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Hoi An weather in February: Temperature & Things to Do

June 21, 2021 - 529 views

If you are wondering whether the Hoi An weather in February is fine enough for your upcoming trip, then this is the article for you. Keep reading as we will provide you with the most useful information. 


Hoi An, which is situated in the Central of Vietnam, is known as one of the most famous places that tourists should not skip whenever coming to this country. The town itself features extraordinary stunning scenery that is made of many ancient houses stretching along the street. Hoi An is beautiful no matter what the weather here is like. However, if you only have one month free, we highly recommend you visit the town in February. It is because Hoi An weather in February is comfortable for visitors to enjoy all the interesting activities. Let’s check it out. 

Hoi An weather in February overview

Like other central provinces of Vietnam, Hoi An features two seasons with distinguished weather conditions throughout the year. One is dry and hot, occurs from February to July with the temperature ranging from over 20°C to 35°C. Heatwaves and dryness will be what you can feel. The other is the cold and wet season which takes place from August to January with low temperature, high rainfall, and sudden thunderstorms.  

February is the last month of winter (cold wet season) in Central Vietnam and Hoi An, therefore, the weather here this month is not heavily affected by low temperature and wetness. Instead, it turns out quite cool and comfortable with the average temperature from 20°C to 26°C. During the daylight, it can be a bit warm due to 8 hours of sunshine, while at night, the temperature drops by some degrees, making it quite chilly. Though not affected too much by the set and cold season, Hoi An weather in February can still experience rains with the rainfall of about 32 mm and 4 days of rain. 

Overall, Hoi An weather in February quite supports travelling activities. On coming to the town during the month, you will have a chance to take part in both outdoor and indoor activities to thoroughly enjoy the beatify of Hoi An. Let’s take a quick look at what you can join during your time here. 

Hoi An weather february

Pros: In February, you will have the chance to take part in many activities, both outdoor and indoor, which promises to be an interesting experience. The favourable weather will also make the scenery even more stunning, so you will have more chances to take some great photos.

Cons: Rains can set in at any time, so it will be quite annoying when you are taking part in outdoor activities. 


Things to do in Hoi An in February 

Coming to Hoi An in February, you will have a chance to experience a lot of amazing activities. The Hoi An weather in February makes it perfect for exploring things. If you love the beach, you can choose from a wide range of beaches around Hoi An such as An Bang, Cua Dai, and Mui Ne. You can also book a boat trip to Cham Island to enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

The second thing we highly recommend you to do in Hoi An is to eat as much food as you can. You only stay here for a few days so why don’t try all the local cuisines in Hoi An? Some of the specialities you must try in Hoi An are White Rose dumplings, Fried Wonton dumplings, Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles, Crispy Pancake, and Vietnamese Rice Crackers.

As we have mentioned before, Hoi An is a tranquil town so exploring the rice paddle in the countryside is a common thing that tourists often do whenever they come here. Then you will see a great blue sky along with many water buffalos standing on the green fields. Grabbing a bike and ride around the town will help you feel the real Vietnam.


Events & festival 

If you have searched for information about Vietnam, you may know that February is the month of the biggest festival in Vietnam - the Lunar New Year. This festival will fall at a different time of different year, however, the general atmosphere of Vietnam during February is delightful, decorative, and energetic. However, you have to bear in mind that the price of things in Vietnam during this time will be higher than normal and there will even no business open on some days. Thus, make sure to plan your trip carefully before coming.

Vietnam lunar new year

Vietnam lunar new year


Tips for travelling Hoi An in February

  • To get to Hoi An, you can go by flight, bus, or train, according to your demand and budget
  • The flight will cost you the most but provide you with the best service
  • Bus and train are money-saving and flexible in time. 
  • Taxi, motorbike, and bicycle are available to offer trips around the town
  • Seating on a cyclo admiring the scene of Hoi An streets is fun
  • If you have time, you can take a walk to visit places to enjoy the atmosphere of the town. 

What to pack? 

As the weather is quite comfortable, you don’t need to bring much. Usually, it is recommended that you should bring along some short sleeves shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses. A cardigan is also needed when you go out at night. Also, as you will mainly walk from place to place, you should bring a pair of shoes and sandals to get around conveniently. Sunglasses and a tube of sunscreen are recommended as there is sunshine during the daytime. Finally, rains can sometimes set in, so you should bring along a raincoat and an umbrella. 

Above is our recommendation on Hoi An weather in February. As this is one of the best months to visit the ancient town, why don't you book a Hoi An tour to come here immediately? 

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