the atmosphere at St. Joseph's Cathedral. Our travel consultant will send you the detailed itinerary and the price via your email. 

1 Reply

can I add more free days into our trip to Vietnam and Thailand?


Yes, we can custom more free days on your trip to Vietnam and Thailand. Our travel consultant will assist you in quoting this private tour. 

1 Reply

i'm looking to buy a gift package holiday to asia for a couple they can travel from london UK during our school holidays whilst we watch their kids vietnam, cambodia or thailand any nice deals in asia


Yes you can choose any products from our website as a gift. 

1 Reply

Hi, would like to plan a trip to Southeast Asia, which includes Vietman, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. Duration aprox 3-4 weeks for 4 adults. it would be next year around Sept-Oct Tour how large are the groups? Let’s begin with 4 stars. 


Our group is small max 12 passengers, Myanmar now not recommended to travel so you can visit 3 countries in 3 weeks with our available package:

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