Chiang Mai - Weather

A lot of tourists are wondering when the best time to visit Chiang Mai is. It is not easy to tell exactly when as it depends on your interests. Please see the details below to choose the best time for a Chiang Mai vacation.

1. Best Season In Chiang Mai

Winter (November - February)

This is high tourist season because the weather is dry and pleasant with a light breeze, and the sky is clear blue. Temperatures vary from 10°C during nighttime to 28 - 30°C during daytime. It is recommended to bring light jackets in case you need them. In addition to nice weather, winter is considered the best time to visit Chiang Mai since there are plenty of outdoor activities and interesting festivals like the Loi Krathong festivities in November and the Chiang Mai Flower Festival in February. All things considered, January is considered the best month to visit Chiang Mai to enjoy the perfect weather condition.

Winter is the perfect time to visit Chiang Mai

Summer (March - May)

The end of March is summertime in Chiang Mai and the temperatures can reach beyond 32°C. However, March & April are still a good time to visit Chiang Mai if you are looking for hot deals of hotel and flight booking. Take your chance to enjoy the swimming pool or a night out with cool weather at night. Do not miss joining Songkran Festival (Thai New Year) and Poy Sang Long festival (Buddhist Novice monk ordination ceremony), if you are in Chiang Mai during this time. Remember to bring light cotton, sunglasses, and hats in order to avoid the sunlight.

Summer is an ideal time for outdoor activities in Chiang Mai

Rainy season (June-October)

During the rainy season in Chiang Mai, the temperature is lowered while humidity increases. Due to the high precipitation, tourists should avoid traveling to Chiang Mai in the rainy season. However, the ancient town becomes quieter than nature and scenery are at their deepest green. It is not a bad idea to visit Chiang Mai during the rainy time, because the travel cost is not as high as it is in other seasons. Less touristic means that you can enjoy luxury services at a reasonable price.

Additionally, the rainy season is a good time to visit Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai. Because of the low tourist season, you will have more time playing with this lovely animal. Get wet with the elephant during the rainy season!

Visit Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai in the rainy season

2. Best Festival In Chiang Mai

Depending on what makes you interested, you can choose the best time to join the following festivals in Chiang Mai.

Lantern festival (Loy Krathong & Yi Peng)

Loy Krathong (The Floating Lantern Festival) & Yi Peng (Chiang Mai Sky Lantern Festival) are celebrated on the full moon day of the 12th lunar month according to the Thai calendar. Usually, this time falls from mid-October to mid-November and lasts for a few days. People release a lantern into a river or into the sky to wish all problems and bad luck away as it is regarded as a symbol of new beginnings. The festival has also become popular with couples who wish for a happy life or marriage together when releasing their lanterns at the same time.

Yi Peng Festival offers the best time to visit Chiang Mai

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Thai water festival (Songkran)

This New Year festival is one of the most famous festivals in Thailand, which falls around mid-April and lasts for a few daysWith a wish for a year of blessings, people join a range of activities including water throwing, water spraying, and dousing on each other. There is also a lot of fun and you can make more new friends during this time.

Many people visit Chiang Mai during Songkran Festival

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Flower festival

The festival is on the first weekend of every February and lasts for 3 days. You will see flowers almost everywhere from the gardens to the streets. Hundreds of girls wearing a dress made from flowers will join the beauty competition at the Flower Festival. Joining the festival will have a chance to learn more about Thai traditions and to find unique souvenirs for your beloved ones.

Special occasions

  • Honeymoon: Winter is a great time for honeymoon couples to visit Chiang Mai. It is the time when the weather is cool, dry and couples can enjoy their romantic time at the Lantern Festival.
  • Wedding: If you want to celebrate your wedding in Chiang Mai, November until mid-February is the perfect time. It is when there is no heavy rain and a great time for outdoor activities.

November until mid-February is the perfect time to visit Chiang Mai for wedding couples

Hope that above information can help you to pick up an ideal time for your trip to Chiang Mai. Wintertime is the best time to visit Chiang Mai if you are not on a budget. Otherwise, if you are looking for cheapest time to visit Chiang Mai, let’s travel from late April to late October when the accommodation and flight tickets drop.

After choosing the most suitable time to visit Chiang Mai, plan a trip with BestPrice Travel.