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Top Recommended Vietnam Food Tours 2022/2023

Immerse yourself in Vietnam’s foodie paradise and see how uniquely flavorsome cuisine is tasted. Our best selections of Vietnam food tours will take you to a culinary exploration of authentic taste.
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The quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine is extremely diverse and plentiful. This is a beauty that shows the Vietnamese cultural identity of the three regions of the North, Central, and South. We can find some specific places which are characterized by:

  • Northern cuisine: Besides, dipping dishes often use diluted fish sauce. In particular, Hanoi is known as the culinary elite of the North and often pays more attention to the color that must be showy, the taste just ate, the flavor is usually not too bold like spicy, sweet like the Central or South.
  • Central cuisine: you can find in Hue, Hoi An is often more flavorful, often bold and spicy dishes. The special feature of the dish is often through the color is a mixture of many ingredients favoring dark brown and natural red.
  • Southern cuisine: especially Ho Chi Minh, often blends from many different regions, especially the influence of Cambodian, Chinese and Thai cuisine, so the dishes are spicier and sweeter than other regions. Almost every dish will add a little sugar, or use coconut milk to make the dish more frugal and flavorful.

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Street food in Vietnam has an economical price as it also serves the local people too. Regarding the safety, it depends on many aspects however, you need to consider these tips before eating:

  • The more people who frequent a stall, the fresher the food will be
  • Observe the hygiene at the street stall
  • Find great reviews from other travelers

Let's try Vietnam street food through our food tour packages in Vietnam.

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