Hoi An Weather & Temperature in April: Best Things to Do

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What is the weather like in April in Hoi An? Should you travel to Hoi An in April? This article will answer all your questions about Hoi An Weather & Temperature in April.


You are planning a trip to Hoi An – one of the most amazing tourist destinations in Vietnam in April but have no idea what the weather like and whether it would affect your time here. To be honest, Hoi An is glorious all year round. However, in each season and month, due to changes in weather conditions, the experience it brings to tourists will be different. In April, the weather is quite favourable and supportive of various activities. Let’s check out Hoi An weather in April is suitable for you or not. 

Hoi An weather in April overview

Hoi An – the famous ancient town in the central region of Vietnam – has two main seasons: the dry season and the rainy one. The dry season is from February to August while the rainy season falls in the rest months. So if you are about to visit Hoi An in April, it falls in the dry season, allowing you to explore the beautiful place without any interruption from sudden rains and storms. 

When it comes to Hoi An temperature and humidity, April is one of three months in which the weather is the most pleasant. The average temperature in Hoi An during this month ranges around 23°C and 30°C. Within the daytime, it can be quite hot with 9 hours of sunshine. At night, the temperature will drops by a little, making it warmer and sometimes cool.

Despite being hardly affected by rains and storms, weather in April can still experience rain at some time of the month. Fortunately, these are drizzles with rainfall around 34mm and will not prevent you from visiting places and taking part in outdoor activities. In some cases, rains also help to cool down the temperature, give you a more pleasant feeling. 

On the whole, Hoi An weather in April is pleasant and quite favourable for travelling. During this time, you can take part in many activities as well as visit many stunning attractions.

 Hoi An weather in April

Pros: Hoi An weather is one of the town’s advantages in April as it is pleasant and supportive for many activities. On coming here, you will have a chance to take part in as many activities as you want and without any interruption from unpredictable weather conditions. During April, there are many events and festivals; therefore, you will have a chance to get to know more about the indigenous culture and if you can join in with the local, it will be great, 

Cons: On travelling in April, you can sometimes experience heat waves as the temperature can reach its peak of 30°C. To avoid this, proper preparation is always needed.  Rain is another thing that you should take note of when visiting places in Hoi An. Though it is not too heavy, you should check the weather forecast carefully to have a truly relaxing trip. 


Things to do in Hoi An in April 

Hoi An owns many magnificent beaches where you can soak up the sun in April, including An Bang Beach, Cua Dai Beach, Ha My Beach, and Binh Minh Beach, etc. Once coming to Hoi An, never miss your chance to go on a food tour around this ancient town. The must-eat dishes are white rose dumplings, Quang seafood noodles, Cao Lau, Vietnamese crispy pancakes, Banh My, etc.

You also should spend your time exploring Hoi An ancient town where there are many cultural destinations, going for a stroll to the Lantern Market and exploring the nightlife in Hoi An night market, etc.

Hoi An is no doubt a charming old town where you can explore many amazing things. Hoi An weather in April is pleasant for your outdoor activities; thus becoming an ideal time to visit this tourist attraction.

Beautiful Hoi An lantern in April

Beautiful Hoi An lantern in April


Tips for travelling Hoi An in April

  • As the temperature is sometimes high, bring a bottle of water along anywhere and drink a lot of water to avoid heat exhaustion 
  • High SPF sunscreen lotion is suggested as the sunshine here has quite a high UV index. 
  • To get to Hoi An, you can go by flight, bus, or train, according to your demand and budget.
  • The flight will cost you much but offer you the best service.
  • Bus and train are money-saving and flexible in time. 
  • In the town, you can get around by taxi, motorbike, or bicycle.
  • Especially, you can seat on a cyclo admiring the scene of Hoi An streets
  • If you have time, you can take a walk to visit places to enjoy the atmosphere of the town. 
  • Book your Hoi An tour in advance because April is peak tourist season it might hard to find a good guide/ car for later booking.

What to pack? 

You should pack everything well to make sure it will not be interrupted by any problems. According to the weather, it is recommended that you bring a short sleeves shirts, shorts, dresses, and skirts to wear during the time in Hoi An. Remember to pack a pair of shoes and sandals as you will mainly walk from place to place. Besides, there are 9 hours of sunshine during the daytime, so sunglasses and a tube of sunscreen lotion will save you from sunburnt. Additionally, you can bring along a raincoat and an umbrella in case of sudden rains. 

Above is our recommendation on Hoi An weather in April. For an amazing vacation in Hoi An, check out BestPrice Travel's wide selection of best tours here!

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