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Golden Hands Bridge Da Nang - A Masterpiece in Vietnam

The irresistible attraction Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam has gained worldwide concern from famous newspapers such as CNN, BBC, The Guardian and frequently appeared on popular social networks and forums like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, BuzzFeed, Reddit, etc.

Golden Hands Bridge Da Nang - A Masterpiece in Vietnam

Golden Hands Bridge Da Nang - A Masterpiece in Vietnam

About Golden Bridge Da Nang, Vietnam

  What Makes Golden Bridge Outstanding

  • Stretching 150 m long and 12.8 m wide, the bridge was made up of 8 arches.
  • The unique point of the Golden Hands Bridge’s architecture is the contrast between the elegant curve and the giant hands holding the bridge.
  • Strolling around the bridge is like walking on the clouds across the hands of the God of Mountain.

Rewarded with many architecture competitions worldwide, the Da Nang Golden Bridge features a harmonious blend of groundbreaking architecture and spectacular nature.

Since its opening, the bridge has become a host of many significant events, especially the “A Walk on a Cloud” fashion show of Fashion Voyage.

Fashion Show “A Walk To The Sky” on the Golden Bridge Da Nang, Vietnam

Fashion Show “A Walk To The Sky” on the Golden Bridge

This architecture has inspired fashion designers to make superb collections thanks to its out-of-the-world structure. Besides, the bridge is a favorite spot for many couples to take their wedding photoshoot.

Promoting Tourism With Fashion on The Golden Hands Bridge

Promoting Tourism With Fashion on The Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam is a new architectural construction that sets the location inside the entertainment-tourism complex Ba Na Hills. The root of the name “Golden Bridge” comes from its gilded railing frame.

More than being a pure architecture piece, the bridge has been asserting itself as a new symbol of Da Nang’s tourism since its opening in June 2018.

The unique architecture of Golden Bridge Da Nang

The unique architecture of Golden Bridge Da Nang

Tourists flock here to take some pictures at the place where journalists and travel bloggers around the world are praising it for being majestic and impressive as a scene in “Game of Thrones” or “The Lords of the Rings”.

The image of a huge couple of ancient hands (like the hands of the Mountain God) lifting the bridge as a shining golden silk strip toward the high blue sky with deep green forests below is not inferior to any blockbuster scenes.

Da Nang Golden Bridge

Check In At Golden Bridge Da Nang


How To Get To Da Nang Golden Bridge?

To reach the Golden Bridge from Da Nang City, tourists need to visit Sun World Ba Na Hills. Then, you can reach the bridge from Marseille station or Thien Thai Flower Garden.

The most popular ways to travel are:

  • Motorbike rental: This is the best choice for travelers, especially those groups of young people who like to explore nature. This way of moving helps you be most active in the process of traveling and playing in Ba Na. Price ranges from USD $4.26 - 6.38 /person.
  • Transfer car from Danang to Ba Na: Starting from 72 Nguyen Chi Thanh to Ba Na Hills. The round-trip ticket is USD $2.98 /person. However, the car only operates during the period of 8:30 - 18:00, which is quite inconvenient if visitors want to visit Ba Na in the evening.

  • Bus to Ba Na: The bus comes from Da Nang to welcome tourists to Ba Na in about 75 minutes. The round-trip ticket is USD $6.38 /person. However, this bus only picks up tourists in Da Nang from 7:30 to 8:30 and in Ba Na from 14:30 to 15:30, which is quite restrictive in time for travelers.
  • Taxi: With a group of 4 - 7 people, a taxi is the most reasonable means. The round-trip taxi price is about USD $21.28 - 25.53
  • Car rental in Da Nang: For groups of 4 - 45 people, you should rent a car to travel in Da Nang for flexible time and cost savings. The round trip price is about USD $17.02 - 93.62

Ba Na Hills Cable Car

The World's Longest Cable Car to Reach Golden Bridge Da Nang

Need to buy tickets to the Golden Bridge?

The Golden Bridge is an amusement spot in the Sun World Ba Na Hills tourism complex. In fact, you do not have to buy tickets to visit.

However, to reach there, you need to buy a ticket to visit Ba Na Resort (this entrance fee is already included in the cable car ticket price).

As the Golden Bridge belongs to Ba Na Hills Resorts, after you reach it by car, you can take the cable car to the top of Ba Na Hills. Take a look at the Ba Na Hills cable car ticket for tourists below:

From 1st April to 30th September 2023

  • The cable car ticket price for adults: USD $38.30 /2 ways.
  • Ba Na Hills cable car ticket price for children (1 m - 1.4 m) is  USD $31.91 /2 ways.
  • Children under 1 m in height: Free.
  • Combo cable car ticket + lunch buffet: USD $50.64 for adults and USD $38.72 for children. From 24th April to 31st August is USD $53.19 for adults and USD $40.85 for children.

From 1st October to 31st December 2023

  • The cable car ticket price for adults: USD $38.30 /2 ways.
  • Ba Na Hills cable car ticket price for children (1 m - 1.4 m) is USD $31.91 /2 ways.
  • Children under 1 m in height: Free.
  • Combo cable car ticket + lunch buffet: USD $46.38 VND for adults and USD $36.60 VND for children.

You can buy combo tickets online through travel agents to get better deals and instant confirmation. Let's save your time and budget with a booking of Da Nang Ba Na Hills Cable Car Ticket via BestPrice Travel.

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Best Time To Visit The Golden Bridge

  • Opening hours: 08:00 - 18:30
  • Most crowded hours range: 09:00 - 17:00
  • To avoid the crowds: Before 9:00 and after 17:00

Ba Na Hills attracts tourists with its beautiful scenery, cool atmosphere, and experiences 4 seasons a day: spring, summer, autumn, and winter, so you can visit the bridge whenever you like.

According to some travel experiences, you should come here in the morning or afternoon. Mornings are the time of fog, creating dreamy pictures that can't be more beautiful. The time of dawn will also create great selfies. In the afternoon, when sunset falls will make the space more interesting and romantic.

Avoid the crowds in Golden Bridge Da Nang

Visit the Golden Bridge Da Nang in the early morning


Ba Na Hills does not have only the Golden Bridge. A day tour to Ba Na Hills will include many more exciting activities for visitors, such as the Fantasy Park (an amusement park), French Village, flower gardens, Linh Ung pagoda, café and restaurants with different styles, etc. And you can even take a tour around the hilltop by train.

Ba Na Hills Complex

The Amusement Park In Ba Na Hills


How To Take A Viral Photoshoot At Da Nang Golden Bridge?

Here are some tips for finding out the best Instagramable spots to take viral photos with videos of this gorgeous Golden Bridge:

Take panoramic photos from the right/ left side

This is one of the best shooting angles for taking a completed Golden Bridge image, even though you simply want your own pictures of this bridge.

Or you want to stand with it inside a frame and then show the picture with your happy smiley face to the world, tell them you visited the bridge that is inspiring throughout social networks.  

 Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge From The Right Side


Stand inside a hand

It is a classic posing position that creates the feeling that you are held entirely in a huge ancient hand, making you become a part of the bridge’s grandeur.

However, there will be a lot of tourists who also wish to pose right at the position that you want to stand, so sometimes you will have to wait a little bit till your turn. But it is worth a memorable picture, right?

 Stand In Front Of The Giant Hands

Posing Right In Front Of The Golden Hands


Simulate the hand

Simulating is a familiar trend when posing with a statue these years. Copying a hand is not difficult, but you will have to care a little about the shooting angle if you do not want your hand and the Golden Bridge’s hand to look irrelevant.

The usual position for this simulating posing style is that you will have to choose any point which makes others feel like you really are a copy of the statue. Therefore, putting your hand right before the Golden Bridge’s hand seems a very good choice!

Pose At Golden Bridge Vietnam

Simulating Golden Bridge's hand


Take photos with your darling

Golden Bridge in Da Nang has become a popular site for marrying couples, lovers, or soul mates to save sweet moments in their photo albums.

It is perfect for capturing panoramic photographs while couples are walking hands in hand, looking at each other, and giving a sweet kiss. What is better than couples' photos in the romantic landscape of "A Walk in the Clouds?"

Taking Photo With Friends

Pictures of Couples or Friends at Golden Bridge


Capture portrait photos

Another must-try style at the Golden Bridge is portrait photos while capturing the giant hands from afar. This style is perfect for girls/ women to take solo photos. You can either look directly at the camera or look the other way.  

Amazing Solo Photos At Golden Bridge Vietnam

Amazing Photo Angles Of The Bridge (Credit: @girlaroundtheworld)

The bridge will be most beautiful and splendid through the FlyCam lens - the only thing at present that can catch this awesome bridge in a frame.

Important note: Unfortunately, a new law bans the use of the FlyCam at Ba Na Hills, and using FlyCam at the bridge will require a special permit document. Therefore, cameras and mobile phones will become effective tools for anyone who wants to announce to the world that they visited this famous bridge.

Golden Bridge Vietnam Instagram

Beautiful spots to take Instagram photos at the Golden Bridge

There could be many other shooting angles that cannot be listed, and some examples above are just a few basic suggestions for any visitors who want to check in at the Golden Bridge with the most beautiful pictures.

However, everyone will have different feelings about this bridge and their point of view about its beauty to create distinctive photographs.


For our beloved travelers, there are many combos of transportation, buffet lunch, and cable car ride, so you can easily find a tour to Ba Na Hills and visit the Golden Hands Bridge. Just plan your Da Nang Tours immediately to admire the bridge and tell the world stories about your journey with BestPrice Travel!

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Ba Na Hills Full Day from Da Nang
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Golden Bridge Map

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can I buy ticket at the counter upon arrival?


Yes, you can. If you travel at the weekend, you should go early to avoid long queue. Therefore, it's recommended to purchase the ticket in advance.

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We are arriving Nov 26 on celebrity cruise ship In Chan May There are 4 adults We would like to book a taxi to pick us up at cruise port and go to Golden bridge need to be back to ship by 5 pm Would also like to purchase the pass for Ba Na resort Could u please email me the cost for the 4 of us for taxi and passes thanks


It too risk for doing Ba Na Hills 1 day from Chan May port, some time due to stuck in cable car we could not reach boat on-time.

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Can I buy a ticket that excludes the theme park? just want to see the Golden Bridge only


Hi! There's no ticket exclude the theme park, Golden Bridge itself is like a decoration there.

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Hello, can I pay for entry tickets at Ba Na Hills and Marble Mountain by credit card?

@Katie Belle:

Sure! You can book in advance with us and pay by credit card through Onepay system. Please send your request to email: or Whatsapp: +84904699428.

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just wondering if there is any other way to visit the golden bridge instead of taking the cable car?


Hi! Unfortunately, at present, cable car is the only way that allows tourists to get there.

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