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Main attractions in Hoi An are Japanese Covered Bridge, Tra Que Village, Night Market, Fujian Assembly Hall

Best time to visit this nice town is between April and September. The weather is nice but it can come up with some sudden storms or typhoons.

There are several ways to reach Hoi An: Train or car. There is no airport in Hoi An, so you can take a flight to Danang, then get road transfer to Hoi An. 



With a rich and unique local culture and cuisine, you had better to book a tour in advance to be introduced in the most specific and detailed way by a local guide.

You should spend more than 2 nights in Hoi An. An night to experience the night market and rest of the time to visit the beaches and other nice places in Hoi An

Hoi An is blessed with beautiful beaches so that will the best if you can spend few days at a nice beach hotel or resort here.

Various Historical Sites that make up the unique heritage of Hoi An:

- Fukian Assembly Hall (Phuc Kien)

- Cantonese Assembly Hall

- Quan Kong Temple

- Chaozhou Hall (Trieu Chau)

- Japanese Covered Bridge

- The Old House of Tan Ky

- The Old House of Phung Hung

To give you the unique insight to local life and experience eco tour, you can discover Cam Thanh Fishing Village, Tra Que Vegetable Village, Tra Nhieu Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Hoi An is one of few cities to remain Vietnam cultural history. We recommend you have at least 1 day to join this itinerary: Life as a Farmer in Cam Thanh village.

Unique and miraculous things to explore when you set foot in each of the villages: Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Tra Que Herb Village,Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Phuoc Kieu Bronze Casting Village