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Hoi An
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Ho Chi Minh City
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Hue Tours
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Frequency Ask Questions

There are different price ranges for the Vietnam tours between the US $60 - $150 per person per day included tour guide, hotel, entrance fee, meals ... The exact price will depend on your travel date, durations, hotel class, and destination... you can have some refer tour prices below:

  • Vietnam tour 6 days: from the US $399/person
  • Vietnam tour 8 days: from the US $522/person
  • Vietnam tour 10 days: from US $799/person included domestic flights
  • Vietnam tour 12 days: from $812/person include domestic flights
  • Vietnam tour 15 days: from $966/person included domestic flights

To get the exact price please send us an email then our travel consultant will get back to you with an attractive offer.

Yes, Vietnam is really safe country for tourists to travel. To understand why we said that Vietnam is safe for you, please review 4 reasons below:

  1. Vietnam's politics is stable, there is only 1 party, no violence, protests, extremist organizations ...
  2. Follow records of Vietnam police: there are rarely of muggings, robberies, or sexual assaults in public.
  3. Scams or hassles sometimes happen in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Nha Trang but it is under control by Government and become betters.
  4. Vietnamese people are friendly, sociable, and willing to help, so you will feel very safe when traveling here.

Trust me you will have a wonderful trip to Vietnam, let's book the tour now.

When planning a tour to Vietnam most of you will wonder when is the best time to travel, let's review with us to find a suitable time for you:

  • The best month to travel to Vietnam are Mar, Apr, Sep, and Oct, this time the weather is dry & cool, suitable for all travel activities. Let read more detail in our article.
  • The best time to enjoy the Vietnam beach vacation is Jun & July which offers sunny at most beach cities in Vietnam.
  • The best time to see the golden rice field in September to mid-Oct which is sunny, dry, and a bit hot. You will have a chance to see wonderful scenery and beautiful photo.

Let's find a suitable time for you to experience Vietnam in different weather, different activities.

Vietnam tour price for a week is between the US $60 - $150 per person per day included tour guide, hotel, entrance fee, meals ... It offers you some different option 7 days itineraries and prices:

  • Northern, Southern, or Center part tour price is about: US $419/person for 3-star hotels.
  • All Vietnam 7 days itinerary included domestic flight, price is about the US $598/person.

This is for your reference to have a quick understanding of how much a week Vietnam tour price is. To get an exact quotation please contact our travel consultant who can provide you a detailed itinerary, price, and inclusion of your family trip.

Vietnam tours offered different durations between 6 - 21 days, so depending on your available time for your vacation, you can plan the trip to Vietnam. Let's review our option Vietnam tour itineraries below:

  • 4- 6 days spend on who has a short holiday, you can plan a short trip to 1 part of Vietnam like the northern, southern, or center.
  • 7 - 10 days: you can plan an itinerary that covers from 2 - 3 parts of Vietnam with domestic flights.
  • 11 - 15 days can cover all highlight parts of Vietnam with a short day relax on the beach.
  • Over 15 days for those who want to discover Vietnam more deeply into the untouched areas or stay longer in each place.
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Vietnam Travel

There is no doubt that Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia with thousands of years of history, a variety of cultures, majestic natural scenery, and hospitable locals. However, self-traveling in Vietnam is always a big challenge for you as the language barrier is not easy to pass, and the public transport is on the way of development. Therefore, to have the perfect time in Vietnam, booking a Vietnam Tour is the first choice for you.

So what you can expect when they choose to travel on a tour in Vietnam? The answer is varied as the options for a Vietnam tour are diverse with different ways to travel, itineraries, accommodation standards, and services included. However, you should book packaged tours instead of free & easy while traveling to Vietnam as Vietnam packaged tours can minimize the risks of your trip here and guarantee you will have a remarkable holiday.

Vietnam Highlights

Depends on your demand, there are many choices of packaged tours from budget to luxury ones, private or small group, adventure or family packages, etc. Due to your own needs, each you can find the best tour in Vietnam easily.

When to visit Vietnam?

As a tropical country, in general, the best time to visit Vietnam is from October to April each year as in this period, the temperature is not high, it is quite cool and comfortable, very suitable to get the perfect experience in Vietnam.

Northern Vietnam has 4 clear seasons and from October to April is winter and spring here. While the winter is quite cold with the low temperature, not rain but a little high humidity; the spring is more comfortable with warm weather, a little drizzle, and light aroma from blooming flowers. Please note that, if you have osteoarthritis, you shouldn’t come to Northern Vietnam in winter as it is not good for your condition.

Best weather to do Vietnam tour

Best weather to visit Vietnam

On the other hand, Central and Southern Vietnam have only 2 seasons: the dry and wet ones. In the wet season, it rains almost every day and isn’t suitable for traveling. The dry season usually starts from November till the end of April when it isn’t so hot and rarely rain, very nice for an outside trip, especially when Central Vietnam owns many beautiful beaches, nothing perfect than lying on a lovely beach here in the dry season, enjoy the sun, sand, and sea.


Where to visit in Vietnam?

Owning the area of more than 330.000km2, there are so many places to visit in Vietnam that even the locals cannot come and see all. Below is the list of 5 must-visit destinations for you.

  1. Hanoi

As the capital – the heart of Vietnam and also the biggest center of politics, history, and culture of the country, Hanoi is absolutely a top must-see destination for everyone who wants to come and visit Vietnam. Comparing with other cities and provinces in Vietnam, more than 1000 years old capital like Hanoi seems to have more things to offer the city’s visitors. Come to Hanoi, you will have a chance to hear the splendid and brave Vietnam history, admire the ancient delicate architectures which still exist after many centuries, watch cultural shows with interesting and unique traditional art performances, taste the world-known street foods which make Hanoi become the hot spot for Asian cuisine, and observe the crowded but slow pace lifestyle of friendly locals.

Our happy client in Tran Quoc Pagoda Hanoi

Tran Quoc Pagoda Hanoi


  1. Halong Bay

With the unique geographic structure, Halong Bay is a special existence of a nature-made magnificent land. Known as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage, Halong Bay becomes the most favorite places to visit in Vietnam. To explore deeply inside in the beauty of the Bay, you should book a Halong Bay cruise with 2d1n or 3d2n itinerary which sails to the most popular attractions here, visit some off-the-beaten-track forgotten areas and also have chance to join many interesting activities such as kayaking, swimming, night squid fishing, etc. 

 Enjoy Halong Bay Sunset in Vietnam Trip

Halong Bay Sunset

  1. Hoi An

Was the most crowded harbor in the 17th – 18th centuries, where Vietnamese trading with businessmen from China, Japan, and Europe, Hoi An is a special old town that looks like a mixture of Asian and European culture while still can keep Vietnam cultural values. Hoi An is not so big; however, it is difficult to experience all this town without missing anything. Special fusion ancient architecture, tasty cuisine which includes Vietnamese, Chinese and European recipes, unique walking street in classical style covered by colorful lanterns, many hand-made products stores selling things at very reasonable prices, tranquil atmosphere with extremely friendly locals, etc. all those things create a Hoi An which makes many tourists keep coming year after year.    

 Walking in Hoi An Town in Vietnam tour

Hoi An Town

  1. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Where is the most crowded place in Vietnam? It’s Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon! This city is like heaven with youngsters covered by bars, pubs, restaurants and a wide range of entertainment centers and activities. Saigon is also called the “unsleeping city” as people here can have fun all night long, from a party on the street to get drunk in a noisy bar, they always can find a reason to stay outside overnight. If you are young (or still feel “young”), you should come to Ho Chi Minh City once in your lifetime to try the super cheap and yummy street food, have a cup of iced coffee on the pavement, sip a cocktail on a rooftop bar, shopping in a crowded market, then get high in a big exciting bar or slow down your busy day in a tea room and listen to the magical voice of a Vietnamese diva.  

 Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh

  1. Mekong Delta

Not so far from the noisy of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is the tranquil Mekong Delta where most local people make their living by farming, fishing, and trading on the floating markets. You should book at least a day tour to Mekong Delta after a few days enjoying the crowded metropolis like Saigon to experience the totally opposed atmosphere, culture, and lifestyle. Come to the Mekong Delta, you will have the chance to join a busy floating market in the early morning, come to a fruitful orchard to pick the fresh sweet tropical fruits and eat until full, visit some factories here to learn how they make local specialties and handicraft products or enjoy biking through a few peaceful local villages and observe people daily life.  

Enjoy Mekong delta boat trip Vietnam


Top things to do while traveling to Vietnam

  1. Vietnam Cycling

With complicated topographic and stunning natural scenery throughout the country, Vietnam is the perfect destination for any cycling tour whether it is a short ride or long ride, easy or difficult, adventure, or leisure purpose. If you are a fan of biking, there is a wide range of cycling tours in Vietnam which allow you to bike on different interesting and beautiful routes in many famous or unpopular areas.   

Some popular Vietnam cycling tours:

  1. Riding motorbike

Just like many other countries in Southeast Asia, the motorbike is the most popular transportation in Vietnam and become one of the top must-try things here. Normally, motorbike tours are organized as a type of city tour which may be a half-day or full-day tour meanwhile long-day tours are not very popular due to the safety condition of local traffic.

You should try motorbike riding with Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City half-day / full-day city tour or night street food tours. And please don’t worry if you cannot drive a motorbike, the tours include tour guides who are also your drivers.

Some popular Vietnam motorbike tours:

  • Motorbike adventure in Vietnam 9 days
  • Hanoi / Saigon food tour by motorbike


  1. Vietnam Hiking & Trekking

While ¾ Vietnam is covered by hills and mountains, have a hiking or trekking tour in this country sounds truly challenging. Most of the tourists choose to enjoy the short trekking route when coming to Vietnam as it is interesting and not so hard to achieve and the top well-known trekking destination in Vietnam is Sapa with many routes from easy to difficult, suitable for different tourists. Some popular routes for trekking in Sapa are Cat Cat – Sin Chai and Y Linh Ho – Lao Chai – Ta Van which you need at least 2 days if want to finish all these routes.

For people who prefer hiking, there are many mountain paths from North to South of Vietnam that suitable for a half or full-day challenge to conquer the high top or cloud hunting. Some popular hiking places that can be listed are Fansipan Mountain (Sapa), Ta Xua (Son La), Pu Luong Natural Reserve, Ba Den Mountain (Tay Ninh), etc.

 Vietnam Trekking tours

Vietnam Trekking

  1. Vietnam Snorkeling

Vietnam owns some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, it doesn’t mean that with a beach holiday in Vietnam, you only can enjoy sunbathing and swimming; in fact, Vietnam snorkeling is a must-try activity in Vietnam with crystal clear seawater and diverse marine ecosystems which have been preserved really well. The top places to enjoy snorkeling in Vietnam are Nha Trang, Cu Lao Cham (Hoi An), and Phu Quoc Island which have deep clean water, rich and spectacular sea life.


  1. Vietnam Culinary Tours

There is no doubt that Vietnamese cuisine is world-known and tasting local food is a must-do activity in Vietnam. The choice for a Vietnam food tour is varied from street food tour to cooking class and dinner cruise. You can always book a culinary tour in big cities and some popular destinations in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Sapa, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, and Mekong Delta. You can review our Vietnam food tours on our website too.

Dinning on Board in Halong Bay

Dinning on Board in Halong Bay


Things to know before traveling to Vietnam

There are so many things to prepare & know before a trip to Vietnam, below note:

  1. Vietnam Transportation
  • International Flight to Vietnam

There are many airlines from budget to luxury ones provide international flights to Vietnam. The departure destinations are varied and from all continents, whether the flights are direct or transit. Some typical airlines which provide flights to Vietnam are Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Thais Airway, China Southern, EVA Air, All Nippon Airways (ANA), Korean Air, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines Vietnam Airlines, etc. To book cheap Vietnam flights, you should contact us to get the best rates.

  • Domestic Flight in Vietnam

At the moment, Vietnam has 22 airports adapted millions of flights each year. All the airports are opened in big cities, provinces, and popular tourist destinations which is very convenient for you to travel around inside the country. There are 4 airlines provided domestic flights in Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways and Pacific Airlines; however, as the national airline, Vietnam Airlines is the only brand that has the ability to provide flights to all airports in Vietnam, especially this airline is the only one which can exploit flight route to Dien Bien Phu, Rach Gia and Ca Mau Airport. To hunt the cheapest flight in Vietnam, you can check the BestPrice Travel website to get the best deal.

Vietnam Airlines flight to Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines

  • Taxi in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there is a wide range of taxi brands that even the locals cannot remember all of them, most of the time, each people here only can know about 3-4 familiar brands. Besides, each city and province have their own popular taxi brand, therefore, it is quite hard for you to book a taxi from a reputable brand when traveling to Vietnam. The easiest way to guarantee that you book the right taxi brand is to ask for help from the hotel’s receptionist and local people around you. Some most popular taxi brands in Vietnam are Mai Linh, ABC, Group Taxi, and Vinasun.

On the other hand, besides the traditional taxi, you can also book a taxi online by using the Grab app which is an app like Uber but is the most popular transportation booking app in Southeast Asia after Uber leaving this market. The benefit of using the Grab app to book a car in Vietnam is that you can avoid the risk of booking a fake taxi with poor services and being overcharged. 

  • Vietnam Bus

Besides the taxi, the bus is a cheaper transportation option for you when traveling inside Vietnam. When travel in a big city like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, the public bus is a good option if you need to tighten your budget. However, as the public transportation system in Vietnam is not so developed, using the public bus is not suitable for you if you don’t have time to dig in the bus operating system here and don’t have enough self-traveling experience.

On the other hand, to travel long distances between different cities and provinces, using the shuttle bus is quite simple. You can easily book a seat on the shuttle bus to any destination through the travel agency that may help you to get the trip at a better price than booking by yourself directly with service providers.

Vietnam Bus

Vietnam Bus

  1. Luggage

Depends on the length of your trip and the travel time, the prepared items are varied; however, there are some things you must bring along during your vacation in Vietnam as below:

  • Clothes enough to wear throughout the trip (ex: 3-4 set for a 5-day trip, more travel days, more clothes)
  • A thin jacket (if travel in winter, a coat or parka should be included)
  • A swimsuit (if a beach holiday included in the itinerary)
  • Sport shoes (if trekking is included in your itinerary, a pair of hiking shoes may be needed)
  • A small umbrella
  • Phone and camera
  • Credit card and cash
  • Medicines for common diseases (such as flu, sore throat, headache, stomachache, an eyesore, etc.)
  • Medicines for your personal diseases (if need)
  • Basic skincare and make-up set (if need)
  1. Travel documents

There are some travel documents you have to bring along while traveling to Vietnam:

  • Passport with visa
  • Visa or Visa Approval Letter
  • ID card
  • Booking voucher
  • Tour itinerary with tour guide and travel agency contact

Note: With important travel documents like Passport, Visa/Visa Approval Letter, and ID card, you should bring along not only the original ones but also a copy of each to get the support easier when unfortunately lose your documents during the trip.

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Asked by Margaret Tsay, September 23, 2020
I have few questions about your Vietnam Tours 1) how many people in one group are needed to form a Vietnam private tour? 2) Could we also include visit "My Son" when there is a day free in Hoi An or Hue?
BestPrice, September 23, 2020
Dear Margaret Tsay, Thanks for your interest in our Vietnam package tours. We both organized group/ private tours. We can start arrange a private Vietnam tour from 2 persons, also customized your trip included "My son" when you are in Hoi An. If you prefer a private tour with group rate, you should collect about 8 - 10 people. Please give me more information about your travel plan to Vietnam so I could do an itinerary and quotation for you. BestPrice
Asked by Vanhoang, September 05, 2020
I plan to go with my 2 daughters (27 yrs old and 19 yrs old). Can we all 3 stay together in one room? And how much total for the Vietnam trip 14 days? Is this trip included round trip air from SFO to Vietnam?
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Dear Vanhoang, We can arrange a family room for you and your children. The price for 14 days trip depends on your travel date and hotel class, please provide me more detail. Normally our price is not included international flight but we could support the client to find the best trip. After getting more detail from you I will send you more information about the trip, quotation, and flight suggestion. BestPrice
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Dear Natalie Sammut, Our small group tour are fix date, if you could book a private tour we will offer travel date on 10 Oct 2019. Regards, BestPrice
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Do you have a tour that goes up the Mekong from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh in January? If not can you advise somebody who does? Thank you , Ray.
Ray Finneran, August 27, 2019
Hi There are 02 type of cruise from Ho Chi Minh to PhnomPenh via Mekong Delta - Cruise tour from Ho Chi Minh to Mekong delta, please check here: https://www.bestpricevn.com/Cruise_Jayavarman-Cruise.html - Land tour from Ho Chi Minh to Phompenh Delta for budget: https://www.bestpricevn.com/Tour_From-South-Vietnam-to-North-Cambodia-8-days.html Please check and advise how many people in your group, and the departure date, we can send you the quotation
Asked by kerry, August 19, 2019
I'm planning a trip to northern Vietnam around October 10 and later. Is there a good chance of seeing golden rice terraces then? If so, where is the best area at that time?
kerry, August 19, 2019
Hi There is no chance to see the golden rice terraces in the end of October since the people start harvest in the early September Cheers
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