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Seeking for a wonderful offer for a trip to Vietnam? Check out and don't miss your chance to get the best and exclusive deals of BestPrice Travel for Vietnam tours!

Highlights of Vietnam 12 days
113 reviews
Vietnam Essential 10 days - Small Group Tour
46 reviews
Best of Vietnam and Cambodia 15 days
74 reviews
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Top Vietnam Travel Destinations

Hanoi Tours
206 itineraries
Halong Bay
Halong Bay Tours
175 itineraries
Hoi An
Hoi An Tours
72 itineraries
Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City Tours
143 itineraries
Hue Tours
48 itineraries
Sapa Tours
35 itineraries
Nha Trang
Nha Trang Tours
27 itineraries
Ninh Binh
Ninh Binh Tours
22 itineraries
Da Nang
Da Nang Tours
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Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta Tours
114 itineraries
Da Lat
Da Lat Tours
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Frequency Ask Questions

There are different price ranges for the Vietnam tours between the US $60 - $150 per person per day included tour guide, hotel, entrance fee, meals ... The exact price will depend on your travel date, durations, hotel class, and destination... you can have some refer tour prices below:

  • Vietnam tour 6 days: from the US $399/person
  • Vietnam tour 8 days: from the US $522/person
  • Vietnam tour 10 days: from US $799/person included domestic flights
  • Vietnam tour 12 days: from $812/person include domestic flights
  • Vietnam tour 15 days: from $966/person included domestic flights

To get the exact price please send us an email then our travel consultant will get back to you with an attractive offer.

Yes, Vietnam is really safe country for tourists to travel. To understand why we said that Vietnam is safe for you, please review 4 reasons below:

  1. Vietnam's politics is stable, there is only 1 party, no violence, protests, extremist organizations ...
  2. Follow records of Vietnam police: there are rarely of muggings, robberies, or sexual assaults in public.
  3. Scams or hassles sometimes happen in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Nha Trang but it is under control by Government and become betters.
  4. Vietnamese people are friendly, sociable, and willing to help, so you will feel very safe when traveling here.

Trust me you will have a wonderful trip to Vietnam, let's book the tour now.

When planning a tour to Vietnam most of you will wonder when is the best time to travel, let's review with us to find a suitable time for you:

  • The best month to travel to Vietnam are Mar, Apr, Sep, and Oct, this time the weather is dry & cool, suitable for all travel activities. Let read more detail in best time to visit Vietnam.
  • The best time to enjoy the Vietnam beach vacation is Jun & July which offers sunny at most beach cities in Vietnam.
  • The best time to see the golden rice field in September to mid-Oct which is sunny, dry, and a bit hot. You will have a chance to see wonderful scenery and beautiful photo.

Let's find a suitable time for you to experience Vietnam in different weather, different activities.

Vietnam tour price for a week is between the US $60 - $150 per person per day included tour guide, hotel, entrance fee, meals ... It offers you some different option 7 days itineraries and prices:

  • Northern, Southern, or Center part tour price is about: US $419/person for 3-star hotels.
  • All Vietnam 7 days itinerary included domestic flight, price is about the US $598/person.

This is for your reference to have a quick understanding of how much a week Vietnam tour price is. To get an exact quotation please contact our travel consultant who can provide you a detailed itinerary, price, and inclusion of your family trip.

Vietnam tours offered different durations between 6 - 21 days, so depending on your available time for your vacation, you can plan the trip to Vietnam. Let's review our option Vietnam tour itineraries below:

  • 4- 6 days spend on who has a short holiday, you can plan a short trip to 1 part of Vietnam like the northern, southern, or center.
  • 7 - 10 days: you can plan an itinerary that covers from 2 - 3 parts of Vietnam with domestic flights.
  • 11 - 15 days can cover all highlight parts of Vietnam with a short day relax on the beach.
  • Over 15 days for those who want to discover Vietnam more deeply into the untouched areas or stay longer in each place.
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Vietnam Travel

Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia with thousands of years of history, various cultures, majestic natural scenery, and hospitable locals. However, self-traveling in Vietnam is always a big challenge with foreign visitors as the language barrier is not easy to pass, and public transport is on the way to developing. Therefore, to have the perfect time in Vietnam, finding the bestVietnam Tours is the first choice for most tourists.

The highlight of Vietnam tour itinerary

Depends on each visitor’s demand, there are many choices for packaged tours in Vietnam, from budget to luxury ones, private or small group tours, adventure or family packages, etc. Due to your own needs, you can find the best tour in Vietnam easily.

Various Vietnam tour itineraries

Looking for a perfect Vietnam itinerary suitable for a travel plan is what most tourists are looking for. Base on your preference, you can easily find and choose itinerary by area, tour style, budget... With a short duration between 4 - 8 days, you can choose the north tours, central tours, or south tours. You can choose a combined trip to Vietnam - Cambodia or Vietnam Cambodia, Thailand for the longer itinerary.

Vietnam trekking tours

Vietnam trekking tours

4 - 8 days itineraries are enough to visit a part of North, Central, or South Vietnam. It is suitable for Asia tourist who normally plans a short vacation and easy to come back and do another part.

Completed Vietnam itineraries 9 - 15 days are perfect for those who want to dive deep into the history, culture, the beauty of Vietnam. You also can combine different travel styles like discover local cultures, beach relaxation, food adventure...

Complete Vietnam Itinerary

Complete Vietnam Itinerary

Combined country itinerary 15 - 25 days are made for those who want to have multiple countries to see different cultural between them.


Wide range of Vietnam Tour price

You can choose the best tour itinerary based on your plan and choose the touring class that fits your budget. There are hundreds of itineraries that provide varied service standards at different prices range from budget to luxury, from a small group to private. 

Normally the price of Vietnam package tours is between US $74 - US $150 person/ day depending on tour class, tour types, and hotel class.

Vietnam sightseeing tour

Vietnam sightseeing tour

Price of the 10 best Vietnam tours 2021

Tour NameTour Typesclass of services
3* Hotels4* Hotels5* Hotels
Highlights of Vietnam 12 daysSmall-GroupUS $886US $1106US $1495
Best of Vietnam 15 daysSmall-GroupUS $1047US $1329US $1857
Vietnam Like a Local - Private Tour 14 daysPrivate TourUS $1238US $1498US $1994
Best of Northern Vietnam 6 daysSmall-GroupUS $449US $568 
Real Taste of Vietnam 13 daysFood ToursUS $1391US $1626US $2103
Highlights of Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand 19 daysSmall-GroupUS $1942US $2202 
Best of Vietnam and Cambodia 15 daysSmall-GroupUS $1385US $1634US $2152
Vietnam Essential 10 days - Small Group TourSmall-GroupUS $888US $1051US $1436
Deep insight Vietnam 18 daysAdventure ToursUS $1414US $1755 
Best of South Vietnam 5 daysSmall-GroupUS $347US $416 


How to book your best Vietnam Tour

To book the best Vietnam tour with BestPrice Travel, you can choose your favorite itinerary then click "send inquiry" to send your order and wait for the quotation, consultancy, and guidance from your personal travel consultant.

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Questions & Answers(10)

Ask A Question
Asked by Robert, January 12, 2021
Good Morning. I am very interested in your Vietnam tours, could you please supply dates when the tours are available, during my nature of work, I work overseas so I am looking to depart on or around the following dates, departing from Heathrow On or around the 2nd April 21
BestPrice, January 12, 2021
@Robert: We havent provide date for 2021 yet because we not sure when Vietnam is open after COVID. if you take a private tour, any date is available.
Asked by Kevin jackson, January 04, 2021
Ideal trip would be 20 to 28 people all from same college. West Point. I have been to vietnam many times but group will becfirst time. Desire Sgn, 2 day mekong visit with chu chu tummel visit, 2 nts nha trang 3 nts hoi an and Hue, 2 nt halong bay, two nts hanoi, 2 nts sapa, train one way and bus one way
BestPrice, January 04, 2021
@Kevin jackson: Thanks for contacting us to plan your group trip to Vietnam. We will send you detailed program and price via email, please check.
Asked by Randy Kilgore, December 30, 2020
I have worked with Jenny several times in the past years and am very happy with her and you're company.I am set to arrive in Bangkok on 1/15/21 and would like to know if there are travel options to VN direct from Bangkok for 3-4 weeks.
BestPrice, December 30, 2020
@Randy Kilgore: Current Vietnam hasn't opened immigration for traveling yet. So I am afraid that you could not enter Vietnam on 15 Jan 2021.
Asked by Lee Turnbull, December 23, 2020
Could you please create an itinerary for us that would enable us to see the best of what Vietnam has to offer? We would love to experience the culture, customs, and food of your country. We would prefer 4-star hotels and could you also provide details of all meals.
BestPrice, December 23, 2020
@Lee Turnbull: We offer many Vietnam tours with different travel styles from budget to luxury, long to short. I am not sure which kind of tour do you prefer. May I have more information about your travel plan: 1. How long do you plan to travel to Vietnam? 2. How many people are there in your group? You also can look at our 10 recommend tours at https://www.bestpricetravel.com/vietnam-tours/best-tours
Asked by Pieter Breytenbach, December 16, 2020
I need a Vietnam package for us two, with all flights from South Africa too, where ever included and transfer. For as many as possible nights over there. My budget is R10000per person. Thank you and hope you guys can come up with a nice package. thank yous
BestPrice, December 16, 2020
@Pieter Breytenbach: We have an "Essence of Northern Vietnam 8 days" tour with a price start of 552 USD per person to match your interest but haven't included a return flight from South Africa yet. Please have look and give me your date, I can look for a flight to Vietnam for you. BestPrice
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