Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is an ideal destination where you can easily find everything you need, from clothing, accessories, footwear to bonsai, home furnishings, handicrafts and local delicacies.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is an ideal destination where you can easily find everything you need, from clothing, accessories, footwear to bonsai, home furnishings, handicrafts and local delicacies. However, many tourists complain that Chatuchak market is quite crowded and stuffy. That is because they haven’t had a look into the tips needed to conquer the market. With an area of nearly 11 hectares, here are the main things visitors need to know to conveniently explore all corners of Chatuchak.

Located at 587/10 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Bangkok; this market was formerly known as a place providing cheap goods for merchants specializing in Thai trade. In recent years, with its large scale and diversity, Chatuchak has gradually become an attractive destination for tourists to shop during their trip to “the Land of the Golden Temples”.

Built on an area of 11 hectares, Chatuchak is subdivided into 27 areas. With such an impressive space, this market currently serves about 10,000 stalls and more than 300 mobile stalls. Business activities take place on most days of the week with the main items being sold are fashion, furniture and ornamental decorations. Yet to experience the true dynamic of Chatuchak, tourists should explore this area from Friday to Sunday. During the three days of the weekend, there will be more shops and the market will be more bustling and festive.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market


Since Chatuchak is an extremely spacious market, moving around and exploring this market is quite difficult, if you haven’t prepared ahead of your schedule. The market is divided into 27 areas, each of which will offer different items. To make it easier to memorize, these areas are all named Soi plus ordinal numbers: from Soi 1 to Soi 27. Tourists should invest in a little research about these areas, think of the products you’re seeking for and last but not least, bring along the map of Chatuchak with you to avoid getting lost.

The specialty of such traditional markets is that most of the items here are free for bargain. So, try to bargain the items you want to buy to the nearest value to wish to pay. Tourists can start with bargaining to half of the original price. If you don’t succeed in your first trial, slowly increase the price to 60-75%. In that way, tourists can get your favorite item in the best price possible. An interesting thing about shopping here is that tourists can buy wholesale goods if you purchase enough quantities that the owner offers, usually from 3-5 items. This is especially favorable for those traveling in groups.

Chatuchak Weekend Market products

Chatuchak Weekend Market


Tourists must be very ravenous and languid after spending a whole day of shopping and exploring the market. Take a break and treat yourself with honey-grilled pork at Moo Yang Nam Peung shop. With only 10baht, this delicious, fragrant and crispy dish will instantly mesmerize and leave you with unforgettable feelings. Grilled pork and fried chicken wings in Zone 19 of Soi 7 are also among the best ones in Thailand. One signature dessert that tourists should not miss in Chatuchak is definitely coconut ice cream. This fine, smoothing white cream with shredded coconut will be the savior of your day under the heat of Bangkok. Various types of toppings are available for tourists to choose from such as mangoes, peanuts or ice apple fruits.

Food in Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market


Most people who come to Thailand will get home Cha Tra Mue milk tea as a present. Some recommended flavors for tourists are the green and red Thai milk tea. This is a very ideal gift for relatives and friends after your trip to Thailand. Plus, the price is very affordable. Thailand is famous for offering a variety of snacks with unique flavors. Pork skewers, bento squid, Tao kae Noi seaweed, banana bread, dried fruits and fried fish skin are among the popular ones. Visitors can get them at wholesale prices from Chatuchak market as gifts for friends and loved ones. Surely everyone will make a good compliment on your spectacular choice!

Public transportation is very developed in Bangkok, so the best way to get to Chatuchak is by BTS or MRT. If choosing BTS, tourists will get off at Gate 1 of Mo Chit Station. From here, walking to the market will take only a few minutes. By taking the subway, tourists can exit at the Kampheng MRT station and continue on to Chatuchak. If tourists are not constrained by the price, the simplest way will be taking a Grab car. Wearing comfy clothes is highly recommended if you want to conquer the market for a whole day under the hot weather of Bangkok. The best time to visit Chatuchak is during the weekend in the months from March to July. The weather during this time is quite pleasant and suitable for such an outdoor exploration of the market complex.

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