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THE 10 BEST Halong Bay Junk Boats 2023

Featuring the distinctive design, wooden junk cruises give you the authentic classic experience in Halong Bay. Here is the worth-trying Halong Bay Junk boat for you to admire at the natural heritage.
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An overview of Halong Bay wooden junks

It is the fact that finding high-quality wooden junk in Halong Bay is really hard at present. The reason for this matter is because of the trend of making steel boats in the Bay. Cruises made by steel are bigger, more stylish, and modern, become really hot for traveling in Halong and Lan Ha Bay which makes many people gradually forget about the existence of wooden junks.

Most of the wooden junks in Halong Bay were launched in the last decade, at the early of cruising services in Halong Bay. There are new boats, of course, but just a very modest number as the steel junks are dominating in the bay right now. If you want to travel Halong Bay in the classic way, a wooden junk must be the best choice. The majority of these boats are budget cruises with 3 – 4-star service standards and you can easily book one for a 2d1n or 3d2n cruise trip at reasonable prices (only from US $120/person). In addition, there are also options for day cruises in Halong Bay which starts from about US $60/person for a 5-hour tour.

There is no worry about the quality of services of those Halong Bay wooden junks as they all have many years of experience in the bay with well-trained staff. Also, you don’t have to concern about the safety of the wooden boats here as all the junk are maintained periodically at least once or twice a year, and only boats which are recognized as meeting the government’s safety standard allowed to travel in the Bay. In addition, although the wooden junks are small, cannot afford too many functions as the steel boats, they still can provide perfectly the comfort full-amenities cabins, delicious meals, and all the must-try activities such as sightseeing, swimming, kayaking, and night squid fishing.

While most of the new steel cruises traveling through Halong to Lan Ha Bay – a new hot travel route these years, wooden junks mostly travel in Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay which means you have 2 main options of itinerary: classic and off-the-beaten-track ones. The classic itinerary is ideally suitable for first-time travelers coming to Halong Bay which allows you to visit the most popular attractions here such as Titop Island, Sung Sot Cave, and Dark & Light Cave. Some most popular cruise names traveling the classic route are Aphrodite Cruise, Paradise Peak Cruise, and Indochina Sails. On the other hand, when you choose the off-the-beaten-track that means you will have a chance to explore the unspoiled beauty of the bay as the cruise will take you to travel deeply from Halong Bay to the remote area of Bai Tu Long Bay. There are many popular wooden junks follow this route that can be mentioned such as Swan Cruise, Paloma Cruise, Emperor Cruise, and Heritage Line Jasmine Cruise.

If you are a fan of classic style and expect a remarkable cruise trip with a rustic wooden boat, just book one of the above cruises, they all are the best junks in Halong Bay and promise for a perfect cruising experience.


Based on the star rating of the cruise, facilities, and services, here are the best-recommended junk boat cruise in Halong Bay following each demand:

  • Most Luxurious: Emperor Cruises
  • Most recommended: Orchid Classic Cruise - 5-star cruise provides fewer cabins with acceptable price
  • The best choice for Bai Tu Long: Signature Royal Cruise
  • Budget cruise: Majestic Cruise

For more options, you can refer to our selective list of the 10 best Halong Bay Junk Boats

The most luxurious junk boat in Halong Bay is Emperor Cruises for its great facilities and only 10 private cabins. Furthermore, Emperor cruise provides massages and saunas, gym services without fee.

There are different prices for Halong Bay Junk Boat based on the number of days, cruise star rating, and the number of private cabins:

  • 5-star cruise:

- 2 days 1 night: from $142/pax to $435/pax

- 3 days 2 nights: from $274/pax to $659/pax

  • 4-star cruise:

- 2 days 1 night: from $147/pax to $442/pax

- 3 days 2 nights: from $253/pax to $904/pax

  • 3-star cruise:

- 2 days 1 night: from $125/pax to $139/pax

- 3 days 2 nights: from $220/pax to $233/pax

This is the list of best private junk boat which is suitable for each demand:

  • Best service: Swan Cruise
  • Best choice for budget: Dragon Pearl Junk
  • Best schedule: Oriental Sails
  • Most spacious: Aclass Legend Cruise
  • Most romantic: Phoenix Cruise

Besides, you can refer to BestPrice Travel's list of the 10 best private junk boat in Halong Bay.

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Questions & Answers (4)

Ask a Question

I would like to do a 3-day two-night cruise on a junk boat next - we are three adults and we require two rooms. Please let me know what is available. Thanks, Lisa

@Lisa Wegner:

We have many option junk available on that date, may i know your budget so can suggest you the best one.

1 Reply

This is Virtuoso travel consultant Craig Buck with Travel Masters, in the United States. I have a family of 5 (2 adults, 2 teenagers, 1 eleven year old) that would like to book a one or two night, private junk trip in Halong Bay. They are staying at the Metropole in Hanoi the nights of December 20 and 21. They would like to take the junk trip from December 22 to 23, or 24. Can you please provide us with information on availability and rates? We understand this is a very busy time for the junk cruises and wish to have something confirmed for these clients as soon as possible.

@Craig Buck:

Current most private junk are sold out on period between 21 - 24 Dec. We have some option for join small boat and will send you via email.

1 Reply

Hello, My name is Andrew, from Australia. I am organising a trip to Vietnam and we are interested in a private charter boat for 2 nights. Check in 19 May, check out 21 May 2022. It is for 6 males, therefore we require 6 x beds. 3 x cabins would be sufficient. We would like to be able to do some kayaking and snorkelling. We would like to be able to drink alcohol on board (happy to bring our own if that is permitted). Can you please provide some options, availability and costs? If you need any further information, please let me know. Thank you Andrew


As your request for a Private Charter Cruise on Halong for 3 days 2 nights on 19th May 2022 – 21st May 2022, I check the availability for you, and luckily I found the private cruise is still available on your expected date with Bhaya Legend Halong.

For your question please find the answer below:

-        Wine: If you want to bring wine or some drinks of your own (not included in our itineraries) you should pay surcharge for the corkage fee upon your request. Bottle of wine/ vodka: fee at $15 per bottle

-        Activities:

o   Kayaking is included in the cruise’s rate.

o   Snorkeling is also served on the cruise for an extra charge.

Please check all information above and get back to me soonest. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

1 Reply

Is there any junk boat available now? I heard that there is only some big boats operating. I plan to go on May 1.


Unluckily just a few cruises are operating now to serve Vietnamese customers. And we mostly prefer big boats so there is no small junk boat run at moment. Until May we have no information yet. We will keep updated if there is any change.

1 Reply