Thailand Visa

When you are planning to travel to a foreign country, a visa is a legal document that you will need to have to be allowed to enter the nation. Thailand’s government offers up to 9 different kinds of visas for foreigners, such as Tourist Visa, Work Visa, Student Visa, Business Visa, etc. People who want to visit Thailand for traveling will have to possess a tourist visa, and if you are worrying about how to get a Thailand Tourist visa, this article is for you.

Thailand Tourist Visa

Thailand Tourist Visa


1. Thailand Visa exemption

In order to develop tourism, Thailand has extended visa-free stays for tourism purposes only. Therefore, tourists in some countries can travel to Thailand without a visa for no longer than 30 days. The table below shows the list of 64 countries:

1. Andorra 17. Germany 33. Luxembourg 49. Qatar
2. Argentina (90 days) 18. Greece 34. Macau 50. Russia
3. Australia 19. Hong Kong 35. Malaysia 51. San Marino
4. Austria 20. Hungary 36. Maldives 52. Singapore
5. Bahrain 21. Iceland 37. Mauritius 53. Slovak Republic
6. Belgium 22. Indonesia 38. Myanmar (14 days only) 54. Slovenia
7. Brazil (30 and 90 days) 23. Ireland 39. Monaco 55. South Africa
8. Brunei 24. Israel 40. Mongolia 56. Spain
9. Cambodia (14 days only) 25. Italy 41. Netherlands 57. Sweden
10. Canada 26. Japan 42. New Zealand 58. Switzerland
11. Chile (90 days) 27. Korea (30 and 90 days) 43. Norway 59. Turkey
12. Czech Republic 28. Kuwait 44. Oman 60. Ukraine
13. Denmark 29. Laos 45. Peru (30 and 90 days) 61. United Arab Emirates
14. Estonia 30. Latvia 46. Philippines 62. United Kingdom
15. Finland 31. Liechtenstein 47. Poland 63. United States
16. France 32. Lithuania 48. Portugal 64. Vietnam



  • Prepare your exit ticket - proof that you will leave Thailand after 30 days, in case you can be asked.
  • Your passport is still valid for six months.
  • The Thai government has removed the Covid Insurance policy for travelers who have Visa exemptions - you don’t need to bring COVID Insurance for Foreigners as proof of Thailand pass.


2. Apply for a Thailand Visa step by step

The validity of a tourist visa is three months or six months. Follow is the procedure for Thailand tourist visa application:

Step 1: Contact the Royal Thailand Embassy in your country

You can apply for a visa by contacting the Royal Thailand Embassy/ Royal Thai Consulate-General. However, if there is no embassy or consulate near you, get help through a visa application agency or the travel company that you intend to book their Thailand tours.

Step 2: Prepare the required documents

  1. Valid passport not less than six months
  2. Your photo (was taken within the past six months)
  3. Your air ticket (paid in full) as evidence of exiting Thailand after the exemption period
  4. Adequate finance proof (20,000 Baht/ person and 40,000 Baht/ family, in USD, each traveler have to possess about USD $583, and USD $1165 for family).

Step 3: Submit your application depending on your embassy or consulate.

Step 4: Wait for the embassy/ consulate to process your application and receive your visa after being approved.