Hoi An Weather & Temperature in October: Best Things to Do

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Some tourists consider October as a bad time to visit Hoi An because there are more rainy days than sunny ones, you may see typhoons or floods. However, many tourists still choose Hoian to visit in October. October with the cool weather is great to visit for those who can handle the scorching heat in the summer months, or cold weather in the winter. Find the detail of the Hoi An weather in October with us in the following article!

Hoi An weather in October overview

Together with November, October is the wettest month of the year in Hoi An. As it can rain for 20 days in the month, the ancient town experiences more rainy days than dry ones. It may also have typhoons and floods. However, the temperature becomes more comfortable.

  • Temperature: The temperature varies from 23oC to 29oC, with an average temperature of 26oC.
  • Sunshine: It shines about 6 hours per day.
  • The average rainfall: It is 526 mm
  • Rainy days: It rains about 20 days in October
  • Sea temperature: The Sea temperature is 28oC, which is suitable for swimming.
  • Humidity: The humidity is 82%
  • Windspeed: 8.3kph

Hoi An weather in October


Pros: the weather is cool with some rainy days, the town will not attract many tourists to visit. So you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the old town at your own pace, all services are faster because the number of guests is less. Coming to Hoi An in November, you can enjoy checking in with shimmering lanterns along with many attractive destinations.

Cons: With a rainy climate, cloudy weather, little sunshine, it can make many tourists hesitate to choose Hoi An for their holiday. The rains can come suddenly when you are travelling around this beautiful town, which interrupts your plan. October is also the beginning season of storms in Hoian, so bear in mind that you can get one during your travel to the ancient town in October


Things to do in Hoi An in October

Take the cycle ride

Unlike in many other cities, Cyclo here is fun and safe. When you enter the Old Town, it will only take a few seconds before you see your first cyclo. All the cyclo drivers here wear uniforms and have registration numbers, you can easily take one, then the tour begins. The standard tour takes you along the waterfront, past the central market, small alleys, and stop at some places for sightseeing, taking pictures. 

Take the cycle ride

Take the cycle ride


Join lantern making class

“City of Lantern” is what people say about Hoian thanks to the variety of lanterns in town. For many years until now, lantern making has become one of the major occupations of local people. They also run classes for visitors who love this colorful light and want to learn more about it. The course lasts from 2-3 hours, during which you are taught to make your own lantern and listen to the stories of the locals. The instructor is very helpful and can show you the process from start to finish.


Take pictures in the rain

Not many people have the opportunity to enjoy the old town when it rains. Walking down the path of the ancient town when it rains is really romantic. Especially after the rain, the sky becomes blue and clear, the whole place is beautiful. After the rain, the city seems to be washed, this land is like wearing a new shirt. The sun shines again. Taking pictures this time, you can have the best pictures of Hoian.

Take pictures in the rain

Take pictures in the rain in Hoi An


Boat ride around the alleys

Located in the lower part of the Thu Bon River, every time it rains heavily, the whole small city is submerged in seawater. Visiting Hoi An this time, you will have the chance to get a unique and interesting experience, take the boat sightseeing tour. With only 100.000 VND, you can take about 60 minutes boat ride along the street, watching the old town. Remember not to take the old and ruined boat, and put on the life vest when you join the tour

HOi An in October

Enjoy the beauty of Hoi An on the basket boat 


Relax at spa and massage

On rainy days, instead of confining yourself in your hotel room, why don't you relax and unwind at the spa and massage? When it rains, you can't go out, so relax in the aroma of herbs in Spa and massage. Most large hotels and resorts will provide spa and massage services, so you can avoid getting wet in the rain. The spa and massage services outside the hotel can be a bit lower if you prefer.


Tips for traveling Hoi An in October

Traveling to the ancient town in October, you may encounter some rains, typhoons, or even floods. Do not get frustrated because of the weather condition. There are always some things for you to do in Hoi An. Plan an alternative plan before your traveling or contact your travel consultant for free advice.

What to pack?

  • If you're going to the beach, bathing suits, swimwear
  • Sandals with the rugged bottom, Rain boots
  • Raincoat, Umbrella, Waterproof luggage
  • Skirts, Short sleeve shirts, Shorts, Dresses
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen lotion,

In the last months of the year, especially October, the weather in Hoi An is not as harsh as the cold North. However, this town is still very beautiful and charming, even in the rainy season. Therefore, if you come n October, enjoy the best Hoi An tours here.

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