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Ha Giang Tours Reviews

Excellent 5 reviews
Excellent - Christine
A Glimpse of Ha Giang 2 days | 11/03/2023
Great tour to observe the stunning beauty of lesser-known places in Vietnam

I decided to book this 2-day tour with my 3 other friends, and it turned out to be fantastic. We wanted to get away from the bustling city and visited a mountainous area up North, and happened to see this tour on Best Price’s website.
The best thing I love about Ha Giang is the iconic road - the Ha… More

Excellent - Chad Bauer
Ha Giang Panoramas 4 days | 05/03/2023
Ma Pi Leng Pass was an absolute blast! I enjoyed this trip so much

My friends and I decided to explore all Northern Vietnam essential destinations when we first came to Hanoi, and Ha Giang was at the top of the list. The scenery was mesmerizing, perfect for finding peace of mind or traveling away from the city.
The tour had many activities to fill the day. We went… More

Excellent - Angela Jones
Ha Giang Loop on Motorbike 6 Days | 21/09/2022
Amazing tour!!!

The trip was well organized and great mix of activities and views. I saw loads of incredible views but also stayed in nice homestay with good local food. Overall it was an amazing experience.

Excellent - Anna Tomas
Authentic of Ha Giang 3 Days Exploration | 13/09/2022

Best places to travelling in Vietnam. Good Tour Guide And wonderful pictures we had. Wonderful trip

Excellent - Mr. Felix
Authentic of Ha Giang 3 Days Exploration | 21/07/2022
Ha Giang 3-day tour

In general, nothing too serious to complain about this tour; in fact, it's pretty good. It's my second time in Vietnam but this tour was quite challenging. Each day's route was quite long and I fell a little exhausted. But the scenery in Ha Giang was so fabulous so it was still worth it.
Another issue… More

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