10 Best Mekong Cruises to Vietnam and Cambodia 2023

Cruising through Vietnam Cambodia brings the best river view with paddy fields, fruit orchards, daily life of the locals. See our top recommended cruises for your unforgettable trip.
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Mekong Cruises from Vietnam to Cambodia offer 2 different directions: upstream (from Vietnam) or downstream (from Cambodia). Some people prefer downstream cruises because of flight to Siem Reap is easier to find and book. So it depends on your plan and available tickets you can choose any direction because they offer similar experiences and visiting places. 

Each country offers a different visa policy, for the cruise between Vietnam and Cambodia, we will separate to two different routes:

  • Upstream: You can get both Vietnam & Cambodia visas on arrival with an approval letter for Vietnam and pay stamp fees at the airport or river border.
  • Downstream: You can get a Cambodia visa on arrival when you arrive for a Vietnam visa (since you could not get a visa on arrival at the border, so you need to make a visa before arriving). We could support you to do an urgent visa at Vietnam Embassy in Cambodia with fees of 85 USD if you don't have a visa before arriving.

I hope this information will help you to know how to do it or please contact our travel consultant if you need more help.

There are nearly 20 cruises in the Mekong River run between Vietnam & Cambodia from budget to luxury options. The best cruise is depend on your wish, below is some of my suggestion:

  • Best boutique Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia: Jayavarman Cruise (Price from $300++/person/night)
  • Best Luxury cruise: Aqua Mekong Cruise (price from 900++/person/night)
  • Best value cruise: RV Mekong Prestige II Cruise (price from 300 ++/person/night)

I hope you can find your best option or contact our travel consultant to find a suitable one.

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I want to find a Mekong cruise tour for 4 nights with the price around $1.200/pax for 3 adults. Travel time is on the 30th Dec. Can you help me find a suitable one?


No we sold out all.

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I am interested in booking a tour that includes a 4-day Mekong boat trip from Vietnam to Cambodia in April 2024. Specifically, I am looking for a boat that can accommodate two people and offers a range of onboard facilities. Could you please recommend a suitable cruise for me? I would appreciate it if you could send the information to my email.


We have sent you  option please check.

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Please give me the recommendations for the Mekong Cruise for a group of 6 friends, we want to join the cruise departing from Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia (both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap will be ok). Time traveling is around 7 days, the cruise has comfortable accomodation and nice services. thanks


Hi Chase, you can consider one of the following options:

  • Heritage Line Cruises 8 days: HCM - Siem Reap (5 stars)
  • RV Mekong Princess/ Victoria Mekong Cruise 5 days: HCM - Phnom Penh (5 stars)
  • Toum Tiou I Cruise 8 days: HCM - Siem Reap (4 stars)
  • Mekong Eyes Explorer 4 days: HCM - Phnom Penh (4 stars)

Please give me your budget and travel date, we will find the best cruise to meet your needs.

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Hello! We are finding information for a river cruise inquiry for May 2024. We are interested in a 6-day cruise from Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap for 4 elderly. Our budget is approximately $US 2.500 per person. Based on our preferences, can you help recommend suitable cruise options and provide information about prices for us?


Hi, we have many options for the Ho Chi Minh - Siem Reap cruise itinerary, such as Heritage Line Jayavarman (From US $2099/pax) and Heritage Line Jahan (From US $2434/pax). However, this route usually takes you 8 days. Please consider your travel plan and budget.

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Hi, we are a senior couple and truly eager to explore Cambodia from Vietnam through the Mekong River. We decided to reach Vietnam on January 22, 2024, and spend a few days exploring Hanoi + Ho Chi Minh (we have not decided on the number of days, will clarify after have the date for the Mekong Cruise departure time). Therefore, can you suggest some ideal Mekong cruises that suit my time to reach Cambodia (Siem Reap or Phnom Penh are both ok), we feel satisfied with 4-5 days onboard. Gratefulness and wishes u all the best!


It is great to operate Vietnam & Cambodia both land / cruise for you. We have option land from Hanoi to Saigon then cruising to Phnom Penh and heading to Siem Reap about 18 days is it possible for you?

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