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Joining a cooking class is one of the best things to do in Hoian. It is not only a chance to learn how to book delicious dishes, but also a chance for you to understand more about local culture.

Most cooking class in Hoian goes with a lot of other activities like cycling, riding basket boats, visiting markets. The below article will provide more detail about the cooking class in Hoian.

Cooking class hoi an

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Hoian is a great place in Vietnam to learn cooking because it is in the center area, the cuisine here is a perfect combination between the north and the south of Vietnam. Joining the cooking class here, you will be able to learn the best of Vietnamese cuisine.
Cooking class in Hoian is not only about cooking, but also about learning about the culture, local life. It is the place where you can chat with locals, eat with locals, work like locals, and appreciate life more.

Best places to choose

There is more than 50 cooking class in Hoian, choosing a cooking class to participate is even more difficult than cooking in the class. But do not worry, below is the list of best cooking classes in Hoian for you to choose

1. Hoian Eco Cooking Class

Hoi An Eco Cooking Class is a local family run business that brings you a chance to escape from the busy city and experience rural life in the countryside of Vietnam. Their class has a lot of fun activities besides cooking, which is visiting the local market to pick up some ingredients for the class, joining in local fishermen in a traditional basket boat, learning how to catch fish by rods and special net…There is even a competition among the participants racing the boats. After the boat trip, you will return the school where you will be taught how to cook some best dishes in Hoian such as Goi Cuon (fresh rice paper rolls), Bun Thit Nuong (grilled pork vermicelli noodles), Nom Hoa Chuoi (Banana flower salad) and Ban Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake). In this class, you will prepare all of the dishes on your own, so you will feel proud when you can do it. At the end of the class, you will be given special cooking tools, a mini-cookbook.

Eco cooking class hoi an

Basket boat trip in Hoian Eco cooking class

2. Red Bridge

If Hoian eco cooking class is more focused on fun activities, visiting the Cam Thanh village on the basket boat, then the Red Bridge class will allow you to walk through a picturesque village called Tra Que, a brand name for the village’s fragrant and high-quality herbs. The village is named after the sweet-scented herbs that are used in the everyday meals of Hoian people, such as mint, coriander, and basil. The vegetables and herbs in this village also help to create the best food in Hoian like Mi Quang or Cao Lau. Visiting the village, you also have a chance to see more rural Vietnam. The cooking session lasts 2 hours for half day tour and 3 hours for a full-day tour. There is also an option for evening cooking class in Hai Café which is the sister restaurant. The published price for a half-day tour is 35USD/person and the full-day tour is 59USD/person, however, contact us to book the tour for any discount.

Red bridge

Cooking class in Red bridge school

3. Tra Que Water Wheel Organic Farm Cooking Class

For a deeper understanding of the fresh herb, vegetable, and other ingredients for cooking in Hoian, pick up Tra Que Water Wheel Organic Farm Cooking Class. Tra Que Water Wheel Organic Farm Cooking Class is a cooking class in the heart of Tra Que village. The first part of this class is taking a boat to visit a market where you talk with local people, bargain on the products you buy. Then you will be cycling to the village where you wear like a farmer and do the farming work including preparing the soil, planting the herbs, and watering and hoeing the vegetable beds. After that, you will be given a hand to prepare a meal with Vietnamese specialties. The highlight of the class is riding and interacting with the water buffalo, it is fun and interesting. Lots of tourists love it, especially the kids. Others like the cooking session where they learn how to make rice paper.

Tra Que

Working as a farmer in Tra Que Water Wheel Organic Farm Cooking Class

Cooking class

Kid having fun with water buffalo riding

4. Green Bamboo cooking school

This cooking class is run by a multi-lingual Vietnamese chef Van. She is a fabulous cook and host. The class can be customized with max of 10 people per class. Joining the class, you will be visiting the local market, then Ms. Van will invite you to her home and kitchen to cook. There, you will be able to learn how to cook the Vietnamese food chosen by you. The class is different from other classes in Hoian, which can personalize the cooking. In her class, you can enjoy a meal in family style with our own pace

Green bamboo cooking class

Ms. Van and attendants in her cooking class

Tips and Experiences

- There are a lot of cooking classes in Hoian, and it is important to decide which kind of class you want to join before signing up for any. Depending on what you are looking for, it can be class with visiting a market, cycling a village, riding a basket boat, or just cooking in a restaurant.

- Each class teaches some specific dishes, so do some research before booking a class to know which one is suitable for you.

- You will eat what you cooked at the end of the class, so do not forget to attend the class on an empty stomach.

- There are Vegetarian options on cooking class but remember to inform the cook or tour guide in advance if you have any special diet.

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Above is general information about the cooking class in Hoian. If there is anything you need to know about cooking class or anything about Hoian, do not hesitate to contact us.

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