Hoi An Weather & Temperature in June: Best Things to Do

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June is summertime in Hoian, and the Ancient Town is bestowed with clear, sunny skies. It is time for beach relaxation and many other water activities. If your holiday is in June, do not hesitate to come to visit Hoian. This city in June is more beautiful than any other place in the country. Keep reading this article: Hoi An Weather & Temperature in June to find useful information for your holiday.


Hoi An weather in June

If you vacation in Hoi An during June, you are likely to find that it can be sweltering as the weather in Hoian can be summarized as very hot and damp.

Temperature: The average high temperature is 38oC degrees Celcius while the average how temperature is 25oC. The average temperature of this month is 30oC.

Rainfall: The rainfall is typically spread over 14 days. Throughout June, 99mm of precipitation is accumulated. 

Daylight: June has the longest days of the year in Hoi An, with an average of 13 hours of daylight.

Sunshine: If you enjoy looking at a blue sky and like sunbathing then this month is a good period to visit Hoi An. It has 240 hours of sun.

Sea temperature: The average sea temperature in June is 30oC.

Humidity: The humidity is 69%

Hoi An Weather in July


Pros: blue sky, less rain will surely bring you a nice memorable trip with great photos. June also is a low season tourist, hotel room & services are good for you to travel.

Cons: There are no special events or festivals in June. Also, hot weather might influent your travel experience.


Things to do in Hoi An in June

Check-in at Japanese Covered Bridge

Japanese Covered Bridge, as its name, is a temple located on a bridge in the old town. This bridge crosses a small canal and was built in the early 17th century. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of modern Hoi town, the Japanese Covered Bridge has witnessed many historical and cultural events, it is proof of the interference of different cultures. The b is the bridge becomes the symbol of Hoian. The image of the bridge was printed on the back of the VND 20,000 polymer banknote. Therefore, do not miss your chance to visit this bridge and check in here.

Japanese covered bridge

Japanese covered bridge


Phuc Kien Assembly Hall

Located at 46 Tran Phu Street, Phuc Kien Assembly Hall used to be a small shrine worshipping the statue of Thien Hau Thanh Mau (the goddess who blesses merchants to overcome the ocean waves), which was picked up by the people on the beach in 1697. Through many restorations, with the main contribution of overseas Chinese in Fujian state, the assembly hall became more and more brilliant and spacious. Every year, on Nguyen Tieu (January 15 of the lunar calendar), Via Luc Tanh (February 16 of the lunar calendar), Via Thien Hau (March 23 of the lunar calendar), etc. many festival activities take place at the Phuc Kien Assembly Halls, which attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to participate.


Explore Cham Islands

Cham Island is a cluster of 8 islands that is an attractive destination for eco-tourism, snorkelling, and diving…Coming here in June, you will be impressed by the blue calm sea, fine white sand, warm sunshine, and charming wild. In Cu Lao Cham, there is a hundred-year-old Hai Tang Pagoda that worships the spirituality of fishermen on the island, an ancient Champa well that once provided water for the whole island, the Live Stream that carries the meaning of greatness to the people living on the island, Tan Hiep rural market with many souvenirs, dried seafood caught by local fishermen. Besides swimming, you can also snorkel to see the beautiful coral reefs here.

Cham Island

Cham Island


Relax at Cua Dai beach

Located about 5 km from the center of Hoian ancient town, Cua Dai beach possesses fine white sand, blue water, and romantic oil lamps at night. During the daytime, the beach is the place where interesting & fun activities take place. In the morning, get up early, watch the sunrise, walk on the sand beach is great. In the evening, watching the sunset in the red and pink sky is nothing more wonderful. Cua Dai beach is also a place where fish and shrimp are abundant, prepare yourself a fishing rod and some bait for entertainment.


Tips for travelling Hoi An in June

To avoid the high price for traveling in peak season, it is highly recommended to book flight tickets, accommodations in advance. By booking a package tour to Hoian, you can save a lot of money. Moreover, the travel consultant is always available if you need any help and will be able to give you advice on what to do, where to eat in your free time.

What to pack?

  • Sandals, Rain boots
  • Sunscreen lotion, Sunglasses
  • If you're going to the beach, bathing suits, swimwear
  • Waterproof luggage that you don't mind ruining
  • Raincoat, Umbrella
  • Skirts, Short sleeve shirts, Dresses, Shorts

You have just reviewed all detail of Hoian weather in June and hope it could help you decide to travel or not. If you are looking for Hoi An tours, please do not hesitate to contact our travel consultant or visit our website.

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