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The 10 BEST Halong Bay Small Boat Cruises 2022

It's more enjoyable to embark a small boat cruise because you can get out of the hustle and more relaxed time. Let's have a go for Small Boat Cruise to enjoy your mesmerizing time in Halong Bay.
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An overview of Halong Bay small boat cruises

Most of the tourists who choose to travel Halong Bay with small boat cruises are expected to have a short quiet and tranquil holiday on the sea. These small boats have only a few cabins (below 15 cabins) with the limited occupation. Besides, most of the small boat cruises are traveling from Halong Bay to Bai Tu Long Bay – which is considered as an off-the-beaten-track travel route to different less touristic areas in Bai Tu Long.

With its advantages, small boat cruises are a good choice for elder tourists or couples who prefer silence throughout their trip or couples who need more privacy and a big crowded boat cannot satisfy them. Of course, despite the modest size, these small cruise boats still can offer their guests all their basic needs like a comfortable sleeping cabin (usually included a soft bed, an air-conditioner, a full amenities bathroom with hot water always available), a cozy restaurant serving tasty meals, a large sundeck for sunbathing and early morning Tai Chi Class. And these things are not all that a small boat in Halong Bay can bring to you.

Most of the small size cruises have 3 – 4-star standard, some popular brands that can be mentioned are Swan Cruise, Signature Cruise, and Dragon Pearl Junk. Meanwhile, these budget small cruise boats are sold at quite low prices (only from US $155) and provide deluxe services as mentioned above, there are a few luxury cruises with small size traveling in the bay. However, these rare cruises can afford outstanding services with the extraordinary high-end standard. For example, the Emperor Cruise is a 5-star Halong small boat with the capacity of only 8 cabins but each cabin is very large (48m2 at least) and equipped modern facilities. The life of tourists on the Emperor is described as the royal life and all the guests are like kings and queens. You have to pay high for one night on Emperor Cruise (about US $344/person), but in exchange, you will receive a fancy room, private butler, and can enjoy the services on-deck unlimitedly without no extra bill at the end of the cruise trip. Some other options for luxury small boat cruise you can find in Halong are Heritage Line Ginger Cruise, Y Lang Cruise, Paradise Peak Cruise, Valentine Premium Cruise, and Heritage Line Violet Cruise. In addition, if you are willing to pay more for a charter with luxury accommodation, high-end services, and perfect privacy, there are many private small cruises providing only 1-2 cabins available to choose.  

In general, if you prefer a peaceful trip on the sea with a quiet cruise, high privacy, and a tranquil travel route, book a small boat cruise in Halong Bay may be a good idea as it can definitely satisfy far more your expectation.

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