Pattaya - Things to do

Referring to Pattaya without talking about nightlife activities is a big mistake. Nightlife in Pattaya is bustling and fun. Let's find out more in the article.

Pattaya is located about 150km southeast of Bangkok, Thailand. This place started to become one of Thailand's most attractive tourist destinations very early, around 1967, so you can find many hotels and motels near the sea with old-style architecture, and nostalgia, and a relatively low price. However, most tourists to Pattaya prefer accommodations near the nightlife spots in Pattaya and far from the sea to enjoy the crowds and madness of the streets when night falls.

1. Watch The Cabaret Show

Usually, first-time travelers to Thailand often confuse the concept between a transgender show (Cabaret Show) and a Sex Show. Cabaret shows are often artistic. It is a fun music show; the costumes of transgender dancers are designed in shimmering colors that make you think you are watching a music festival. The Cabaret show is suitable for those traveling with family.

The cabaret show is a comprehensive program that includes musical items invested in both sound and costumes that are highly eye-catching and impressive. The dancers are transgender boys rigorously selected in beauty and talent.

Cabaret Show - Top Nightlife activities in Pattaya

Cabaret Show is a fun music show which is suitable for those traveling with family

2. Explore Pattaya Walking Street

Dubbing the "sleepless street" of Pattaya Beach, the Pattaya Walking Street, with entertainment activities, international restaurants, and new clubs open all night, will be an enchanting stop for guests who love to party. During the day, Walking Street is a market with many clothes, pictures, jewelry, gems, handicrafts, and souvenirs. When it gets dark, this walking street will officially come to life with all its bustle. At night, the whole neighborhood is covered with glittering lights in the night sky, bars, nightclubs, and pubs full of guests. At nightlife in Pattaya, this street becomes more crowded and noisy with a complex mix of sounds, chatter in many different languages, jazz, rock, and guitar. Each beat resounded to harmonize the loud harmonica, making a unique harmony only in this famous walking street.

Along both sides of the street are colorful and sparkling stalls; visitors can also regularly see incredibly sexy girls always hanging around the road. Besides, tricycles are selling traditional Thai food, some locals are wandering about selling roses, and some street music groups occupy a corner to play, sing, and serve, from sad melodies to immortal love songs and vibrant dance. All give each visitor fresh inspiration, awakening rebellion, and visitors will indeed be fascinated by the atmosphere full of enthusiasm and excitement. Immersed in the pace of life here, visitors will have unforgettable experiences and impressions.

Pattaya walking street - Top Nightlife activities in Pattaya

Explore Pattaya's walking street with various entertainment activities

3. Have fun at bars, pubs and nightclubs

If you think Bangkok is the place to feel the vibrant nightlife, you may not have been to Pattaya already. They all gather in Pattaya night, from huge nightclubs to lively bars, beach parties to pubs.

Nightclubs are also places where you can feel life in Pattaya at night. You can come to 808 clubs located on the pedestrian street. 808 is a favorite night spot in Pattaya, which always brings an exciting atmosphere with the music, and the laser effect is very significant. Many delicious drinks are included in special offers and promotions. So you don't have to worry too much about the cost.

Besides, Horizon Rooftop Bar at Hilton is a great choice for a sophisticated experience and to enjoy the city's charm. From the 34th floor, you can zoom 360-degree panoramic views of Pattaya at night and the ocean with vibrant colors.

Pattaya bars, pubs and clubsstreet - Top Nightlife activities in Pattaya

Pattaya's nightlife includes nightclubs, lively bars, beach parties, and pubs.

Located near Bangkok, Pattaya is undoubtedly a notorious coastal city at night. From huge nightclubs to lively bars, beach parties to pubs, they all gather in Pattaya at night. Come here if you have the opportunity.

Although Pattaya is famous for its lively nightlife, the city government has recently invested in the resort's beaches in an effort to attract more families. If you're still at a loss, you might find it helpful to know that we provide a wide variety of exciting Pattaya excursions.