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Hoi An Weather in November & Tips for Travel in Rainy Season

June 21, 2021 - 5202 views

Hoi An is considered one of the destinations that tourists must visit when coming to Vietnam. The town itself is ancient and vibrant at the same time. Therefore, on your first trip to Hoi An, you can feel a very strange and interesting atmosphere. Besides, as lying in Central Vietnam, Hoi An features the weather that is not stable throughout the year. Tourists should know about Hoi An weather each month to make a travel plan in a reasonable and convenient way. So, if you plan to visit in November, what should you know about Hoi An weather at that time?

Hoi An weather in November overview

In all central provinces of Vietnam, there are two seasons with distinguished weather conditions throughout the year. One is dry and hot, occurs from February to July. During this time, the average temperature ranges from over 20°C to 35°C. Heatwaves and dryness will be what you can feel. The other is the wet season taking place from August to January with low temperature, high rainfall, and sudden thunderstorms. 

In November, while it is cold in northern Vietnam with an average temperature can be under 20°C, the south regions make tourists feel uncomfortable due to the hot weather, Hoi An is different because of the cool climate. Though occurring within the cold and wet season, November is not the peak of coldness and wetness in Hoi An which has to be between December and January. Therefore, cool weather with slight rains is what you can feel. 

During November, the average temperature in Hoi An is from 22°C to 27°C. During the daytime, which has about 11.4 hours of daylight, there are about 6 hours of sunshine, making it quite warm. At night, the temperature will drop a little bit, which makes you feel cooler.

Besides, as November falls in the rainy season in Hoi An rains are quite abundant at this time with rainfall from 363 mm. Tourists can face sudden rain while travelling. However, the rain may appear for only 7 days in November. Visitors still can check the weather information before the trip to have a good preparation for each type of weather condition.

Hoi An weather November



  • Hoi An weather during the month is quite cool and comfortable so travelling will be a great experience.
  • This is not yet the peak season of tourism in Hoi An. Therefore, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about being interrupted by strangers. 
  • At this time, rains will make the tourist spots even more stunning so you will have more chance to take some great photos of them

Cons: The only disadvantage of travelling to Hoi An in November is that you can face sudden rain during your trip, which will prevent you from taking part in outdoor activities. Besides, rain can make the street flooded so it is quite inconvenient for getting around. 


Things to do in Hoi An in November 

In November, heavy rain appears a lot. As a result, the streets may be flooded. Tourists can have an opportunity to experience the feeling of sitting on a small boat and watching the city from a different look. Moreover, because November is in the rainy season, it is not suitable and safe to visit islands. However, if you choose to go to the islands on sunny days, you still need to follow the rules to ensure safety.

Also, on rainy days, if you are unable to walk on the street, you can still visit the indoor locations such as Chaozhou Assembly Hall, Guangdong Assembly Hall, or Hoi An Museum of History and Culture. Especially on a rainy night, Hoi An is more sparkling with colourful lanterns. Walking on the street under those lanterns, you will feel like going through a dream path in a magical story as you dreamed of in your childhood.

Hoi An in November is quiet, peaceful, and gentle. For those who do not like the hustle and bustle of the old town, this is the best time for you to explore Hoi An. People in Hoi An are always friendly and hospitable, willing to bring visitors the most satisfying experiences when coming to this land.

Take a cyclo around Hoi An in november

Take a cyclo around Hoi An in november


Tips for travelling to Hoi An in November 

  • Check the weather forecast carefully to make sure that you will not face any rain while visiting. 
  • Hats & raincoats are always the most important things to bring along because rain can set in anytime. 
  • Pack simple clothes that are easy to dry along with slippers and waterproof backpacks. 
  • For those who are vulnerable to weather, bring along some bills in case of weather allergy.
  • Bring a clear bag to include your important documents such as passport, identity card, visa, and so on, to prevent them from getting wet due to the rain. 
  • Prepare an insect repellent as there will be a lot of insects in the surrounding environment. 
  • Slippers are better to travel during the rainy season rather than shoes. 

What to pack?

As November is in the rainy season, you should prepare all essential things to avoid getting wet. Raincoats, umbrellas, waterproof luggage and shoes are always needed so remember to bring at least one each. For getting around more easily as in Hoi An you will mainly walk from place to place, you can bring along a pair of sandals or slippers. Other things that should be brought are some shirts both short-sleeved for the daytime and long-sleeved for the night, some skirts or dresses, shorts, and warm clothes. Besides, as there is still sunshine during the day, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion are essential. 

Above is our recommendation on Hoi An weather in November. If you are looking for Hoi An tours please visit our website

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