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Top Recommended North Vietnam Tours 2022

Explore the root of Vietnam through our North Tours promising the deep experience of history, traditional culture, and the beautiful landscape of both the mountain and the sea. See our 10 best trip suggestions for the North of Vietnam below and make your choice for a perfect trip!
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About North Vietnam Tours

North Vietnam is the cradle of Vietnamese culture and history. This land has been held more than 3000 years old in this country's history and witnessed all the blood, tears, victory, and happiness.

At present, all those memories are kept and preserved well at relics, temples, pagodas, and museums spreading throughout became proof of the country’s long history and favorite attractions of tourists. In addition, the diversity of culture is also a highlight of the North.

Sharing the border with 2 countries (China and Laos) and having different geographic features with coastal, delta, midland, highland, and mountainous areas, the culture here is diversified with 25 cities and provinces, about 20 ethnic groups using different languages, traditions, and lifestyles.

Booking a North Vietnam packages tour, you will have a chance to discover insight into this colorful and mysterious land, and of course, there will be no regret.

North  Vietnam Tour

North Vietnam Tours

North Vietnam Itinerary

There are many types of tour itineraries available in the north, from short to long, relaxing to adventure, we will learn some detail below:

Short Itinerary(4 - 5 days): perfect for a leisure trip between Hanoi - Halong Bay which you don’t have to embark on an adventure to explore the bay, a comfortable overnight cruise tour totally can help you with that.

Culture tour also is best if you decide to travel in a short time to the north to learn more about the local tradition, religion, lifestyle, and histories, such as Hanoi or Sapa.

North Vietnam culture tour

North Vietnam culture tour

Long Itinerary (7 - 10 days): deep insight of the North part, best for adventure tour with motorbike or trekking.

You can take a motorbike tour in Hanoi instead of using a private car, shuttle bus, or walking to travel around the city or taste yummy street food at night. Your heart also beats faster on a motorcycle tour through mountainous areas with small roads and dangerous bendy passes.  

Trekking is the typical tour in Northern Vietnam’s remote area. Depending on your ability, you can choose to choose the easy to hard trekking tour with different destinations and routes.

On the other hand, Sapa seems like a highlight for trekking tours in North Vietnam and is the challenging destination for any trekker with some routes that can be as long, thrilling, and hard as costs you 3-4 days to conquer.   

North to South itinerary ( 9 - 15 days): available for those who want to discover all parts of Vietnam to learn culture, history, and experience local life.

If you could not find a suitable tour, please do not hesitate to contact our travel consultant who can provide you with more information and help you make a perfect plan.


Traveling to the North, visitors will admire the magnificent architecture and beautiful natural scenery. Discover the 15 most beautiful tourist destinations in the North below:

  • Halong Bay - located on the western part of the Gulf of Tonkin in the northeastern region of Vietnam. Endowed with nature's thousands of magnificent islands, the fruits of nature, beautiful scenery ...
  • Sapa - Sapa is a town in Lao Cai city, tourists not only admire the majestic and poetic beauty of the Northwestern mountains but also experience the cultural characteristics of the ethnic groups here.
  • Ha Giang - As the top land of the country along with Dong Van rock plateau and Hoang Su Phi terraced landscapes. Ha Giang is blessed with a long-standing culture dating to the Dong Son Bronze Age
  • Ninh Binh - About 100km from Hanoi to the South, Ninh Binh is a province in the Northern Delta with outstanding wild nature and charming scenery.
  • Hanoi – The heart of Vietnam with many historical buildings and incredible traditional taste of Hanoian

You also can review our northern Vietnam package tours which cover most highlighted places.

Most travelers when thinking about traveling to northern Vietnam, they will think about Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Halong Bay, and Sapa. So the best of Northern Vietnam tour will cover all of these places.
It depends on your travel plan you can spend 6 - 8 days to discover this area, you can have look at our 2 popular tour packages which included visit those places:

To arrange a northern Vietnam tour you can spend about 5 - 15 days depending on your preferred area and available time.

  • Between 5 - 6 days: you can cover Hanoi, Halong Bay & Sapa area
  • Between 7 - 10 days: you can include Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Ninh Binh, and Mai Chau area.
  • Between 10 - 15 days: you can stay longer in each place above plus visit some hidden part in the northwest & northeast of Vietnam.

Please contact us to get a free planning trip for your traveling.

You will wonder how much is enough to discover northern Vietnam. It doesn't have any fixed amount because it depends on your travel duration, hotel class, and services included. Below some references for you to plan a trip to northern Vietnam (price in USD per person per day included hotels, transfer, meals, entrance fee...)

  • 3* hotel class: the price is about $ 75pp join a small group tour and $96pp for a private tour
  • 4* hotel class: the price is about $ 95pp small group tour and $120pp private tour
  • 5* hotel class: about $ 146pp small group tour and $942pp private tour

To get the exact price, please contact our sales team or choosing your preferred tour on our website, then you can see the price in the price tab.

Two-third of northern Vietnam is a mountainous area and famous for activities like trekking, hiking, biking, motorbike. So this area is the best place for those who want to do adventure Vietnam tours. Besides that, you also have a chance to learn more about the ethnic group culture, enjoy the beautiful scenery of terrace rice fields, adventure through majestic winding passes... I believe you will have unforgettable memories when taking a Northern adventure tour in Vietnam.

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Hi, I love the tour “Ultimate North and Central Vietnam 8 days”. Can you recommend some extra things I should bring along the trip, such as wet clothes ? I will come to Vietnam at the end of March with my parent and my sister, a total of 4 people. Thanks!


You should bring some raincoats, prepare a simcard, and some cash of course for the trip

1 Reply

We are a group of friends but some of us do not have good health. Is the Essence of Northern Vietnam 8 days tour mild for elders ? Besides this tour, are there any tours which have gentle trekking ? And we also wonder if travel in May or Sep is suitable in terms of weather ?

@Gabriel Contee:

The tour for essence of Northen Vietnam can organize for elders. I think you should travel in May because on Sep is the raining season and we'll have a lot of storm so i will not recommend Sep. Thank you

1 Reply

My husband and I plan to explore northern Vietnam, but due to time difficulties, we now only have enough time for a short itinerary. Can you assist us? We like nature, light hiking/cycling, discovering daily life, culinary lessons, caving, and kayaking. Night trains are not an issue and save time (2 pax cabin preferred). In terms of hotels, we like modest but high-quality ones, preferably bungalows or homes. Alternatively, lovely homestays with a private room and a bed. I checked out all of the hotels and could tell you the ones we favor or book personally. Arrival in Hanoi at 8:40 a.m, departing at 15:30 p.m 22 Feb. I'm hoping you can assist us! Thank you very much!


Can i know which day you'll arrive so that we can organize for you a suitable tour? Thank you

1 Reply

We are a family and now arrive in Hanoi city, please consult us on the suitable tour to travel to Halong Bay and Sapa in 5 days as soon as possible. My family has 2 adults and 2 kids all aged 9.


Yes we already contact you please check and reply our email.

1 Reply

I'm a Catholic, should any part of this itinerary land on a Sunday, is it possible to attend a Sunday Mass? I note this is a 6 day tour commencing on 27th January so the last day would be 1st February. I have an event to attend in Ho Chi Minh City on the 2nd February. Is it possible to stay at the last hotel in Hanoi and arrange transport to the airport on the 2nd? If so, can you please advise how much this would be? Thanks


There are few mass at Hanoi Church on Sunday at 7am, 9am, 6pm, 20pm (young people). You can choose any mass to join. Yes we could book extra night & airport see off on last day for you. Cost depend on your class you choose.

1 Reply