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Top 10 Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay 2023

As an arc-shape bay in Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay is a perfect less-touristy alternative to Halong Bay. Let's opt for our collection of the best cruise promising you the most memorable voyage.
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Lan Ha Bay current is a new trendy of 2022 in Halong Bay because of its beauty and quiet. Cruises in this area focus on luxurious services, relaxing, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can have some refer best cruises for 2022 as below:

Let's book a great one and enjoy your wonderful trip.

There are 3 main reasons you should do a cruise in Lan Ha Bay:

  1. Less touristy: Lan Ha Bay now is trendy cruising destination in Halong Bay. There are not many cruises in the bay so you will feel quite, peace when doing a cruise here.
  2. Focus on safety & luxury services: Most cruise in the area is 4* to 5* and all of them focus on providing luxury services so you don't need to worry about services and facilities quality.
  3. Can include a visit to Cat Ba Island.

Base on 4 main reasons above I believe you can feel confident to book a Lan Ha Bay cruise now.

Most the cruises are 4 and 5-star options. However they also provide many different price ranges based on services, facilities and prices included. Normally the prices is between 140 USD to 250 USD per person for a 2 days 1 night cruise and 280 USD to 500 USD for 3 days 2 nights cruise.

Here're the price of 6 best seller cruises in Lan Ha Bay 2022 (price is per person, in USD):

Cruise 2 days 1 night 3 days 2 nights
Mon Cheri US $175 US $337
Scarlet Pearl US $186 US $357
Peony US $158 US $274
Orchid Classic US $183 US $375
Capella US $193 US $355
Sena US $135 US $246

You can go directly to our website, choose your preferred one then putting your travel date, number of persons, and click "check rate". You will see the final price for your trip.

Lan Ha Bay has become a new trendy place for doing a cruise when traveling to Halong Bay recently. Because of its beauty, nature, and adventure, many new cruises opened.

Compare with Bai Tu Long we please take notes few point below:

  1. Lan Ha Bay offers more options for the boat from 3 to 5 stars.
  2. Cruises in Lan Ha Bay are newer and more focus on luxurious services, facilities than Bai Tu Long Cruise.
  3. Have a chance to included a visit to Cat Ba Island when cruising in Lan Ha.

So based on your preference, you can decide either Bai Tu Long or Lan Ba Bay.

Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay both located in the Halong Bay complex area. You can have a look at both below:

  • Location: Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay is right next to each other. Halong Bay belongs to Halong city, Quang Ninh province and Lan Ha Bay belongs to Hai Phong City.
  • Landscapes: The scenery of both are beautiful but there are some differences that Halong bay has more famous tourist attractions like Titop Island, Surprising Cave but you will find it pretty crowded here. For Lan Ha bay, this is a less touristy area than Halong bay, the scenery and the places are tranquil. It is more suitable for a relaxing trip and enjoys time at the bay.

Base on your preference you can decide to book a Halong cruise or Lan Ha cruise and enjoy your wonderful holiday.

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Questions & Answers (62)

Ask a Question

Hello, can you do me a favor? I’m a solo traveler and I’m thinking about a trip to Lan Ha Bay. However I’m deciding between a one day route and an overnight route for 2 days. I want to explore all the beauty in Lan Ha Bay but my budget is limited. I can only afford a price up to 120 dollars. What do you think? What package should I book? Thank you

@Jeong Woak:

With your budget i recommend you should take the one day package. Thank you.

1 Reply

Hi, I’m thinking about booking a cruise tour to Lan Ha Bay next year. However I visited Halong Bay 5 years ago and wonder if I should visit Lan Ha Bay this time. Are there any big differences between these two places? Is Lan Ha Bay suitable for someone who love adventurous activities? Thank you

@Haruno Aki:

On Halong Bay there are 3 route for the Cruise. The activities will be similar, just a small different between itinerary. If you want a little adventure you could try the Bai Tu Long Bay

1 Reply

Hi, we’d like to visit Lan Ha Bay in March. We have 2 adults and 1 child. My son is still small and he’s likely to have seasickness so I want you to arrange a cabin that is located in a comfortable area, away from all the noise on board. Thanks

@David Smith:

Most of the boats now are very big and stable so you will not feel that you are on the water so no seasick.

1 Reply

Hello, I want to book a mid-range cruise in Lan Ha Bay area from 4th to 6th July. Are there any cruises running on these days that offer kayaking activity? Also I’m a kayak beginner, is it possible for me to kayak alone? Thank you

@Isabella Menin:

You can try Sena which offer a reasonable price and included kayaking. It is very easy to do kayak and you will get the instruction from the crew before doing it.

1 Reply

Hello, me and my wife are interested in your cruise tour next year. We will go around the summer season, maybe June or July. We want to bring back some gifts for our family so is there any cruise that sells souvenirs on board? Thank you

@Robert Turner:

There are option souvenir shop with Sena (lotus tea), Heritage (art picture), Scarlet Pearl (pearl)... you can consider and choose the best one.

1 Reply