Koh Tan

Koh Tan also is known as Ko Taen is an island, about 15 kilometers off the mainland and 5 kilometers south of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. This island belongs to Samui archipelago (Mu Koh Samu), which includes about 60 other islands. The nearest islands are Koh Madsum, Five Sisters, and Koh Rap.

koh tan

Beautiful Koh Tan island

This island used to be home to 500 people in the 1960s, however, after higher wages on the neighboring island of Koh Samui, most inhabitants emigrated there. School and the health center were closed; most houses are empty. Now there are about 50 people living on this island.
The island is only reachable by boat from the fishing village Thong Krut on the south coast of Samui. From other places to Koh Tan will take a longer time.
There are some beaches on the island suitable for snorkeling. The island has its diversity of colorful hard and soft corals, multicolored fish and it often serves as a popular day-long escape for a snorkel. It is also the ideal place for people who love fishing or kayaking. Some paths on the island are good for mountain biking. Mangrove forest on the southwest coast is full of wildlife including monitor lizards. There are some small bungalows for you to rent and a small temple with a freshwater spring right on the beach.

Koh Tan

Mountain biking

koh tan

Kayaks on the beach

koh tan


Koh Tan

Buddha statue in Kok Tan island

A trip to Koh Tan island can be an unforgettable experience where you can enjoy the fresh air, beautiful white-sand beaches. It is worth visiting this beautiful island once during your stay in Thailand. The best way to get there is signing up for a tour to Koh Tan and you will be traveling on a traditional Thai boat (longtail) or on a speedboat to get there.

Koh Tan Map

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