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A Complete Guide to the Rainy Season in Hoi An

April 07, 2023 - 8207 views

Hoi An is beautiful all time during the year, no matter if it is hot or cold, wet or dry. If you come to visit Hoi An in the rainy season, there are still a lot of things to do. So enjoy your travels in Hoi An during the rainy season.

Hoi An rainy season

An overview of Hoi An's rainy season

Hoi An's climate is classified as tropical. This means that temperatures are warm all year, and the year is distinguished by distinct wet and dry seasons. Many people think that the rainy season isn’t a good time to travel, but perhaps with Hoi An, this is an exception. Just like poetic Da Lat, Hoi An in the rainy season is also impressive with its strangely romantic and peaceful beauty. 

When is the rainy season in Hoi An?

Hoi An’s weather is portrayed by high temperature, hot and humid climate, high light intensity, and much rainfall in a number of months in a year. The rainy season starts from August to January next year and is situated in a tropical monsoon climate. However, most of the rains occur from October to December, making these months the lowest season, the other months' weather is still pleasant, and not too wet. During these months, Hoi An put on a new, poetic, and romantic shirt that is incredibly beautiful.

The annual rainfall is about 2110 mm. Months with the largest precipitation are October, November, September with 1331 mm downpour. Most of the rains occur in October with an average precipitation of 549 mm. That’s a very high number, and you can expect a lot of rain this month.

It's the rainy season, so there’s probably a lot of rain in Hoi An in these months. On average, Hoi An city experiences 17 rainy days per month in this half of the year from August to January, the average humidity is 84%. The highest amount of rain concentrates in October, with 23 rainy days and the humidity can be up to 100%.

It is cool and quite pleasant during this period thanks to the rain. The temperature fluctuates about 22°C – 28°C. Coming to Hoi An in the rainy season, you can enjoy all outdoor activities without worrying about sweating or sun burning. The highest temperature recorded is 32℃ in a few days in August, the other month's weather is much breeze. In January, the temperature dropped to 19℃ at night because of the cold air from the North affecting this Central city.

Hoi An rainy season

Hoi An rainy season


Should you travel during Hoi An's rainy season?

Visiting a tourist destination at any time of the year, there are always advantages and disadvantages. Even if you are coming at the best time, with perfect weather characters, you will have to deal with some problems that everyone has to deal with. And it seems like everybody always wants to stay away from travelling during the rainy season, but let’s make a small review to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling to Hoi An in the rainy season.


  • The rains, of course. It’s fine with the quick downpours, but when it comes to long and heavy rains of October or November, your itinerary will easily be interrupted, and you can miss your schedule.
  • Bad weather makes transportations delays, or cancels sometimes, especially the flights.
  • The rain makes it really difficult to do outdoor activities, and the beach vacations perhaps occur in the imaginations. 
  • In this season, Hoi An experiences a large amount of rainfall and suffers some tropical storms. The rains can last several days, sometimes a week, causing floods. Flooding season will begin from October and normally end in late November or early December. Floods also do not happen all the time, so if you want to come visiting the city at this time of the year, you should watch the weather forecast carefully, and always keep yourself updated.

Hoi An rainny season cause floods

Hoi An rainny season cause floods


  • Thanks to the downsizing of the number of tourists, all services are amazingly cheap, and even better, you can find thousands of great deals come together with that. So you can save so much money for discovering other activities or new destinations.
  • The rains make Hoi An city look magnificently peaceful and poetic. If you are an introvert, or just simply love quietness and want to take a break in the middle of the journey, Hoi An in the rainy season is a perfect choice for you.
  • The low season brings another advantage that it’s impossible to find in the other time. Travelling to Hoi An in the rainy season, all tourist attractions are not touristy at all. You can take the best pictures and don't need to wait for so long or choose an extremely narrow edge because of the crowd.
  • Hoi An is so famous for its mouthwatering cuisine, and did you know that the cool weather makes the food seem more delicious. Just come and try, then you will never regret it.

Hoi An more quite in rainy season

Hoi An more quite in rainy season


Things to do while travelling Hoi An in the rainy season

You have a perfect plan for Hoi An for your holiday vacation. When you arrive, it rains all the time 24 hours a day. You need another plan. Below are a few activities you may want to do when you are in the rainy season.

Spend a few hours at a café or bar

The first thing to do on a rainy day in Hoi An is to spend your time at a café or bar. When the rain comes and you cannot go sightseeing, just spend a few hours enjoying some coffee or cocktail. How wonderful it is when sipping a cup of Vietnamese coffee in a nice coffee shop on a rainy day. Feel the rhythm of raindrops outside.

There are many cafés in Hoi An where you can enjoy not only coffee but also food (both local and western). Hai Cafe and Tam Tam are famous coffee shops in Hoi An. If you are looking for a bar to soak up the nightlife in Hoi an, then Le Loi, Nguyen Thai Hoc, or riverside streets have some famous bars like Before and Now, Q bar, etc. Happy hours, promotions, live entertainment, and strong booze after midnight will not disappoint you. The price of a coffee cup is about 2 USD and a beer is less.

cafe Hoi An rainy day

Enjoy a cup of coffee on a rainy day in Hoi An 

Relax and vitalize at spas

The second thing to do when it rains in Hoi An is relaxing at a spa. Some people travel a lot during their holiday and even “need a vacation to recover after a vacation”. A Rainy day is a great time for you to relax, and just relax, no traveling, no touring. Hotels and resorts in Hoi An offer a wide range of spa treatments for you to choose from: body therapies, foot massages, facials, waxing, herbal steam baths, saunas, hair treatments, and nail treatments, etc. Spa service at hotels or resorts is often higher than it is at local spas. They are within walking distance of the hotel. During quieter hours, they often offer a 10% discount or more.

Please see recommended spas with the price for 60 minutes’ massage below:

  • Luxury: Woosah Spa (45 USD), KOI Resort & Spa (38 USD), Akoya Spa – Vinpearl Resort & Spa Hoian (52 USD)
  • Mid-range: Citrus Spa (16 USD) Palmarosa Spa (17 USD), Five Senses Spa (20 USD)
  • Budget: Natura Spa (12 USD), Pandanus Spa (12 USD), Hidden Gem (18 USD)

Spa hoi an rainy day

Relax at Spa on a rainy day in Hoi An

Join a cooking class

Joining a cooking class in Hoi An in the rainy season will be another great thing to do. When you taste delicious Vietnamese food, you may want to learn how to cook it. Now it is a rainy day and you have to cancel your outdoor activity, let's join a cooking class in Hoi An. Hoi An is a great place to learn how to cook real Vietnamese cuisine, which is a perfect combination of cuisine from the north and the south.

Under the instruction of the chef, cooking becomes easy and a lot of fun, you also have a chance to talk to local people and immerse yourself in the real Vietnam. Plenty of restaurants offer cooking classes, but the best way is to book a cooking class through a tour agency. Red Bridge Cooking School (35 USD), Hoi An Eco Cooking Class (32 USD), Thuan Tinh Island Cooking Tour (39 USD) are among the best cooking classes in Hoi An.

Cooking class is best for travelling in rainy season to Hoi An

Join a cooking class in Hoi An

Get clothes tailor-made

Hoi An, also known as the tailoring capital of the world, is an ideal place where you can find a lot of good tailor shops. In Hoi An, there are more than 200 tailors who can make suits, dresses, casual clothes… tailored. The price for tailoring in Hoi An is affordable, but the quality is up to international standards. You can get a tailored-made suit from 90 USD to 280 USD. After choosing the materials and design, getting measured, you can come back to pick up your new clothes after few days or few hours depending on the service you choose (normal or express) or kind of clothes. Suit needs from 4 to 5 days to be done while the tailors need half-day for simple clothes. There is an express service with a little extra fee. Recommended tailor shops in Hoi An are Be Be Tailor, Yaly Couture, A Dong Silk, and Kimmy Tailor. Getting your clothes tailor-made on rainy days is definitively one of the best things to do in Hoi An.

Tailor made rainy hoi an

Visit clothes shops in Hoi An on rainy days


Learn how to make a lantern

Learning how to make lanterns when it rains in Hoi An is a good idea. It is believed that creating a lantern will bring luck, happiness, and wealth and the lantern also can become a wonderful souvenir. A class often takes place from 2 to 3 hours, in which you will learn traditional techniques to make lanterns in different shapes and sizes from materials like silk and bamboo. The instructor will show you the process from the start to the beginning and you can bring the lantern you made home. You listen to the story about lantern when joining the class. The fee for joining the class is about 15 USD.

learn lartern hoi an rainy day

Learn how to make a lantern with local people 


Tips For Hoi An Travel During Rainy Season

  • Umbrella and raincoat or poncho are needed as the rain will fall regularly.
  • Check the weather forecast constantly to ensure your plan suits the weather situation.
  • Flip Flops, sleepers, or any rain footwear are important for travelling Hoi An in the rainy season.
  • The coldest time of Hoi n is in January, and the lowest temperature is just around 19℃, so you should prepare more light clothes and a few warm stuff for your trip. You will surely not want to move on when your clothes are still not dry yet in days.
  • And some medicine to make sure that you have backup in case you catch a cold when travelling under the rain.
  • Book your Hoi An tours with a local travel agent because it will help if you need to adjust your plan due to floods or heavy rain.

Above is everything about the weather of Hoi An in the rainy season and some recommended things to do this time of the year. Hope that you enjoy every minute of your time in Hoi An. We can arrange the above activities for you, just contact us directly because our consultants are always ready to help.

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