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Coral Island - Koh Larn

Coral Island (Kohlarn) is regarded as one of the most wonderful island in the Gulf of Thailand. Kohlarn is situated about 7km off the Pattaya Beach's coast so it takes about two hours to drive from the South of Bangkok.

The Island is nearly 2 km wide and 4 km long as well as 180 meters high at the highest point. Mostly, the terrain is mountainous that is covered in the whole part with heavy vegetation. Construction is mainly narrow roadways which are covered with brick paver's. Some roadways are quite steep and wide enough for two motorbikes to pass by at the same time. However, most roads are suitable for the regular traffic.

Coral Island in Kohlarn

Coral Island in Kohlarn


Kohlarn has totally six beaches and some smaller ones for visitors to explore. All of the beaches have crystal clear waters and white sand. There are also various water sport activities. These activities include parasailing to enjoy while visitors explore Kohlarn. Most beaches have full facilities such as showers and bathrooms. Then there are restaurants as well that serve up delicious fresh seafood or any other dishes you desire. You can choose to order in the restaurant or straight at your beach lounger. Obviously, a day on Kohlarn can be a very unforgettable experience with the amazing sounds of the ocean and without the noise of the city.

To enjoy all best of the trip to Kohlarn, there are some activities you should take part in as following: First of all, Para sailing behind speed boat should be the prior choice. This ride only lasts about a minute but what a rush with the last reported price as 600 Baht. Second is Banana Boat. This is plain fun. If you have not done this before, you could owe it to yourself to give it a try because no experience required. Cost for this experience is 300 Baht per person. In case, you love something more interesting, let's try Jet Ski Rentals. These watercrafts are very fast. You should have a good back and good reflexes. Bear in mind that you will be fully responsible for any damages. Your challenge will charge yourself around 1,200 Baht per half an hour.

Snorkeling in Coral Island, Kohlarn

Snorkeling in Coral Island, Kohlarn


Or else, if you love spending on the beach, you can choose to swim in Tropical Waters. Certainly, nothing like a tropical swim the water is so nice, especially, it is totally free. One more activities relating to the water is "Under Water Sea Walking". You will be taken out by boat to the Sea Walk platform, then you will put on a helmet and you are submerged about 15 feet at which you can walk on the ocean floor. The cost for this is 500 Baht. Moreover, some visitors also enjoying riding a motorbike or bicycle and go where ever or whenever they want. It is more easy to see a lot of beautiful scenery on the Island with only 300 Baht per day. There are also many other sports and activities to do on Kohlarn but you should consider to choose the most exciting one for the time limit of your trip.

Coral Island in Kohlarn

Coral Island in Kohlarn


To reach Kohlarn, travelers have two options: Baht bus and motorbike taxi.

Baht buses are usually located near the Wat - about a 100 meters far from the main pier in the village. If you walk from the ferry boat, you will come to a T crossing. When you get there, turn left and follow the small street until you get where the baht busses are parked. When getting there, you just ask for the baht bus going to the beach that you want. They usually wait their baht bus to fill before leaving. At the beaches, there are always a few on standby to take you where you want to reach.

Secondly, motorbike taxis at the pier often wait to take visitors to the beaches. Most of them live on the island. Some of these guys are the third and fourth generation residents there on the island so they know the island well. The fares these guys charge are also reasonable. They all bring a tourist map with the fares marked on it as well. Especially, they will not bargain with the fares because they all charge the same. The fees are for each person; some folks believe if they fit two passengers on one bike, they can get a discount. However, in fact, you must pay for each person. Motorbike Taxis will take you on a tour of the island for about 400 Baht as well. There is no set price. They will take you to all of the beaches for a quick look then you can decide which one you like the best.

To have a full trip in Kohlarn, you can spend nearly 1500 Baht at all to enjoy most of the service there. One more important information is that opening hours are daily from 06.30 am to 19.00 pm, so be notice to make your trip plan perfect.

Coral Island - Koh Larn Map

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Which beach is the "Under the water walking"? Thank you. Carmen <><

@Carmen Schramm Howard:

Hi! For the "under water walking" service, you should come to Coral Island in Phuket, not the one in Pattaya.

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