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Due to its large size, wide range of geographic features, a north-to-south distance of 1,650 kilometers, all domestic flights are quite short. The longest flight which connects Hanoi and Phu Quoc Island.


Our website sells domestic & international flights. Popular airline for are Vietnam Airline, Jetstar, Vietjet Air & Bamboo airline. It is very easy for you to book it online with your credit card. Please access to our website and do the steps with detail as below:

  • Search your flight: One-way or round trip, please choose your “flying from” destination & “flying to” destination, your fly date, number of person: Adults, Children, Infants then click to “search flights”
  • Flights list show from cheapest price, so if you prefer time or Airline Company we have the “filter results” on the left hand. Our flight list shows the air fares, not included tax & fees, if you would like to see the final price please click to “Show Flight Details” After find your suitable flight please click to “select” to continue next step.
  • Put flight passenger: continue to this step you will put all clients’ name to flight passenger (please make sure put all names which are shown on your passport included first name, middle name & last name.
  • Book flight baggage: With Vietnam airlines, all domestic flights they include 20kg checked-luggage for each clients but the Vietjet Air & Jetstar do not included, if you have your checked-luggage, please pre-book before your flight directly on our website or contact with travel consultant to do it, it will be cheaper than you pay directly at the airport. After finish all detaila please click to “Process check out” to continue the next step.
  • “Review your booking”: this step will help you review again your flight detail with flight date, flight destination, flight passenger, price, fare rule… After review you’re booking, please put your contact detail for any urgent contact included information when the airline company delays your flight.
  • “Book only by your credit card”: here is the last step to confirm your flight, make payment online using your credit card.

After making your payment, our system will send you an email with the invoice confirm again your ticket. Within a working day (24 hours) our e-tickets will be sent to you. If you have any problem with our online booking system, please send email to or contact us.

The price shown on our website is the basic fare and it is not included tax & passenger service fee. The final price will be shown at the confirmation page before you make the payment. 20kg checked-luggage is included for Vietnam airline but not included for Vietjet & Jetstar.

After your booking for the flights is submitted, it could be held for a limited time, depending on availability of the seat and the policy of the airlines. If you do not process the payment or answer our email, we will automatically cancel your flight. If your flight was booked urgently for next day or same day, it might not be held. You have to make prepayment for the current flight, then our ticketing agent will confirm with you after issuing E-ticket.

If you would like to change the schedule, date … or a refund for the tickets, please send us an email to The fee for changing the ticket depends on tickets rule which is publiczed on the website. You can see it when you book the flight.

We would like to recommend you to be at airport at least 60 minutes for domestic flight & 120 minutes for international flight in case of traffic jam.

If you come late and could not check in on-time due to some unexpected situation, you might lose the fare or have to pay extra for different flight.

All passengers require at the boarding gate at least 45 minutes before departure time on boarding pass. If you are 15 minute late, your seats may be cancelled. 

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