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Excellent - Catherine
Australia Australia
Off The Beaten Track Northeast Vietnam 7 days | 08/01/2024

The natural beauty of the North is breathtaking, and the tour company did a fantastic job of showing us the highlights while also allowing us some freedom to explore on our own.
The tour guide was knowledgeable and took great care of us, making sure we were safe and comfortable throughout the trek tours.… More

Excellent - James
Belgium Belgium
Authentic of Ha Giang 3 Days Exploration | 04/01/2024
Highly recommended this tour!

The Ha Giang Loop was EPIC! From kickass landscapes to chilling with locals, it's the real deal.
Our guide was like the Yoda of Ha Giang – knew all the cool spots. If you're up for a legit Vietnamese adventure, this is the bomb!

Excellent - Carol
Singapore Singapore
Ha Giang Panoramas 4 days | 26/12/2023
This trip is my favorite trip of all time

The trip was so fun. We crossed many beautiful landscapes and took many beautiful pictures.

Excellent - Mr.Gavin
Qatar Qatar
A Glimpse of Ha Giang 2 days | 20/12/2023
Great journey

Ha Giang is absolutely stunning and beautiful. All landscapes are breath taking and unreal, especially Nho Que river.
The ride through Ma Pi Leng Pass is really thrilling and fun.
We stayed overnight at Dong Van. It was a bit exhausted in the end of the day, but we were treated really tasty food to make up for it.
This tour is really suitable for young people to go with friends.

Excellent - Mr.Pak Sounhie
Korea, South Korea, South
Ha Giang Panoramas 4 days | 06/11/2023

Hello Mrs. Giulia
I have returned from a very interesting trip to Ha Giang under the guidance of Mr. Dinh.
Thank you for your help in organizing the trip.
SH. Pak

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Yes, 2 days in Ha Giang can provide a brief yet captivating experience of its stunning landscapes and cultural highlights. You can explore key attractions such as Dong Van, Ma Pi Leng, and Yen Minh.

Ha Giang is known for its breathtaking landscapes, rugged mountainous terrain, and vibrant ethnic communities. Below are several must-visit destinations in Ha Giang:

  • Quan Ba: A picturesque mountain pass offering panoramic views of the twin mountains.
  • Dong Van: UNESCO-recognized geopark with limestone formations, and ethnic minority villages.
  • Ma Pi Leng: Known as one of the most spectacular mountain passes in Vietnam.
  • Meo Vac: Mesmerizing with its tranquil town, offering insights into the lives of ethnic communities.

Yes, it is safe to take a motorcycle trip to Ha Giang, if you join a guided tour equipped with proper safety measures. The roads in Ha Giang are challenging, requiring excellent riding skills, especially on mountainous stretches. The weather can change rapidly and emergency medical services may be limited.

Ha Giang's climate is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate combined with a subtropical highland climate. The region is prone to rapid weather changes, so visitors should be prepared for diverse conditions. 

The optimal visiting time is during the cool and dry autumn months from September to November, offering pleasant weather and showcasing Ha Giang's stunning landscapes at their best.

Absolutely, it is recommended to have a trekking tour in Ha Giang. Trekking offers a challenging adventure, uncovering hidden routes and unique cultural experiences.

However, you should hire a guide for safety and cultural insights. Also, remember to stay hydrated and pack essentials.

Ha Giang is famous as a land of rich cuisine, endowed with precious ingredients, so Ha Giang cuisine has become its own characteristic. Here are some of BestPrice’s suggestions for dishes you must try.

  • Thang Den: Made from glutinous rice flour shaped into circles filled with beans and sesame.
  • Thit Trau Gac Bep: The buffalo meat is seasoned and smoked using traditional kitchen methods.
  • Chao Au Tau: A combination of upland rice and pig's feet cooked with au tau tubers.
  • Com Lam: Cooked in bamboo tubes, extremely fragrant, crispy on the outside, soft inside.
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when is the best time for cloud hunting in Ha Giang


Nov & Dec is best time for cloud hunting.

1 Reply

want to join the tour in Ha Giang but we cannot walk long distances. are there any alternative choices for us such as car?


Yes you can make a classic package and just go to some main destination without walking too many and main stay on car

1 Reply

I will travel to North Vietnam for 12 days and plan to visit Hanoi, Halong, Ninh Binh, Sapa, and Ha Giang. how many days should I spend in Ha Giang?


You should spend 3 days on Ha Giang, Sapa 3 days, 1 days Hanoi, 2 days in Ninh Binh and 3 days in Halong would be very perfect for your trip

1 Reply

hi, could you tell me when is the best time to visit Ha Giang cause I found out that sometimes it can be really windy up here?


The best time to travel to Ha Giang is from October to December , this is the time you can have a look at beautiful rice field 

1 Reply

Are there ATMs in Ha Giang? Will dollars or cards be accepted?


In city area will have ATM, and dollar will be accept in tourist area, not in local area

1 Reply