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Indulge in the Exquisite Flavors of Hoi An Cuisine

Hoi An, in the local’s minds, is a place full of amazing food. The mouth-watering local cuisines attract millions of tourists who come over every year. Like all other famous cuisines in other regions of Vietnam, most Hoi An dishes rely on local ingredients, so they cannot be found in other places. 

Besides being a valuable representative of the Central culinary in Vietnam, Hoi An cuisine is also a crossover between various cultures, especially Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines, with the combination of tons of quality ingredients that will be processed by the skilful heirloom chefs.

Special Taste of Hoi An Cuisine

Local people in Hoi An tend to use herbs and fresh veggies a lot together with their dishes to increase the taste. The most common and special one with a unique smell and taste that not every city in Vietnam has, like Hoi An, is Tra Que Vegetable.

Famous drink in Hoi An: Tra Mot

Famous drink in Hoi An: Tra Mot

Apart from vegetables, because local people in Hoi An prefer the salty and spicy taste, fish sauce and chilli are also a huge focus in the daily meals of local people. Hence, they are quite picky and careful in selecting a fish sauce that comes from fresh ingredients, authentic taste, and has great flavours. People here love to use it separately for chilli rather than mix it with the food like in other cities.

In terms of spices, they avoid overusing spices since they believe spices must be used to enhance the deliciousness of the food, not to lose the original pure taste. 


Specific Dishes of Hoi An Cuisine 

As mentioned above, Hoi An culinary is a crossover between various cultures, which explains why Hoi An traditional food is so different to other culinary styles, for example:

  • My Quang
  • Cao Lau
  • Com Ga Hoi An
  • White roses, etc.

Hoi An traditional food

Hoi An traditional food: Com Ga Hoi An

Street food is also the quintessence of Hoi An. It’s one of the best food paradises in the entire country thanks to the wide variety, the extremely unforgettable and tasty flavour, the uniqueness of the dish, and the affordable price. You can find yummy dishes in almost every corner, from early morning to late night:

  • Banh Bot Loc
  • Banh Canh
  • Banh Mi Phuong
  • Che, etc.

Hoi An street food

Hoi An street food

Below are the most impressive dishes that you should try when visiting Hoi An.