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10 Best Luxury Cruises in Halong Bay 2022

Enjoy the BestPrice Travel's selection of the most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay promises all are at outstanding high-end quality with 5-star standard facilities and services which can satisfy even the most difficult guests.
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Overview of Halong Bay Luxury Cruises

Halong Bay has various types of luxury cruises to meet the needs of every demanding traveler. Beyond the classic route to Halong Bay, you can visit all the secluded parts of the beautiful Bai Tu Long and Lan Ha Bay. There are different lengths from day cruise, 2-day cruise, to 3-day itinerary for you to choose from. 

All of the BestPrice Travel's recommended cruise lines feature the most luxurious or 5-star standard with steel or wooden boat, deluxe cabins (at least 30m2), fully-equipped luxurious facilities & amenities in each stateroom, deluxe bathtub or jacuzzi, high-end private balconies, and most of them have a luxury pool on the sundeck. Some offer luxurious services like unlimited dining experience, private butler, fine dining services, kid corner, etc.

Halong Bay Luxury Cruise


Top 10 Most Luxurious Cruises in Halong Bay 2022

If you are looking for a superb experience in this wonderful natural heritage, here are our recommendations for the 10 most luxury cruises in Halong Bay 2022. Our list of the best luxury ones will satisfy everyone who seeks the first-class Halong cruise experience.


#1 Scarlet Pearl - The Best Luxury Modern Yacht in Lan Ha Bay

Cruise Itinerary: Hanoi - Halong International Port - Lan Ha Bay - Dark & Light Cave - Frog Pond - Ba Trai Dao - Viet Hai Village

Scarlet Pearl must be on the top of mind for those in search of a stylish modern yacht in Halong and Lan Ha Bay. The interior decorations and excellent services on Scarlet Pearl meet the 5-star cruise standards which satisfy all your expectations. 

Luxury cruise features

  • Classy restaurant, bars, and outdoor lounge to serve all day and night
  • Luxury suites are well-equipped with first-class amenities and private terraces overlooking the magnificent seascapes 
  • Wellness spa, massage service, and two outdoor jacuzzis to deeply relax 

Why book with Scarlet Pearl?

  • The only Halong 5-star cruise using Catamaran Sails for the second day of the 3-day itinerary
  • Excellent Pearl Museum to learn about the local pearl production and pick up lovely souvenirs
  • Scarlet Pearl Cruise offers a truly luxurious stay at Halong Bay’s biggest President cabin in 150m2

Luxury Catamaran Boat Sail - Scarlet Pearl Cruise

Catamaran Sails on the 3-day program of Scarlet Pearl


#2 Mon Cheri - The Best Seller Luxury Cruise 2022

Cruise Itinerary: Hanoi - Tuan Chau Port - Lan Ha Bay - Frog Pond - Dark & Light Cave - Viet Hai Village - Van Boi Area

Mon Cheri is known for being the best seller on the top list of 5-star cruises in Halong Bay. Mon Cheri possesses an intricate combination between the European quintessence and authentic Vietnamese design. From the broad view to trivial details, the Mon Chéri luxury cruise in Halong is itself out of the ordinary with state-of-the-art design and professional services.

Luxury cruise features

  • Top-notch sundeck with sun loungers, large jacuzzi, mini golf course, and souvenir corner
  • Luxuriously designed cabins, especially President Suite which is well equipped with a private sun terrace, a jacuzzi, and a massage chair
  • High-class amenities, including an elegant restaurant, bar, gym, and spa room

Why book with Mon Cheri?

  • The first Halong cruise to serve authentic Halal food with a Halal certificate
  • Best luxury cruise to support sustainable tourism, especially local communities and natural ecosystem
  • The most affordable price from US$ 171/pax for a 5-star cruise standard 

Lan Ha Bay view from the jacuzzi - Mon Cheri Cruise

4-season jacuzzi on the sundeck of Mon Cheri


#3 Orchid Classic - The Best Value 5-star Junk Boat

Cruise Itinerary: Hanoi - Tuan Chau Marina - Lan Ha Bay - Dark & Light Cave - Ao Ech Area - Viet Hai Village - Cat Ba Island

Orchid Cruise is one of the best luxury wooden junk designed in aesthetic Asian and state-of-the-art European styles. With the aim of bringing the most nuanced and pleasant overnight stay to all guests, Orchid Classic strives to perfect its products and upgrade all services on board to give true value to each traveler.

Luxury cruise features

  • Each of the 14 high-end staterooms is equipped with a jacuzzi tub and a private balcony overlooking the magnificent bay
  • Modern facilities to enjoy restaurant and bar, outdoor jacuzzi, spa service, and special events onboard
  • Deluxe family suites and kid-friendly menu to bring comfortable stay for family vacations

Why book with Orchid Classic?

  • Small junk boat offering private space and less crowded itinerary to pristine route in Lan Ha Bay
  • Uniquely round-shaped bed in Executive Suite for those in search of romantic ambiance 
  • Truly boutique cruise offering classic design and authentic experiences of local wine tasting

Orchid Cruise In Lan Ha Bay

Enjoy private space on Orchid Classic


#4 Paradise Elegance - The Best Customer Service Luxury Cruise

Cruise Itinerary: Hanoi - Tuan Chau Marina - Halong Bay - Tung Sau Pearl Farm - Ti Top Island - Sung Sot Cave - Cua Van Floating Village

Paradise Elegance is one of the top recommended Halong Bay cruises on Tripadvisor with more than 5,000 excellent reviews. Each luxury suite on Paradise Elegance offers spectacular views of the bay and well-furnished amenities. In every way, Paradise Elegance always treats you to the top-level cruising experience in Halong Bay.

Luxury cruise features

  • A large number of 31 deluxe cabins divided into 4 class suites 
  • Le Piano Lounge with melodious live music and Le Marin Restaurant serving 2-Michelin-starred menus 
  • L’évasion Spa and Sundeck Jacuzzi give the best relaxation and exhilarating treatments after a day excursion

Why book with Paradise Elegance?

  • One of the very few 5-star cruises in Halong Bay offers butler services to bring you the top-notch experience
  • The sumptuous culinary experience of the Canapé during the sunset

Outdoor Jacuzzi - Paradise Elegance

Relax in Outdoor Jacuzzi on Paradise Elegance


#5 Heritage Binh Chuan - The Best Luxury Boutique Cruise 

Cruise Itinerary: Hanoi - Tuan Chau Pier - Lan Ha Bay - Ba Trai Dao - Dark & Light Cave - Viet Hai Village - Cat Ba Island

Designed in traditional boutique decoration, Heritage Binh Chuan features the quintessence of Vietnamese history and culture. With high-end facilities and an attentive crew team, Heritage Cruise promises to ensure the first-class voyage for all types of passengers. In 2022, Heritage Binh Chuan received the TripAdvisor 2022 Travelers' Choice Awards "Best of The Best".

Luxury cruise features

  • Impressive Bach Thai Buoi Library and exquisite Van Don Shop of artisanal items, including silks, pearls, jewelry, and unique souvenirs
  • First-class restaurants and lounges, Bach Dang wine cellar, an ocean-facing gym, and a splendid spa
  • Halong Bay's largest cruise pool with an area of 32m2 and panoramic views 

Why book with Heritage Binh Chuan?

  • A fascinating collection of magnificent arts at the first cruise-ship art gallery and art auction in Vietnam
  • Each cabin is uniquely decorated with distinctive Vietnamese traditional concepts
  • Special Royal Dinner to dine like a King and a Queen in traditional Vietnamese Royal Costumes

Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise Royal Dinner

Experience of luxurious Royal Dinner on Heritage Binh Chuan


#6 Queen Luxury - The Best Day Cruise in Halong

Cruise Itinerary: Hanoi - Halong Bay - Sung Sot Cave - Luon Cave - Titop Island

Queen Luxury Day Cruise is one of the best 5-star Halong Bay day cruises with high-class design, beauty, and safety. With an 8-hour day tour, you can join a great itinerary and high-quality service amidst the natural wonder of Halong Bay. 

Luxury cruise features

  • Spacious restaurants offering sumptuous lunch and great dining services
  • Pretty sundeck where you can enjoy a fun tea party with cakes, fresh juice, and fruits

Why book with Queen Luxury?

  • The best luxury Halong day cruise offers reasonable prices from only US$ 79/pax
  • Demanding itinerary in only 8 hours to get a glimpse of Halong Bay sightseeing

Queen Luxury Cruise Restaurant

Queen Luxury Cruise's restaurant


#7 Athena Luxury - The Best Deluxe Cruise in Bai Tu Long

Cruise Itinerary: Hanoi - Bai Tu Long Bay - Vung Vieng Floating Village - Cong Dam Area - Thien Canh Son Cave

Athena Luxury Cruise is highly recommended for the 5-star experience in Bai Tu Long Bay. Joining an overnight cruise with Athena Luxury, you will get an out-of-the-world experience, from the attentive crew, and deluxe meals onboard to joyful entertainment. On every journey of Anthena Luxury, the cruise staff always assure you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Luxury cruise features

  • Each of the 21 luxurious cabins has a private balcony and complimentary fresh fruits. Especially, the Terrace Suite offers a private sun terrace, a jacuzzi, a wine bottle, and medicines.
  • High-class facilities with neoclassical restaurant, spa and sauna, bars, and coffee lounge

Why book with Athena Luxury?

  • Pristine route to deeply explore the hidden gems of Bai Tu Long Bay
  • Various choices of family suites and kid-friendly services for a family vacation

Athena Luxury Cruise Terrace Suite

Terrace Suite of Athena Luxury


#8 Emperor - The Most Highend Exclusive Cruise

Cruise Itinerary: Hanoi - Tuan Chau Pier - Cua Van Village - Tien Ong Cave - Me Cung Cave

Emperor Cruise was designed with inspiration from the magnificent life of Emperor Bao Dai - the last Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. There are only 8 staterooms in stylishly furnished interiors which were named after the locations related to his lavish lifestyle and empire. Each cabin is meticulously and artistically designed for guests to immerse in the nostalgic atmosphere.

Luxury cruise features

  • A truly boutique cruise featuring hand-made objects d’art decoration, authentic Vietnam art, and a Vietnamese Royal culinary experience
  • A newly built luxury cruise fleet with all the latest safety features
  • 8 luxurious en-suite cabins with private balconies, plus an elegant restaurant, bars, galleries, library, sauna & massage rooms

Why book with Emperor?

  • The first Halong Bay cruise offers a premium package of all-inclusive services without extra costs during your stay
  • A traditional Vietnamese luxury ship with butler service and a maximum capacity of 24 guests
  • Available private charter cruises for the party, one-day excursion, one-, two-, or three-night program

Hue Suite Emperor Luxury Cruise

Opulent amenities of the Signature suite on Emperor


#9 Era - The Best Family Luxury Cruise

Cruise Itinerary: Hanoi - Tuan Chau Pier - Lan Ha Bay - Dark & Bright Cave - Ba Ham Lake - Viet Hai Village

Era Cruises is a 5-star steel cruise with state-of-the-art design and stylish interior decoration to bring you mesmerizing stay in Halong Bay. Known for being the first cruise that has a medical center onboard, Era Cruises offer a kid-friendly menu and passenger safety for the best Halong family vacation.

Luxury cruise features

  • A range of entertainment facilities, including a coffee lounge, signature restaurant, outdoor bars, ocean spa, starry cinema, fitness center, and shop area
  • Each luxury suite offers a private jacuzzi and a private sun terrace

Why book with Era?

  • Spacious Garden-Sea Family Suites with luxury facilities and cozy ambiance
  • The best cruise for honeymoon and couple travel with a uniquely rounded bed

Luxury Era Honeymoon Suite

Romantic set up for Era Honeymoon Suite


#10 Indochine - The Largest 5-star Cruise in Lan Ha Bay

Cruise Itinerary: Hanoi - Tuan Chau Pier - Lan Ha Bay - Dark & Light Cave - Trung Trang Cave

Indochine Cruise is one of the largest cruise ships in Halong and Lan Ha Bay with a total of 43 luxurious cabins in 5 different suite classes. The cruise features a blend of contemporary luxury and traditional Indochinese culture in its concept, cabin decoration, and architectural design.

Luxury cruise features

  • First-class Cochinchine Lounge, An Nam and Tonkin Restaurants, Oriental Spa & Gym, Souvenir Shop, Sundeck Jacuzzi, and Floating Bar
  • All luxurious suites have a private balcony, plus a jacuzzi tub in Indochina, Executive, and President Suite

Why book with Indochine?

  • The pioneer in sustainable tourism to support local communities and the environment

First-class President Suite of Indochine Cruise

First-class President Suite on Indochine


Book the Best Halong Luxury Cruise

Beyond our top 10 recommendations, we have selectively designated a list of the best Halong Bay 5-star cruises for your wonderful vacation. BestPrice Travel has more than 30+ luxury Halong Bay cruises with different style designs, services & facilities, number of cabins.., that definitely can satisfy the most demanding guests.

Let's savor every moment of the cruise journey with the best Halong Bay luxury cruise and book in advance at BestPrice Travel to secure your booking and save money!


Current Halong Bay offered more than 30 luxury cruises with different price ranges, services, and design styles. From boutique-style to modern style, small size to big size, I believe that they can cover all your needs. Below some my recommendation 5* Halong Bay Cruises:

You can refer more option Halong Bay Luxury Cruises at our website

There are many 5* cruises in Halong but not too many luxurious cruises, if you are looking for a very luxurious Halong Bay Cruise, let's try my recommendation below:

Luxury Halong Cruise price between $80 - $120 per person for a luxury day cruise and $150 - $200 per person for a luxury overnight cruise. Price also depends on your travel period, cruise style, cabin types, to get the exact price, please visit our website and choose your preferred cruise, travel date then click check rate, you will see the price of cruise base on different cabin types. You also can send a request rate directly to our email to get helpful support from our travel consultant.

To choose the best luxury Halong Bay cruise that matches your interest among over 30 luxury cruises is not very easy. You will feel very confused because there are many cruises with different price ranges, styles, below are our 4 small tips to help you choose a cruise:

  1. Decide your favorite cruise style: boutique or modern, big or small size, family, friend, or couple cruise.
  2. Estimate your budget and check how much luxury Halong bay cruise price
  3. Check included & excluded from a cruise.
  4. Ask help from a travel consultant is the easiest way to find the best one.
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I got your email from a friend. I am traveling to Halong Bay in October. I wanted to book a travel plan for my family - parents and brother's family. Persons: 6 adults - 3 couples + 2 children (9yr and 6 yrs). Hanoi and Halong Bay. A 2N/3D all-inclusive cruise option. In Halong bay - pls do include activities that children can do and parents can too. included on the cruise. We want a luxury cruise. Please share the options available for these dates.


Thanks for contacting us.

We have many options for a 5* cruise, since you have children so you can try the Orchid Trendy which offer the kid conner or the small pool. When do you plan to travel?

1 Reply

Is there a way to see the menus for any of the cruises? We would love to have a look at the cuisines served on board.

@Mr Eden:

Most cruise have their own menu, please check your refer one the we can send you detail.

1 Reply

I am looking a luxury cruise with good vegetarian or Halal food. Do you have any recommendation?


Current there is only Mon Cheri Cruise offer the Halal food in Halong Bay. If you only need vegetarian food we can give you more option like Scarlet Pearl or Orchid that also available good menu for vegetarian. When do you plan to travel?

1 Reply

hi, which one is the biggest and safest cruise ship in halong bay. we are a group of 6. what would you recommend 1 or 2 nights cruise. what is the differnce with one and two nights itirenary.?


To find the biggest and safeest you can have look at Scarlet Pearl, Indochine Cruise... If you have more time you should do 2 nights program that provide you more activities and discover in deep to Halong. The main different between 1 night and 2 night is the activities on 2nd day. You can do more kayaking, swimming, biking...

1 Reply

Please advise if Sep is a good month to go, especially for activities like swimming and kayaking? We plan to arrive Hanoi in late Sep and want to book a 2d1n Luxury Halong bay cruise for our family, can you recommend a cruise with free kayaking and transfer? Thank you


Sorry, current we don't have any cruise that offer FREE transfer but most of them are included kayaking. Sep is good month to travel because it almost end the rainy month and a lot of sun. 

1 Reply