Hoi An Weather in March: Temperature & Things to Do

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Hoi An weather in March is pleasant for walking, cycling, and exploring the city. There are also several meaningful festivals that you can celebrate with the locals. Let's explore the Hoi An weather in March in this article.

Hoi An is a hot destination in Vietnam that is loved by many international tourists. Tourists love travelling to Hoi An because of the tranquil atmosphere as well as friendly people and pleasant weather. Hoi An has two main seasons: dry season and wet one. March is the dry season, whose weather in Hoi An is pleasant for your trip.


Hoi An weather in March

March is the first month of the spring, and it is the month of the dry season, so it is still warm and the humidity is low. Along with February and April, March is also the best month to travel to Hoi An. The weather is still kept at a comfortable level. 

There is a significant change in temperature compared to February when it increases and fluctuates from the lowest of 21°C (70°F) to the highest of 28°C (82.4°F). Additionally, the humidity is still at the top level around 86%.

With a rainfall of 30mm, March has the lowest rainfall in the entire year. And the number of rainy days is small, just 5 days in the month. You can see the sun for 8 hours per day. The pleasant temperature makes March the perfect time to explore the city.

Hoi An weather in March


Pros: the weather is so pleasant. It’s so cool and dry, which makes that’s really ideal for outdoor activities and beach sports. You can plan for doing any activity you want, and visiting any place you love. In March, it will not be too cold so you don’t have to bring many warm clothes, and not too hot to be burned under the sun. Another advantage when travelling during the high season is that you will never get any tour cancellation just because they can’t have enough people for that tour or activity. It would be great trouble if you have a last-minute cancellation, and can’t find an alternative.

Cons: Coming to any tourist destination during its peak season, there’s always a lot of people coming too, and on average, the service prices are higher than the other time of the year. If you want to come in March, besides the fact that you will have to pay a higher price for the same accommodation or service, you will also have to deal with the situation of the shortage of transportation if you can’t book it in advance. All the famous restaurants will also be full of people all the time, and it’s hard too to take perfect pictures in that crowd.


Things to do in Hoi An in March

In fact, March is a great month to walk around the Old Town. What could be more interesting than visiting famous attractions such as the 400-year old Japanese Covered Bridge, Phuc Kien Assembly Halls, and the local fish market?

Due to low rainfall, you can comfortably sit along the riverside areas in the early morning to wait for the sunrise, as well as spend time on the white sandy beaches. 

Cycling around the city is also not a bad choice. The spring breeze flows over the field, and the pleasant sun shines all over the city creating impressive scenery. Just hire a bike and cycling around, you will surely miss that experience a lot when you come back home.

Additionally, Hoi An is also famous for its superb street food. It will be a big mistake if you don't try local street food when travelling to Hoi An. There are some famous street dishes loved by foreigners such as Banh Mi Hoi An (Hoi An bread), Com Ga Hoi An (Hoi An chicken rice), Banh bao banh vac (white rose dumpling), etc. Let's give it a try and you will certainly love all of them.

Taste Hoi An chicken rice

Taste Hoi An chicken rice



In March, there are many events and festivals that the locals celebrate, starting with the whale worshipping ceremonies that take place along the coastline. This month is also the after-Tet time, there are a lot of spiritual events and festivals all over the country. There’s no exact date for these events because they take place depending on the lunar calendar, but Hoi An in March still brings a really festive vibe that you can feel immediately when you arrive.

There are other activities that you can do while you stay here, including private cooking lessons, market boat tour, bicycle and motorbike ride… All are fun and exciting to explore because the Hoi An temperature in March is so perfect for it.


Tips for travelling Hoi An in March

  • It will not be too cold, but you should bring a few warm clothes to use when the temperature drops low at night and early morning.
  • Air tickets, accommodations, tour packages should be booked as soon as possible, and at least 2 weeks before the trip. If you want to stay in the famous resorts or hotels of Hoi An, maybe you have to book months in advance.
  • March is a perfect time to go biking around Hoi An because of the ideal weather, don’t miss this amazing activity.
  • It’s better to book Hoi An tours with the local travel agents. They always have good deals to offer you, and especially when you can’t book some activities or accommodations by yourself, try contacting them and they can get all services for you.

In conclusion, Hoi An temperature in March is so great for travelling and sightseeing activities. Why don't you prepare for your Hoi An trip from now? 

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