Hoi An weather in July: Temperature & Things to Do

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Hoi An is a famous tourist destination in Vietnam. With many ancient cultural values ​​and customs, Hoi An attracts a large number of visitors all over the world each year. When is a good time to visit? Is it July? This article will give you information about Hoi An weather in July as well as some suitable activities to do.

Hoi An is a famous tourist destination, like a rustic, simple, and poetic picture. Whether day or night, the ancient town of Hoi An is alluring and shimmering. In addition to cultural values ​​through diverse architecture, Hoi An also preserves intangible cultural values ​​through daily life. The customs, beliefs, folk art, cultural festivals along with poetic natural landscapes, specialty dishes all make Hoi An more attractive to visitors. Should we travel to Hoi An in July or not? Let's follow our article below.

Hoi An weather in July overview

The Hoi An weather in July is the period of the dry season, although the July temperature in Hoi An is high at about 37°C visitors will not feel too uncomfortable because of the hot weather. July is the end of the dry season in Hoi An so the weather is not too hot, clear, with little wind.

Temperature: The average high temperature of July is 37°C, while the average minimum temperature Hoi An in July is 26°C.

Rainfall: the rain falls for 11 days and the precipitation is 90 mm this month

Daylight:  the average length of the day is 14 hours

Sunshine: the average sunshine is 12 hours

Sea temperature: The average sea temperature is 30°C

Humidity: The average humidity is 67%

Thus, it can be concluded that Hoi An weather in July is suitable for outdoor and sight-seeing activities. 

Hoi An weather in July

Pros: Hoian in July is still in the attractive tourist season because this time is still the dry season. The schools are closed now, so you can see Hoian is busy this time. There many summer promotion for Hoi An tours to attract tourists.

Cons: You might feel a bit uncomfortable because of domestic peak season tourists.


Things to do in Hoi An in July

Take the boat trip to Cham island

July is the best time to visit Cham island as the weather is sunny, and the water condition is great. July also has great weather conditions for diving and snorkeling. There are plenty of dive centers and tour companies offering day trips from Hoian to Cu Lao Cham Marine Park. Besides snorkeling and diving on Cham island, there are many things to do on this island such as swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying water sports. The most popular beach is Bai Cong beach, located 2 km south of the main jetty. There’s plenty of shops here that offer equipment rentals for kayaking, jet skiing, and snorkeling

Take the boat trip to Cham island

Take the boat trip to Cham island


Check-in at An Bang and Cua Dai beach

Summertime is the time for beach relaxation, so do not miss your chance to check in on beautiful beaches in Hoian. An Bang beach is the most popular beach in Hoian. It is located right at the end of the main road out of Hoian, there are many restaurants, bars along the beach. The beach becomes crowded in the late afternoon, you can relax on the beach, enjoy a drink, or participate in some games on the beach. If you are looking for somewhere less busy, head to Cua Dai beach. Because of coastal erosion, many restaurants and bars have been moved to An Bang beach, making this place more peaceful. This beach is a perfect escape from the crowds of An Bang

Check-in at An Bang and Cua Dai beach

Check-in at An Bang and Cua Dai beach


Watch Hoian Memories Show

Hoian Memories Show is a great show where 500 performers take over the outdoor stage in their traditional ao dai costumes and modern staging techniques. Through music and dance, the Hoi An Memories show takes the viewer through the city’s colorful history from the traditional themed village to the port town and Hoian ancient town at the present. Hoian Memories Show is performed at the theme park which has some restaurants, both Vietnamese restaurants, and European restaurants for you to get some snacks or have dinner here. It’s worth visiting here.

Watch Hoian Memories Show

Watch Hoian Memories Show


Tips for traveling Hoi An in July

July is one of the best months to visit Hoian as it is the dry season and the weather here is much more comfortable than in any other place in Vietnam. It is still hot at noon, so take your chance to join the tour, or explore by yourself early in the morning or after 4 p.m in the afternoon. Hoian is beautiful in the morning or after 4 pm, you can take the best pictures this time.

If you have a short time in Hoian and want to spend your time as much as you can on activities, just visit indoor attractions when it is hot.

July is the peak season for domestic tourists in Hoian, you should book the flight tickets, hotel accommodation, or tour early in advance.

Visitors traveling to Hoi An should plan on bringing a totally waterproof rain jacket since it will often be raining. Also, bring your shorts or a skirt because it can be very warm or even hot.

The weather in Hoi An in July will probably be hot because it is in summer so the temperature will be high. But that will not be a problem if you want to travel to Hoi An. There are many great fun activities for you when you come.

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