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TOP 10 Best Vietnam Tour Packages 2023/2024

Seeking a remarkable tours in Vietnam? Check out our best suggestions and don't miss your chance to get exclusive deals from BestPrice Travel

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You can visit Vietnam at any time of the year. Although the country has three specific regions (the North, the Center, and the South) with different and typical weather yearly and monthly, you still can have the best trip at the most suitable time according to our suggestion below:

  • If you want to travel around the country, the best months are March, April, September, and October due to the dry and cool weather.
  • If the beach vacation is what you are heading to, June and July are the best time to travel.
  • If you want to witness the golden rice field, September to mid-October is a suitable sunny time for wonderful scenery and beautiful photo.

For more specific details, please get in touch with BestPrice Travel consultants to get the best solution for your trip.

Backpacking or living in hostels is completely safe and enjoyable, especially for budget tours. Here's a quick summary of pricing based on how much money you wish to spend.

  • Budget for Standard class: $60 to $90 per day
  • Budget for Middle-range class: $100 to $130 per day
  • Budget for Luxury class: $150 to $200 each day

The most expensive part of your Vietnam trip will most likely be your plane ticket.

Here are prices of the most popular Vietnam tours 2023:

Vietnam tour package Price per pax (USD) Duration
Northern Vietnam $399 6 days
Vietnam at A Glance $623 7 days
Vietnam Essential $798 10 days
Highlights of Vietnam $868 12 days
Best of Vietnam $999 15 days

You may arrange a Vietnam tour based on the amount of time you have available time. A perfect tour can range from 6 to 21 days. Here are our detailed suggestions:

  • 4–6 days: if you want to arrange a quick trip to one region, such as the northern, southern, or central regions.
  • 7-10 days: if you plan to visit two to three regions using domestic planes.
  • 11-15 days: if you want to see all the highlights and relax on the most stunning beaches.
  • Over 15 days: for individuals who wish to see Vietnam more thoroughly and spend more time in each location.

Consider your time and need, then get in touch with BestPrice to customize your own trip.

If you want to discover Vietnam's various landscapes and immerse yourself in the local culture while interacting with friendly people, a 12-day itinerary might be the best choice. Within this time, you can visit from North to South and experience different regional features from US $868 (without the fee of international flight and taxes).

Generally, travelers can feel comfortable while our country has stopped all Covid-19 requirements for overseas visitors as of May 15, 2022.

  1. You are exempt from providing documentation of your Covid immunization.
  2. During immigration upon admission, you are not required to present a negative PCR test result.
  3. There is no requirement for a PCR test, quarantine, or a visa for many nations.

As a result, admission into Vietnam is currently the same as it was before the epidemic. Be aware that your preferred airline may demand a negative PCR test or proof of immunization. Query the airline before making a reservation.

Every tourist absolutely can find something to enjoy in Vietnam, regardless of their interests. Vietnam offers a variety of amazing experiences, from crowded cities and beautiful beaches to lush jungles and historic monuments. Here are the keypoints that attract thousands visitors every year:

- Magnificent Landscape

Vietnam has the top-listed World Heritage Sites, such as Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha Cave, Hoi An Old Town, etc., which can astound visitors by their tremendous beauty.

- World-renowned Beaches

Many of the top beaches in the world are located here. Most of them are suitable for swimming, and there are also options for participating in water sports like kite running and windsurfing. Enjoy one of the top-notch beach resorts and delicious seafood in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, etc.

- Delicious Local Cuisine

You may be familiar with Pho noodles, Spring rolls, and Bun Cha since they may be accessible in your nation. Vietnamese cuisine, however, extends farther than that and differs by location, with various kinds of fresh vegetables, pork, chicken, and seafood.

- Long-lasting History and Culture

Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia's oldest countries, having a convoluted past that started with the local Dong Son civilization long ago. Chinese, Khmer, and Indian cultures, as well as French colonization, have all had an impact on the nation.

- Kind and Welcoming People

Travelers claim that Vietnam's people are a truly priceless treasure because whether you know them or not, the locals from North to South extend a warm welcome to every tourists.

- Authentic Travel Experience

You must be able to have a unique vacation experience like mimic the locals, hike to ethnic minority communities in Sapa, capture images of the terraced fields, observe the dawn or sunset on Thu Bon river, experience the breathtaking beauty of many islands and islets in Ha Long Bay then paddle your kayak there, etc. The top-notch services offered here will fill more pages in your travel journal than the scenery and people.

- Affordable Price

Vietnam is a popular choice for vacationers on a budget. In most cities, there are several hostels and guest rooms with rates under 30 US dollars per room per night. Yet even upscale adventure visitors frequently like sampling the native street cuisine, which is delectable and more affordable than in many other nations. It is still a more reasonable travel destination than many other countries, despite the fact that it has significant inflation and that costs are growing on a regular basis.

Visiting this amazing nation is the best way to experience every memorable moment!

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Vietnam Tours Reviews

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Excellent - Mr.Sanket Sawant
Highlights of Vietnam 12 Days | 30/05/2023
Trustworthy and reliable services

I recently used Best Price Travel to plan a family vacation and I couldn't be happier with the service they provided. Our tour advisor, Ms. Kate, was incredibly helpful in understanding our requirements and preparing the best travel plan for us within our budget. She made the entire process stress-free… More

Excellent - Ms.Christy Chan
Best of Northern Vietnam 6 days | 30/05/2023
Amazing Vietnam Tour

I booked an 8-day tour of Northern Vietnam with Best Price Travel and would like to thank Kate for organizing the itinerary for me. From the booking process to the end of the tour, she promptly responded to my inquiries via email and WhatsApp. The tour guides were excellent, with great English skills… More

Halong Bay
Vietnam tour package
North Vietnam Tour
Hanoi Tour
Excellent - Mr.Stephen Craig
Best of Vietnam 15 days | 26/05/2023
Highly recommended 100/10

Itinerary I vote 10/10. 10/10 for food too, Vietnamese food is very delicious
Here is my review of the guide in Hanoi: Wot can say Tom is the best if you have awards for best guide please put him in for award great guide
Guide in Hue, Hoi An, HCMC: all ok
About the accommodation during my trip, the… More

Stephen Craig
Stephen Craig
Stephen Craig
Stephen Craig
Excellent - Ms.Eugenia Yung
Luxury Saigon And Ancient Hoi An Relaxation 9 days | 24/05/2023

We thoroughly enjoyed the package from all aspects. The trips are well planned, tour guides are very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. Meals are good and accommodations are excellent.
We had a great time with our tour guide, Mr Trieu. He took us to all the right places and at the right time.… More

Excellent - Kristy O.
Deep Insight Vietnam 18 days | 21/05/2023
Great Tour Company for Vietnam

This review is for the Deep Insight 18-day tour of only Vietnam. We chose a small private group tour of four family members with Superior 3* hotels.

My first impression of Best Price Travel was their willingness to tailor our trip specific to our needs/desires. We ultimately chose our travel dates… More

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Is there Uber in VN? If not, could you suggest me some trustworthy brands in Vietnam?


In vietnam we have some brand for taxi very famous like G7, Grab or Bee and Uber is not available in Vietnam

1 Reply

Can I require halal food during our trip? Do I have to pay more for this requirement?


Yes you can, of course wil halah food there will be more expensive than common meal

1 Reply

Could you provide transfer options from Hanoi to Ninh Binh and the prices through mail? Thank you


You can book a private transfer or bus transfer from Hanoi to Ninh Binh

1 Reply

Can we travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, then come to Hoi An on several last days of our trip? Is the total airfare more expensive than the normal route of Hanoi - Hoi An - Ho Chi Minh City?


Yes you can but the price would me more expensive because you will need a flight back to HCM to go out of Vietnam

1 Reply

Hello, can you recommend a tour package to Vietnam? My husband and I are looking at about 10 days tours, departing July. This is the first time we are going to Vietnam. 


The most recommend places for you to go in 10 days is Hanoi, Halong, Danang, Hoi An, Hochiminh, Mekong delta is very suitable with this trip

1 Reply