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10 Best Vietnam Private Tours 2022

You want space for only you and your partner, family or friends? You prefer keeping privacy for your trip and better experience? Check our list of 10 best private Vietnam tours below and choose the best for your adventure in Vietnam!
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5 Interesting things about Vietnam private tours

Many tourists confuse choosing small-group or private tours when booking a Vietnam tour package. It is easy to see that the best point of small-group tours is their low cost. However, while the private tours undoubtedly are more expensive, why should you book them? Below are 5 typical answers to your question. 

1. Personalized itinerary

Compared with small group options, private tours is a much more flexible option. You can choose and personalize the itinerary you want and sometimes, you even can change it on the tour. You can book private tours in Vietnam for as many days as you want and even can mix between small group tours and private ones.

In addition, there are some itineraries that you have to book personalized as there is no group tour available such as a long adventure to the mysterious Northern Vietnam mountainous area with some unpopular destinations and attractions such as Mu Cang Chai, Hoang Su Phi, Meo Vac, Ba Be Lake, and Ban Gioc Waterfall; or luxury tours throughout Vietnam with fancy 5-star hotels/resorts and overwhelming travel experience.

2. Flexible time on tour

Booking a private tour seems like a good choice as you can choose to start and finish your daily itinerary whenever you want. Except for the flight or cruise time, and also some attractions that have fixed open/close hours, the itinerary can be as flexible as you want.

3. Comfortable trip

Not everyone is willing to share private space with strangers, and if you are a person like that, just go ahead and book a private tour. Traveling privately means you don’t have to share anything with strangers, cars, rooms, tour guides, space are all yours, no waiting, no sharing. 

4. Diverse travel experiences

There are many things you can do with a private tour that a group tour can’t allow you to try. Extremely thrilling tours in Northern Vietnam, spa & wellness experiences in the South and Central, high-end services are some of the most typical experiences that you have to book private tours to enjoy completely.

In addition, with personalized tours, you can combine as many things that you want to experience during your trip as you want as there is no limitation with a private tour. Comfortable leisure time, breathtaking adventure, tasty foodie journey, etc... you can have a personalized tour to experience deeply one of these experiences or mix them all into one tour, it’s all up to you.  

5. Quality over Quantity

With private tours, you don’t have to share your room with strangers, have private transportation, and your tour guide only takes care of you and answers your questions throughout the trip. In general, you will feel comfortable and your Vietnam tour will become more fascinating if you book the private one.

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Hi cháu , cho cô hỏi trong tháng 10-11-12/2022-2023 có Tours nào từ VN đi ThaiLan,Hong Kông , Singapore Không cháu. Hay các Tour đi từ VN trong Nếu có làm ơn gửi Email cho cô , Cảm ơn cháu nhiều


Cô muốn hỏi tour cho khach Vietnam ạ? Bên chau có website bestprice.vn cho khách việt và có nhiều option tour đi Thailand, Singapore ạ.

1 Reply

I received the recommendation of my friends that you plan a trip to Vietnam for them. I would love to receive an offer for an interesting trip My wife and I, 50+ years old, are planning a trip to Vietnam. We contact Hanoi on 24.3.22 - at 14:30 1.4.22 Flight Continued We planned: Hanoi, sapa , love waterfall, lao chai- ta van - fanispan ha long by da nang- bana hill- golden gate- hoi an We are open to trip suggestions and recommendations. Recommended hotels only 4-5 stars. Private trip, without multiple walks. Is it possible to get a quote that includes help in issuing a visa to Vietnam?


Thanks for contacting us to plan your wonderful trip to Vietnam.

Follow your plan I would like to recommend the trip with detail below:






Arrive Hanoi (14:30 ) Free time

Hotel in Hanoi



Hanoi City Tour - Overnight train/Bus to Sapa

Overnight on Bus/ Train

B, L


Sapa - Love Waterfal - Fansipan

Hotel in Sapa

B, L


Visit Lao Chai - Ta Van  Bus back to Hanoi

Hotel in Hanoi

B, L


Hanoi - Halong Bay - Overnight on Cruise

Cruise in Halong Bay

B, L, D


Ending Cruise flight to Da Nang/ Hoi An

Hotel in Hoi An

B, Br


Hoi An City & My Son sanctuary

Hotel in Hoi An

B, L


Da Nang/ Ba Na Hills day trip

Hotel in Da Nang

B, L


Ending Trip flight out from Da Nang



How do you think about this plan? I could help you make this trip and visa to Vietnam (on arrival), please share for me flight detail.

If you agree this plan I will get back to you with offer rate.

1 Reply

Hi I am hoping to come to Vietnam this year around October with my two sons aged 20 & 21 and rather than join a set tour we would prefer to create our own with the places that we would like to see . Can you please let me know if we would be able to do ? Many thanks


Helo Chris,

Yes we could arrange private customized trip for you.

1 Reply


I love lots of food and fun! Do you have Experience Vietnamese Food 9 days - BestPrice Travelavailability on 12/11/22 for either economy or superior tour? Also, is both small group and private available? Are private only two people?


Hello Lance, 

This tour is a lot of fun and you have the chance to taste many kinds of food during the tour. 

We have Experience Vietnamese Food 9 days available on 21st November 2022, both private and small group. 

The small group has a maximum of 10 people in the group while the private tour has only 2 of you on the tour. However, you will need to join with other guests on the Halong Bay cruise. 

The price for the private tour, superior is 978 USD per person. 


1 Reply


Does the private tour mean there are only us with the tour guide?

Will the tour guide travel with us all the time during the tour?

I had a bad experience with a group tour where I have to share the bus with many local people


Dear Ms. Ann,

A private tour means you will be with the tour guide, do not have to join the full day or half-day tour with other people. 

However, you will need to join with other customers on the cruise like Halong Bay. Some tours you have private transfer, some tours you will share with other people on the bus or train.

The tour guide will not be with you all the time, but there will always be a tour guide in the new city you arrive. He will transfer you to the hotel and introduce you about the new city

Please let me know the tour you are interested in so that I can better support you

Many thanks

1 Reply