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Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot Cave is the largest cave in Halong Bay, which is known as the masterpiece of nature in the heart of the World's Natural Wonder. “Amazed” would be your feeling when exploring this natural treasure as its name Surprise Cave.

Amazing Sung Sot Cave

Amazing Sung Sot Cave

A Glimpse of Sung Sot Cave

Let's find out what this tourist destination has interesting that can wake up all the senses of travelers to visit and have to say surprised!

  • This cave was detected by a French in 1901
  • Top 10 the Most beautiful caves in the World by the Association of Czech Travel Agents and Offices in 2012
  • The largest cave in Halong Bay, with an area of up to 10.000m2
  • The name Surprise (which means Sung Sot in Vietnamese) is the feeling when visiting this incredible masterpiece 
  • Although massive the cave is, your voice won’t echo back when coming inside
  • This cave is also attached to Thanh Giong - A famous Vietnamese legend hero
  • You have to climb more than 100 steps of stone to get inside the cave



Being one of the widest and most special caves in Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave is located in the center of the Bay, inside Bo Hon Island, along with Luon Cave and Trinh Nu Cave. 

Therefore, if you visit Sung Sot Cave and have time, you can easily explore the other caves on the way. Despite having a small gate, the cave amazed visitors with its giant inner space, which probably explains the surprising name.

Inside The Magnificent Sung Sot Cave

Inside The Magnificent Sung Sot Cave


The Story

The cave was first found by French travelers in 1901. When they explored this cave for the first time, they were so surprised and amazed by the indescribable beauty that nature brought to this place then they decided to call the name is this cave Grotte Des Surprises (The Cave of Surprises) in a travel book established in 1938. 


Things to see

Things To Do At Sung Sot Cave

Climbing 100 Steps up to Sung Sot Cave Halong Bay

The path to Sung Sot is steep, with 100 steps up to and lined with shady trees. Besides exploring the cave, your journey will be more exciting and a little bit adventurous by hiking and climbing. Walking ascending to the grotto, your love for nature is satisfied with a path full of trees and foliage, surrounded by great paved stone blocks.

Climbing 100 Steps Up To Sung Sot Cave Halong Bay

Climbing 100 Steps up to Sung Sot Cave

Admire an illuminated view inside Sung Sot Cave

Coming inside the cave, you‘ll have a chance to witness the magnitude of one of the most beautiful caves in the World with 2 chambers, called the outer and the inner. 

The outer chamber is wide enough for an Opera theatre metaphor. It is considered as the waiting room for travelers before getting inside. Thanks to the high ceiling, many stalagmites look like beautiful chandeliers.

After the first chamber, a narrow road leads to the second one, opening a whole different scene with a wide space enough for thousands of people. Exploring the second chamber at the deepest point, a “royal” garden appears with a clear pond and a fascinating landscape of mountains.

Inside Sung Sot Cave Halong Bay

Inside Sung Sot Cave Halong Bay

  • The "royal garden" at the top of the cave
  • The 30m roof looks like patterns of a theatre’s ceiling created purely by Mother Nature
  • The limestone attached to Thanh Giong - A famous hero in a Legend of Vietnamese
  • Nature works with various shapes, such as swords, horses, dinosaurs, banyan trees, and sea bears,...


How to reach?

To visit the cave, you have to travel to Halong, then you can rent a boat or enjoy a cruise tour to travel from Halong Port to Sung Sot Cave.

Sung Sot Cruise Map

Sung Sot Cave Cruise Map

From Ha Noi, it takes 2.5 -3 hours to travel to Halong by car or bike. Travelers have up to 3 options for transportation: 

  • Take a shuttle bus
  • Take a seaplane for the fastest route and a fantastic view from the top (Hai Au Airlines is the most popular branch to choose).
Transportation Time Price from (per pax)
Shuttle Bus 2.5 - 3 hours US $20
Seaplane 45 minutes US $370

How to get to

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If you book a tour through a travel agent to visit Halong Bay, the price of a ticket for visiting Sung Sot Cave will be included in the package. But if you want to plan your trip to Sung Sot Cave by yourself, here is the price list for Sung Sot Cave Exploring:

  • Tickets to visit route 2: ~ US $13/person.
  • Boat rental fee: Going back in the day ~US $9/person.
  • Meal fee on board: Ranges from ~US $7 to ~US $11/person.

Besides, you also can look for Ha Long Bay Cruise as a preferred option. Many overnight cruise tours in Halong are included, and a visit to Sung Sot Cave is in their itinerary. Not only discover this magnificent cave, but you can also experience many exciting activities, such as kayaking, swimming, squid fishing,...

There are some Halong Overnight Cruises that visit Sung Sot Cave, check it out to choose your true experience with HOT DEALS:

Cruise Price from (Per pax)
Paradise Elegance Cruise US $168
Hermes Cruise US $178
Paradise Sails US $130
Pelican Cruise US $149
Amanda Cruise US $132

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Extra Travel Suggestions

  • Don't forget to take pictures of Halong Bay at the mouth of the cave
  • Stay close to your guide (if any), and pay attention when they switch shifts with other guides
  • Avoid visiting the cave in the rainy and stormy season of Halong (August and September)
  • You can leave your stuff on the boat while you visit the cave
  • Wear sensible shoes and bring your water as water sold at the cave entrance might be more expensive

Hope our information will be helpful for your trips. Don't be shy to share your questions or experiences in Halong Bay with us.

From BestPrice Team with love!

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Sung Sot Cave Map

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